Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blair & Brown to the Power of 5

5 Days
The length of time it took for Blair and Brown to comment on Saddam's execution

5 Minutes
The length of time it took for Blair and Brown to comment on Big Brother


Anonymous said...

Yes, OK. But the difficulty of the issues and the level of what's at stake is totally different. In the CBB case both were able to say they hadn't seen the programme but they are against any racism. The Saddam snuff movie issue is clearly more difficult. Although I have tee-ed up a load of links on Saddam I didn't blog them and I noticed as well that very few people in my daily read list were blogging that. Why did you not Blog Saddam Iain?

Naturally Guido put up the worst snuff movie available ... but hey that's Guido.

And do you know, there hasn't been all that much on the Shilpa question either. Lynne Featherstone has blogged about it. Possibly feels that as "Shadow" Millionairess For Poor Countries someone from India, anyone from India even a multi-millionairess, needs her ever so useful support.

Anonymous said...

In November Brown breathlessly announced his idea, nay viison an 'X-Factor Britain'",,1940050,00.html

"Brown was by turns relaxed and impassioned in describing to The Observer the kind of Britain, and world, which he hoped he would help to shape
"I like TV programmes like X Factor, Dragons' Den and The Apprentice. They show the value of aspiration, how anyone can achieve things.' It is that sense of empowering people to succeed, he said, that would be at the core of his political message."

But, by the beginning of January , and bear with me because this is confusing, we are told :

'I'll have nothing to do with celebrity culture,' says Brown

"[Gordon Brown] said yesterday he would have nothing to do with the "celebrity culture" that "tells people what they want to hear".

What happened to the 'core idea of his political message' ?

Anonymous said...

They are clearly without plot.

Gordon's surrogate 'Red' Dawn Primarolo spent most of Xmas telling people to rise up against 'Scrooge' employers

Temps must fight 'Scrooge bosses'

only to reveal in January that she was axing 7.000 Reveneue and Customs jobs in Merseyside,

"Birkenhead MP Frank Field said: “These offices are extremely important to the area and many of my constituents are concerned."

The Leadership Blogger said...

Bloody hell! Fast off the mark eh?
Just suppose something really REALLY important happened, like, oh I don't know, a princess died..........

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures of all those Indians protesting the racism of CBB.
This would be in India where they still have the racist apartheid of caste?
We have so much to learn from these 'exotic' cultures, I'm instructed.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Pundit reveals the full extents of Gordon's beloved 'Red' Dawn's incompetence:
"The knives are out at the Treasury for Paymaster-General, Dawn Primarolo, after she let slip the news that seven hundred Revenue and Customs jobs are to be axed on Merseyside. At a private meeting earlier this week, Red Dawn was cornered by local MPs and inadvertently confirmed the job losses. "

Anonymous said...

Most voters have already decided which side they support on the Saddam issue. Blair's comments on the matter would not sway voters, one way or the other. As a result he didn't care much what response he gave or when.

The big brother issue is a different league however. A lot of gullible voters could be swayed, quickly by a choice soundbite from the Great Leader.

The type of people who can seriously regard a programme, such as big brother, as entertainment, appear to me to be just the types that Blair appeals to. It was therefore important to contact them, with a suitable touchy, feely soundbite with due dispatch.

What else can we expect now that we have got the government we deserve. We are all guilty to a certain extent, by not challenging the government enough over the last ten years and feeding Blair's ego, by complacancy.

I am encouraged to see that the electorate are finally begining to see through this modern day Elmer Gantry for what he is. It has taken a while in some cases and it may be too late, but there are definate signs that 'Blairs Britain' is going to be relegated to a single line, in an appendix of the complete History of the British Isles.

It may be just a dream (or even a nightmare). Anyway there is always tomorrow to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

"I loved the pictures of all those Indians protesting the racism of CBB.
This would be in India where they still have the racist apartheid of caste?
We have so much to learn from these 'exotic' cultures, I'm instructed".

A great comment. The caste system indeed.

But,we cannot escape the fact that our country has been made a bit of a laughing stock. As I've said for ages, we're an "oik - rules" society now

Anonymous said...

What on earth are the Prime Minister of Britain and the Chancellor of the Exchequer doing getting caught up in a cat fight on junk TV? We are they racing forward to disapprove?

