Monday, January 29, 2007

Quotes of the Day

Surely the minister must give us a guarantee that there will be no further Olympic smash and grab raid on Lottery funds" - Liberal Democrat spokesman Paul Holmes warns that increasing costs of the 2012 Olympics could lead to drastic cuts in lottery funding for charities.
Why won't the Government act on this abuse of the bodies of young men and women? - Lord Carlile of Berriew condemns enforced strip-searching of inmates in youth custody.
Will you join me in congratulating Shilpa Shetty on winning Big Brother and the good sense of the British people? - Labour MP Keith Vaz, (Leicester E).
This really would be visiting the sins of the fathers on innocent children. - Liberal Democrat Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay says plans to cut housing benefit for tenants evicted for anti-social behaviour will unfairly punish children.
It's our friends in the north in Scotland and the Borders who are the first ones to receive this help. Perhaps the Government deems them to be more switched on to these technology issues, they have after all invented a whole range of advances in technology in the last 200 years - shadow culture minister Ed Vaizey on digital switchover.
It took the manhole cover off the subterranean current of British racism - Jonathan Miller, the so-called polymath, on Celebrity Big Brother.
When you're attacked you have to deck your opponents - Hillary Clinton, would-be Democrat President of the US.
I'm trying. I take the train to my constituency, the Eurostar to Brussels, but I'm not a saint - Environment Secretary David Miliband, questioned about his green credentials.
Massive Shoe Sale: Buy One, Get One Free - Notice in a south London shop window.
John Reid seems to have held, at least fleetingly, most of the jobs in the Cabinet and been an absolute disaster in each one. Maybe it is John Reid who is not fit for purpose - Noel Aspill, of Stamford, Lincs, in a letter to The Daily Telegraph.
There is a certain confidence about anyone who's been to Eton - or to Borstal - George Passmore, the "George" of the artistic duo Gilbert & George.


Anonymous said...

Who'd want massive shoes?

Anything bigger than a size 11 would look ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

'Jonathan Miller, the so-called polymath, on Celebrity Big Brother.'

Are you having a dig here ? What is wrong with Mr Miller - he is erudite and intelligent ?

As for John Reid, clearly you didn't write the letter, but perhaps you could explain what exactly was quite so disastrous about his tenure as the
Health Secretary ?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Iain, were you listening in to the Lords?

Alex Carlile is an incredible politician...