Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More Changes to Candidate Selection Rules on the Way

As Sir John Junor used to say, 'there will be dancing on the streets of Auchtermuchty' this evening, as the Conservatives announce the apparent demise of the 'A' List. It appears that all members of the Approved Candidates List will be able to apply for seats in future, (albeit in their own region), although constituencies must ensure that at each stage of the selection process, half of the candidates chosen are female. So instead of all women shortlists we're getting half women shortlists. I am not against this on principle but the onus on the Party must now be to increase the proportion of women on the approved list, which is barely more than 30 per cent.

John Maples, Deputy Chairman for Candidates said: "The 'A' List has helped us to make significant progress, and so far nearly 40 per cent of selected candidates are women. The new option toughens up rules on women and allows more candidates to apply for seats in their region."

I assume that this means there will be regional lists drawn up and that non 'A' Listers will only be able to apply for seats in their own area. Hopefully this will be clarified shortly.

The proposals, according to PA, are being put to the Party Board next week.


Anonymous said...

Now all the good seats have gone thats great.

And now women will make up 50% of the shortlist in spit of not making up 50% of the list.

Thanks john white middle class middle aged maples!

Anonymous said...

Maybe just maybe , not enough women of the right calibre actualy want to be MPs?
So what most MPs are lobby fodder anyway ,
Dont vote for any of them.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think only women in a niqab are worth voting for....but so few Tory candidates seem to be pious and devout

Anonymous said...

IAIN said-but the onus on the Party must now be to increase the proportion of women on the approved list, which is barely more than 30 per cent.

Why don`t you hand back your place on the shortlist and exchange it for a less qualified woman then Iain. That is exactly and precisley what you are asking others to do ?

Ok I could have been less polemical but there is a serious point and the same one that undermines all quotas.Anon 2.16 also makes a good point. Why are you so keen on encouraging incompetent women at the expense of competent men ? Owing their elevation to Cameron alone they will be worse than useless and under threat locally.

I can see the point electorally in a sense but there are also dangers in continually appearing glib and superficial as well. Brown is bound to claim Cameron is all smoke and mirrors and with half the Party agreeing with him I `d be careful.

I foresaw the A list being dropped ages ago as did the DT and everyone else. Its job is done .Its to late to impress anyone

Anonymous said...

A climbdown, and about time. The A list with its metropolitan carpetbaggers was a straight crib from New Labour and Tosser had no right to try to impose it on constituency associations. Let's hope he starts recognising and ditching some more of his pseudo-Blairite errors of judgement and principle. Then we might get our Conservative party back again.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, The glass ceiling blah blah. There are no barriers to women or ethnic minorities gaining any office in the UK , its illegal. So maybe, just maybe, common sense might prevail and assume therefore that it might be because these people dont want those jobs, are not prepared to sacrifice the time or simply dont cut it.

Everyone wants to earn GBP1m a year but strangely enough its usually the best peopel that do.

Anonymous said...

Part of a press release from the Cabinet office this afternoon.

From the Spring, the Cabinet Office will re-launch the 'better regulation portal' in order to collect serious and specific suggestions and examples of inconsistent or absurd regulations.

Anonymous said...

Well that is one of my PB.com predictions well and truely scuppered!

Where do I write to complain?

Curly said...

Sounds like autonomy for local Associations is back on the agenda at last!

Anonymous said...


I thought it was Bill McClaren who referred to "dancing in the streets of (insert name of appropriate Scottish town) tonight"?

Sir John Junor used to refer, of course, to the maids and lads in Auchtermuchty but in all my years reading his pieces in the Sunday Express and Mail on Sunday, I can't remember him referring to dancing in the streets of Auchtermuchty.

Indeed, the only previous net reference I can find (http://tinyurl.com/3djoqr) to "dancing in Auchtermuchtie" (you spelt it the right way I hasten to add) has been corrected by someone writing:

"Please, it’s Auchtermuchty.

And they don’t dance ……"

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a bit late, consituencies are supposed to have selected by now?!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for that. I'm a female and found this A list rubbish patronsing and insulting.

Just 3 more policy changes and I'll be able to vote for Cameron instead of being reluctantly forced to vote Lib dem again.

1. Give the EU the boot
2. Give the spin doctors the boot
3. Independence for England - and no more talk of 'sour little Englanders'