Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Subrosa on the cost of 18 phantom MEPs.
2. PoliticalBetting on why voting Green in the North West won't stop the BNP.
3. Mike Rouse explains how to avoid your blog being shut down.
4. Charles Crawford risks the wrath of Craig Murray.
5. Kerron Cross explains why sheep won't vote LibDem.
6. Quaequam takes the Telegraph to task over Jo Swinson.
7. John Redwood on the relationship between Parliament and politics.
8. SNP Tactical Voting on ten signs you take blogging too seriously.
9. Dan Hannan on his candidate for Speaker.
10. Tameside Mafia reckons James Purnell's constituents are not a happy bunch.
11. James Burdett on the new system for electing the Speaker.
12. Mark Pack on Ben Chapman MP, the mirror image of New Labour.

Apologies for the absence of the Daley Dozen over the last three days.


Witterings from Witney said...

Methinks you need to widen your reading - with the utmost respect of course!

Plato said...

Iain - Mike's link is a shameless sales pitch!!!

undry said...

Plato said...

Iain - Mike's link is a shameless sales pitch!!!

Plato is being polite.

subrosa said...

You speaking about me Witterings? I shall meet you for coffee at the Discovery coffee shop tomorrow. 11am suit? Remember to wear a rose :)

Thanks Iain.

Anonymous said...

Over the past few weeks your Daily Dozens invariably include someone telling us how bad the BNP are and why only a bigoted fool would contemplate lending the party their vote. Furthermore, every single day at least one newspaper carries a story about how depraved and conceited BNP activists are, which is then followed by a comment piece written by a resident of SW3 or N1 that further belittles and mocks the party and its activists.

People really are running scared. The funny thing is that because of the febrile atomosphere currently enveloping Great Britain, caused by an eclectic mix of politicians' deceit and condescension and the economic crisis, the more the Establishment lectures Joe Public on how the BNP must be stopped or what a nasty little bunch of racists they are, the more attractive the BNP are made to look.

We are in for one hell of rude awakening when the results come in on Sunday fortnight.

Anonymous said...

Iain...are these really the best of the day?

Mike's link is just poor.

There are several articles better than this you don't link to.

Iain Dale said...

Feel free to do your own.

Anonymous said...

Iain....not going to do my own because yours is the best site.

Just saying Mike's entry was not good.

Not being rude, just making a suggestion.

You set high standards

James Burdett said...

Ooh my first time in the list.

Thanks Iain!

The Grim Reaper said...

Mike Rouse = shameless self-publicist.

Anonymous said...

Iain, could you check if your mailing list works. I have not had any email updates as yet.

May be fine and issue may be my end, but I get a daily email from the likes of John Redwood updating me.

Thanks---love the site

Witterings from Witney said...


Whilst I would love to meet you for a coffee, or whatever, bit of a 'schlap' from deepest Oxfordshire at such short notice!

Can we re-schedule? You can always e-mail me?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I don't know Mike personally, but we have exchanged the odd email. He is probably one of the most helpful and friendly people I have corresponded with, and has given me plenty of advice that he could charge for, but did not.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Politicians are as welcome as dog crap into the home at this time.

But these times enable a new system to arise -

Why not a directly elected PM?

A senate instead of a house of Lords of 100!

Indeed a Lower house of 300 MPs.

A guy like you Iain may take a career path of all three!

But that is your choice not mine!!!

Anonymous said...

Iain, I am going to fart on your head the next time i see you!!!

Stop being a smelly arse on expenses! You have not claimed them - dont defend them!

Some MPs need alot worse than teling off! Maybe if they go you can replace them! But crikey - dodgy MPs, well they are like the Liberal Democrats!!!!

Anonymous said...

B0llocks i thought that was anom! But it was not!

Nevermind Iain!

You hate the LD Nazi stuff but i forgot! (I have been drinking and realise this links to your business - sorry!!!) But they are crap anyway - LD & Labour!!! At least i have not claimed expenses and as i say why don't you replace one of the crap MPs who seem to just carry on claiming expenses instead of doing what a parliamentarian really should do!

The Grim Reaper said...

Anonymous said "Iain,are these really the best of the day?"

It's a Saturday - the Daley Dozen usually only has around 6 in it on this day. The political blogosphere's usually quiet on Saturdays, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Martin posted stuff earlier - dont take it badly! I think he had a skin full!

Dont be harsh - he does not post because you asked him not too!

Unknown said...

Iain, the only thing Mike's post says is "Let me host your site". It's basically an advert, pure-and-simple; with no discussion as to whys and wherefores, and a tender innocence faith in companies to whom Rouse Media is but one of a number of customers.

In the Usmanov affair, sites such as Boris Johnson's and Bob Piper's were back up and running within 24 hours, and that was after a complete account closure with no warning.

Now were it a guide to finding a host; questions to ask, points to consider, that sort of thing, then it would be of use. Instead it appears to be a shameless punt for business.

Anonymous said...

Troughing hits the Euro elections.

This one's going to run and spread throughout the UK.

Anonymous said...

Agree that there was some good stuff the last few days that could have been linked.

Dizzy has been on fire with some great stuff and his coverage of Nadine's blog was cool. Nice work Dizzy.

TrueBlueBlood has in the last few days posted some cool stuff. Seems to get overlooked on this list though.

John Redwood's blog is just class. His level of analysis and insight is very cool.

Morus said...

Anonymous - it's my article cited on the BNP in this list. I think you need to read it, before assuming I live in N1 or SW3 (I don't) - it is non-judgemental on whether the BNP are a good thing or not (though I have strong views on that), but rather criticises the Green Party for falsely claiming that they are the best way to stop the BNP.

There are voters who would vote just to stop Nick Griffin getting elected, and they are being lied to by the Green Party.

English First said...

You forgot the most hated whiner.

Yes a hard one but I`d say Nadine Dorries!!

You are obviously a Windoze user? Well look on the bright side, you should have an operating system that works by the Autumn!
If you hadven`t already been told Ian, your comment on Apple is truly pathetic!

The sad thing is that you proabably don`t know why!