Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Shane Greer says it's time the Tories got rid of the dead wood.
2. Tom Harris explains when it is Ok to hate.
3. Cranmer on the revelation that Derek Draper has found God.
4. Peter Hitchens responds to readers questions.
5. Donal Blaney tells of an unsatisfactory experience at the hands of Staples.
6. Norfolk Blogger has a barchart which proves, er, that the LibDems are 3% less sleazy than the others. Way to go!
7. View From Planet Jamie on professional standards and ethics.
8. Red Box on ConservativeHome's role as Andrew MacKay's executioner.
9. Dan Hannan would be rather known as a blogger than an MEP.
10. Jennie Rigg isn't impressed by the LibDem European Website.
11. Paul Waugh says Joanna Lumley is going to vote Green. Bugger.
12. Trixy says Kevin Maguire is a hypocrite.


blogman said...

Look forward to the interview Iain. Knocke em dead.

Take a look at trueblueblood on cameron---worth a mention.

Doubting Richard said...

Draper as found God, but you can't blame the guy for hiding from Derek.

Plato said...

Iain!!! I can't believe the position you've just staked out on TWT. I am typing as I listen.

Cameron has to look after Kirkbride because she is female with kids???

'It would send a terrible signal' ??

I'm sorry to be so oh-la la about this but as a female, I don't want a free-loader like Kirkbride used in my name.

*lies down with cold flannel on forehead*

jonnyargles said...

50,000 for a single bedroom extension? Sounds more like an annexe to me. So basically we're buying a flat for her brother?

I hope Julie got planning permission.

Doktorb said...

Breaking News from the Telegraph, Iain - Sir John Butterfill has tried to clear things up but it doesn't look too good on him....

wolvreen said...

Newsnight tonight, the bumbling buffoon Hattersley, still stuck in the 1970's mindset, would have been happy to see the Tories stuck in the mire as long as Labour was clean.
Well fat chance.
Perhaps he had a dream that clean Labour would rise in the polls and reverse the Brown damage factor.
Hattersley still doesnt get it, people are sick of the party games that he and Brown love so much.

Newsnight was also the first program to mention that MP's who step down at the next election will pocket 200K in expenses and severance pay, how is this fair? And why isnt more being said about this?

Anonymous said...

Butterfill's alleged CGT laibilities are not as large as the telegraphs headline suggests and it has to rely on an unnamed 'independent witness' yo bolster its claims.

But justified or not Butterfill's baggage will trail round his leg like a ball and chain. He is wealthy and sadly for the chap has 'servants quarters'.

He has been around for a while - others will have to testify if he is a good MP/ parliamentarian or not - but media wise he is a liability now. Never mind a good socialist like Dalyell get buy his bookcases with our money - Butterfill will have to be pensioned off.

But now that is the age we are living in - better get used to it you all.

Plato said...

That is some serious posting from Mr Hitchens.

Not usually a reader of his so thanks for the heads-up.

Plato said...

Mr Den - you are right, the squirarchy grandee culture needs to be killed off too.

I've no problem with lovely country houses so long as I'm not paying for them - ditto London riverside pads.

Fausty said...

It was obvious during Cameron's & Clegg's photoshoot with Lumley after the Gurkha win. Cameron grabbed her for a limelight kiss and she turned away, Diana-style. She didn't want to be his photo-op!

Nich Starling said...

Iain, I did a bar chart last week too. Don't take it to seriously.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't be surprised on Lumley. She may have been sound on the Gurkhas but she's a raving vegan, with animal rights form.

Anonymous said...

Peter Hitchens responds to readers questions?

I think you mean Peter Hitchens selects only readers comments or questions that allows him to repeat rant and he ignores the rest.

He always spices his selective condescension with some seemingly genuine bemusement that people are so stupid. Poor Peter. He's often so generous in pointing out to people the extent of their stupidity, yet never notices his own.