Sunday, February 25, 2007

Prescott's Buttocks Cause TV Dilemma

Please assure me you are not eating your Sunday lunch before you read THIS from Atticus...
You wouldn’t think life could get any more embarrassing for John Prescott,
whose affair with Tracey Temple will be dramatised on Wednesday in ITV’s
Confessions Of a Diary Secretary. Members of the cabinet are already wishing
they knew how to set their videos. But actor John Henshaw has revealed that
a stunt double was brought in the play the deputy prime minister’s buttocks.
Only a specialist, of course, could truly understand the motivation of the
buttocks in the love scenes.

I feel queasy.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's actually a human actor they'll be using for the buttock scene. I am told that London zoo have lent them a hippopotamus.


Peter Mc said...

Please, it's Sunday lunchtime here!

The Stoat said...

Yikes, I hope the stunt bum got a good Equity rate!

'Last seen on ITV as John Prescott's backside'... Not really the sort of thing you'd want to put on your CV unless the money was good :)

Anonymous said...

Just because I had to use the nom de plume

Anonymous said...

Er, so I can be sure of getting the apostrophe in the correct place is this the one stunt double or one for each buttock.

Oh, and has anyone seen john prescott's tiny pianist recently? He might know.

Unknown said...

But did they need a fluffer for the close in shots?