Friday, May 01, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Charlotte Gore frets about her 'C List' webstats, so I thought I'd help her May figures.
2. PoliticalBetting says 76% of LibDem voters want more cooperation with the Tories.
3. Ewan Spence has a betting guide to Eurovision.
4. Charles Crawford is not an FCO lickspittle whatever Craig Murray might say.
5. Alex Massie wonders if Peter Mandelson is a national treasure.
6. James Forsyth on our mug throwing Prime Minister.
7. Danny Finkelstein asks if Vince Cable should take over as LibDem leader.
8. LibDem Voice thinks not.
9. Party Lines discusses lobbying in the EU.
10. Sunder Katwala applies to replace Derek Draper suggests a turnaround strategy for LabourList.
11. Glyn Davies remembers Margaret Thatcher.
12. Tea With a Tory urges you to watch Team Brown shake their booties...


Working Class Tory said...

that conhome vid is pretty horrible.

Newmania said...

Sunder Katwala is a nice chap but he is far too left wing to be a public face of the coming Labour decade

Sunder Katwala said...


Thanks for the nomination. But we have a website or two, and even a think-tank to go with it. And our brand is doing OK after 125 years (we have just reached the highest ever Fabian membership) so am not quite sure I see the appeal of a 4-month old car crash.

But would certainly prefer to say LabourList working with the rest of us in a mutually supportive way, not f-ing everything up for everybody.

So I do think they should (and maybe will) connect with the broader Labour blogosphere, though probably as much or more of the grassroots than think-tank variety. Just as Mr D might have done better to take your advice - as well as ours - last time around.

Craig said...


I presumed that your link to Charles Crawford would show him disagreeing with the FCO, as you advertise it as showing that he is not an FCO lickspittle.

In fact you link to Charles joining the FCO's attack on me in defence of the right to use torture. Does nothing to advance your contention.

Iain Dale said...

Craig, Clumsy wording on my part. I don't tend to make contentions in these lists. The words are meant to sum up the author's post. So that's what he was saying, rather than me. If you see what I mean. Although I don't think he is either, it has to be said.