Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why Tom Watson Resigned...Or Is It?

Tom Watson MP writes on his BLOG today... "One day I’ll tell you the whole story about my reasons for choosing to leave government."

I'm sure his readers are salivating in anticipation as am I. However, I thought it was fairly clear as to why he "left". Wasn't the sequence of events something like this...

1. Watson organises group of junior Ministers & PPSs to call on Blair to quit
2. Watson drives to Fife to tell Gordon Brown
3. Watson drives back to the West Midlands having accomplished mission
4. Letter is sent to Blair
5. Letter is leaked to press
6. Brown displays typical cowardice and denies all knowledge
7. Whips very angry
8. Whips tell Watson to fall on his sword
9. Watson falls on his sword
10. Watson becomes first Minister to resign to spend more time with his blog

Or am I wrong? Only Tom can tell us...


Anonymous said...

Brown you sold your old friend out for power.

Brown says it's "50 years since WE won the world cup", and you want "England to win". You don;t understand nobody trusts you.

If you're prepared to sell your Scottishness out for power - what will you do to the English when you're required to sell them out. You are a loathsome traitor who can't be trusted .

Anonymous said...

You are right. Except you got 4) and 5) the wrong way around.

Anonymous said...


You may have missed Tom Watson's post in which he states he supports me and my reform of the Home Office (I have clarified the issues and gone into more detail on my own blog). Whilst I appreciate his support, I am concerned that had he handed his sword into the police during the amnesty he would not have fallen onto his sword...

Anonymous said...

Iain, I see you are not familiar with the recent change in the English language on this point.

It used to be the case that you 'resigned' or were 'made redundant' [or 'fired' in America].

That is, you were pushed or jumped.

But now one can here the phrase :-

'I think we need to get rid of that Watson bloke - let's 'resign' him'.

I wonder if the Oxford English Dictionary will pick up on this for the next series of 'Balderdash and Piffle'..?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the Blairite version that he'd got sacked. Incidentally just came across a blog which links to you but I don't think its in your sidebar- just in case the author doesn't get over to you thisis his address.

tom watson said...

Iain -

Your comments section is getting like Guido's.

As I've said before - don't believe everything you read in the papers and dare I say it, on blogs.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone seriously believe Tom Watson won't come back under Gordon?

Anonymous said...

Isn't tom watson 'friendly' with sion simon ( the fat twit who made that cameron spoof)? So friendly in fact they film each other using digital cameras! Are they doing an 'oaten'....