Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Jonathan Isaby accuses Sinn Fein MPs of taking the ****.
2. Does That Make Sense has a good old rant at John Prescott.
3. Matt Wardman reviews a new election leaflet archive site.
4. Tony Sharp says David Cameron should set an example.
5. SNP Tactical Voting speculates on the one MP who ought to resign.
6. Sadie Smith writes her inaugural political sketch for LabourList.
7. Taking Liberties doesn't think James Gray is taking any.
8. Mike Rouse interviews Tom Harris about Star Trek. No, really. He does.
9. Craig Murray says political parties are the problem.
10. Major Plonquer on why Prescott ate his toilet seats.
11. Richard Willis on how David Cameron should react to the expenses issues.
12. Dizzy proposes recall elections.

And a couple more...

13. Kerry McCarthy MP writes at length on MP expenses. Well worth a read.
14. Liberal England on the death of former MP Ernie Millington.


Anonymous said...

Rennard on his Trotters?

Anonymous said...

Despite what the right-wing anti-Irish loonies have to say, it looks like Sinn Fein have come up squeaky clean. You can be sure if there were anything there we'd know all about it in short order, with no need for spin and invention.

As it is it they've only claimed accomodation and utilities. No flipping property portfolios or any of them rest of the disgraceful claims made by Labour and Tories.

And the £500,000 is for 5 MPs over six years, so much less than the maximum.

It's always amusing how the rabid right never cease to overreach themselves and spoinl what had been quite a good run until this pathetic effort

The Grim Reaper said...

Lord Iain of Dale said on Twitter: "I wish people would stop f***ing emailing me telling me Guido's blog is down. Why email me? Email him! His servers are down. No conspiracy."

You mean Guido's website is down?!?!?! OH MY GOD, IT MUST BE A ZANU LIEBORE CONSPIRACY TO STOP THE TRUTH GETTING OUT!!!1!!!!11! ;-)

I can't make head nor tail of Kerry McCarthy myself. She publishes a piece which looks like it wasn't written by her, and later she publishes one of the most sensible things about MPs expenses I've ever read. Keeps me reading, I suppose.