Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Night's Radio Show

Last night's radio show and Hollie Steel from Britain's Got Talent had one thing in common - we both had to start again. Until my show starts on Play Talk, the station plays the music output of Play 2. Unfortunately when I did my intro, unbeknown to me the music kept on playing. So I was ranting on about MP expenses n-n-n-n-n-19 was playing over me. So once the fault was sorted I had to start again. The show ended in even more bizarres style when we discussed the dying art of licking beavers. You'll have to wait for the podcast to find out why.

Again, the switchboard was busy for the whole show, and the quality of the calls was excellent. That's one thing which has pleased me, because often on phone in shows much of the time is filled up with calls from people who either have very little to say beyond 'look Mum, I'm on t'radio' or they sound as if they should have been sectioned. I especially enjoyed one of the last calls from Kevin in Leytonstone who wanted to have an argument with me about my assertion that Simon Heffer has proved himself not to be a Conservative. And Jonathan Sheppard was excellent in discussing the opening up of the Tory candidates list. He wanted to ask how any of the 1,000 people have applied had actually helped in the current election campaign, although he thought the idea was right in principle.

I'm told my show has already become the most popular on the station and the Podcast download figures are well into four figures - not bad for a two hour programme.

Next up are the two election results special programmes on Friday from 9am until 4pm and Sunday 6pm till midnight. The regular Friday night show won't be broadcast next week or the week after as I will be in America that weekend.


The Frankenfurter said...

Anychance of a podcast iain? I can never get to tune in to that play talk thingy.

It never seems to work for me. Do other peeps have similar problems as I?

Iain Dale said...

Yes, podcast should come later today. I will post the link.

Andrew K said...

Missed it. I might listen to the podcast. Did you play any S----- D--?

Anonymous said...

Listened towards the end you had some very strange people on,but all part of a phone in programme,but enjoyable.

Thomas Rossetti said...

I tried to talk to you at the beginning of the show but you were, as you say, having technical problems. I then realised how stupid I sound when I don't rehearse what I'm about to say (my point was that Cameron should make the Tories fully eurosceptic).

I then listened to a bit of the show about proportional representation. I was going to phone in and make some clever point, but then that Canadian chap called and had so many more interesting things to say -- and was so much more educated on the subject -- I thought I'd just leave it.

Anyway, good show!

Jabba the Cat said...

A techie comment.

The link worked fine on my Mac using VLC media player. Two clicks and your there.

I did originally try the route via the front page, like last week, and it timed out again.

Anonymous said...

Hhmm I was left undecided after listening to the show yesterday.

True, there were one or two interesting conversations - that Canadian chap was brilliant - however, an awful lot of it was waffle.

Very raw, a little amateurish, needs a lot of improvement. I'm sure, in time, it will get more substantive.

How about getting some guests on? I'm sure Iain can use his "good offices" to drag some has-been politicians out of their beds on a Friday night.

I will continue listening!

DMC said...

Great Show.

I will phone in again next week, i Cant believe you let me swear on air.

Anonymous said...

Beaver licking? Damn, sounds right up my street. Gutted I missed it!

LondonLibertarian said...

I was upset you didn't laugh more at my Hazel Blears joke, Iain.

Anonymous said...

Excellent show again - thanks.

Fat Steve said...

to The Frankenfurter:

I don't think many 'peeps' have similar problems 'as you,' I know if I did, I would quickly check myself into the nearest mental health clinic.

to the guy who complained it was amateurish:

Well, what do you expect from someone who hasn't done this before, dumbass?

Anonymous said...

Im having probs as well iain listening I mean :) are we doing it right? any help gratefully received.

Anonymous said...

Looking fwd to the election programmes as I am sure the regular media's coverage will be non-existent or crap.

permex said...

"The show ended in even more bizarres style when we discussed the dying art of licking beavers."

That alone should have American readers in paroxysms of mirth,
It may, hopefully not, be a dying art in the UK...but in the US I'm sure it's an integral part of the daily grind...8-D

Anonymous said...

Im having probs as well iain listening I mean :) are we doing it right? any help gratefully received.

May 30, 2009 3:59 PM

If you have security software, you might want to look into that.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Licking beavers may be a dying art in your house, Iain, but it isn't in mine... :o)

Ena M'Dreems said...

"Dying art of licking beavers" - crikey Iain, batting for both sides now, are we ?
I've been watching the wrong films !