That they think (actually, I don't believe they do; it's all fake outrage) that those women are motivated by racism rather than jealousy tells us they are apart from the human race.

Those women resent Shilpa because, judging by the photos I have seen she is very pretty, she is famous, she is wealthy, she is intelligent and articulate. What's not to hate?

These women would have behaved in exactly the same manner to a white Ozzie celebrity who was famous, successful and very pretty. They'd have imitated her Ozzie accent and referred to her in slang terms.

If Blair and Brown seriously believe this behaviour was motivated by racism, it confirms something I have long suspected about both of them. They haven't spent a lot of time studying women.

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

Peter Hain agreed to go onto the Radio 4 PM programme yesterday, to comment and condemn even though he hadn't actually ever watched ANY of the show.

Bleedin good job for him that the judge and jury at that court case in the 1970's involving him, an armed robbery, the Young Liberals, BOSS, a jog through Woolworths and "a look alike", weren't so quick to condemn.

Sabretache said...

Par for course I'd say.


Parliamentary time allocated to the invasion of Iraq - 7 hours
Parliamentary time allocated to the ban on Hunting - 700 hours

...And I just watched that ghastly woman Tessa Jowell on the BB issue - bleating about the need for tolerance and how it is 'one of OUR defining charateristics'.

She should spend some time among the 'cultural minority' that I belong to for a lesson on what it feels like to be on the receiving end of her government's version of 'Tolerance'

Anonymous said...

5 minutes - now that isn't strictly true, is it Mr Dale ?

But why let the facts get in the way of a story..

Anonymous said...

verity - you aren't saying that you are capable of such bitchiness ?

I'd never have believed that !

Oh, and if you don't think that behaviour is racist, I strongly suggest you don't get a job working in the UK anytime soon - such behaviour will quite rightly get you dismissed for 'Gross Misconduct' under most companies' harassment policy.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Jacobs said...

A great comment. The caste system indeed.

But,we cannot escape the fact that our country has been made a bit of a laughing stock. As I've said for ages, we're an "oik - rules" society now

8:33 PM

Thank you Jeremy.
As to our country being made a laughing stock, well it all depends what you mean by 'our'.
Reality TV isn't representative of my country. I'm told by religious folk that it is possible to be in the world without being of the world so I'm trying that.

Anonymous said...

My view is that this whole BB furore has been a godsend for Blair and a pain for Brown. He'll ever be remembered as the PM in waiting who chose Big Brother as his first significant statement abroad.
Blair on the other hand is laughing. The country has been distracted by a pantomime of fools, and too busy to significance of the following:

* the secret talks between D.St and Condi Rice (why was the UK the only country on her visit to NOT stage a presser conference so journalists could ask her/Blair questions?.)

* Another cabinet minister publicly rubbishing the official policy of HM government -- this time on the US. it follows Hazel Blears' campaign against NHS cuts.

D.St are playing the putting all this down to high spirits as the leadership/deputy race gets underway but I can't help feeling that as the campaign hots up so government starts to fall apart...

Anonymous said...

Me I'am a bit cynical over cbb lovely lady from where she's known to a place where less known , low ratings cat fight gets well known many contracts waiting for lady when she leaves but I think the whole issue has got out of hand

Anonymous said...

Big Brother is squalid and decadent. Politicians have no business watching, or commenting on, this stuff. It should be beneath their notice.

Anonymous said...

Like we needed to be reminded that these people are utterly trivial, media-obsessed junkies.....

Anonymous said...

'Brown says he hopes to be a leader like Gandhi' Indy and various other papers.

Wonder what Gandhi would make of Gordon the hawk , financier of the war in Iraq?

Anonymous said...


I've been watching CBB (shameful but true). One point you have overlooked is the one made by Germaine Greer in her 'Guardian' article i.e. Shilpa is a pain in the ass. None of the ill-feeling would have happened outside the confines of the house, nor would Shilpa's actions have been so annoying. The motivation has obviously not been racist. There has been some bitching behind people's backs and unpleasant words used but the most overtly racist remark was probably "white trash" from Jermaine who is virtually a saint.

It is almost beyond belief that these pea-brained NuLab M.P.'s have (a) made me feel that I wanted to read something by GG and (b) find myself in agreement with her. Such is the extremity of where these pc loonies have got us that Germaine Greer sounds sensi