Monday, January 08, 2007

Blogger TV Tonight on 18 Doughty Street

Live programming returns on 18 Doughty Street tonight after the Christmas break. We're now live from 7pm to midnight five days a week and next week we launch a fantastic new website.

Tonight I'm hosting the first edition at Blogger TV from 9pm to 10 (UPDATE: Watch it again HERE). Joining me to discuss bullying on blogs are Alex Hilton from Recess Monkey, James Cleverly, Ben Sherreard and Rachel North. We'll also be looking at the best blog stories of the week.

Tomorrow at 9pm we've got David Willetts for an hour, on Wednesday Edward Garnier MP and UKIP deputy leader David Campbell Bannerman, and on Thursday at 9pm it's an hour with Peter Tatchell. Post your questions in the Comments Section.


Guido Fawkes said...

I admit to bullying the Monkey not enough.

Anonymous said...

Bullying on blogs? Do you mean flaming?

Praguetory said...

Who will be joining Alex to speak in favour of blog bullying? Lib Dem hypocrisy is the story of the week.

Philipa said...

Hey Iain, seen Keith Waterhouse's comment on blogs and bloggers on the mail website (here)? What's the betting he doesn't publish my comment that whilst camera's don't lie, has he read Guido Fawkes blog? (the Lord Levy/Lampton faux pas was the latest Mail error reported there I think) So presumably he thinks 18 Doughty St a waste of time.

I'm not suggesting a 'Four Yorkshireman' sketch, with Peter Hitchens, Simon Heffer and.. there's so many at Derry St - just grab someone out the lift, but why don't you invite him on? He might come for a macaroon.

If you can get Celia Walden to oblige I reckon Peter McKay would come for a flash of thigh.

wonkotsane said...

My question is, if your regular audience dropped to, say, 10 people a day, would you still blog? Do you do it because you want to or do you do it because you have a regular, perhaps devoted, audience?

Anonymous said...


The problem with every initiative ,and there have been to many, is that without the commitment of the teachers to the spirit of it it will founder . Additionally without the means to make teachers accountable and ultimately sackable nothing can be achieved .Nothing has been done and without attention to this reality you can only move the furniture around. This truth is constantly soft peddled because of the strength and militancy of the NUT

The almost universally Socialist NUT opposes every step in the right direction and an attempt must be made to break their stranglehold on real practice.
One reason the NUT is impossible to move is that they say to teachers if you don’t join how do you feel about defending yourself on your lonesome the next time you are hauled up on malicious charge because you looked at a 13 year old girl in the wrong way.
The fact that they have jurisdiction over this area means that even teachers who might not share the prevailing political view will join and fall in.

What do you plan to do to stop this unfair power of the NUT. Its pernicious influence over real practice, to introduce real accountability with it in situ is almost impossible. What are you going to do about its power particularly on the point of legal protection for teachers.

Allied questions -

1 What are you going to do to return authority to teachers who at the moment are virtually in legal fear of their pupils.

2 What are you going to do to restore faith in our exams which are now so degraded that the tiop schools are abandoning them altogether.

3 Do you have any plans for a reintroduction of a voucher system . You will notivce the NUT have derailed the Blair elitist suggestion.

4 Are you charting a way back to Grammar schools or some equivalent now accepted across the political spectrum as the only way to save those without money in the wrong post code. Bear in mind the class divisions opening up in our country springing from this disaster born out by the reducing numbers from deprived backgrounds entering university( compare with N Ireland ).Sorry I don`t have figures to hand

Oh and much more but the NUT theme is important and everyone outside policy think tanks knows it.

Anonymous said...

Being the sad git that I am, i'm looking forward to seeing David Willetts and Peter Tatchell.

I think you should ask Mr Willetts how he thinks a possible future Conservative government would extend and increase the welcome (but very overdue) reforms recently enacted by Labour (only with Conservative support in the Commons, of course).

Does he envisage even greater freedoms for schools in the future? In his ideal world, what would schools be like?

kinglear said...

Iain ( properly spelled by the way)
What about a British Bloggy award? You could host it live on 18 Doughty. I have suggested I will put up a prize, but it does need someone with your connections to make it work.

Anonymous said...

why did James Cleverley abandon his tilt at being the london mayor?

Anonymous said...

Newmania is absolutely spot on. Problem is structurally ossified. Much like NHS. Only solution is to remove Whitehall from being dominant rudder/keel. How?

Start by introducing voucher system which will initially undermine state system because good parents who care will go private. New schools will open. Eventually NUT will capitulate to the divide and rule that voucher system will be catalyst for. There needs to be blood in the gutters. We cannot go on like this. Brown will do and NHS. Spend vast sums to make no difference.

Anonymous said...

Apparently some axe murderer thinks I have "bullied" him , he has told Rachel so.

Guido spank that monkey and if he refuses to recant his socialism send him to hull and he wont come back ! (+:

Anonymous said...

lol praguetory. Yes I see all the blogs are lit up by an old Rory Bremner sketch on the last Lib-dem Conference which was months ago. Hardly hypocrisy when it's an opinion based on Susanne Lamido. Hardly story of the week.

Praguetory said...

Go to the post below it gaffauk.

Anonymous said...

To Campbell-Bannerman:-

Everybody knows, including those who pretend not to, that Grammar schools were the foundation of this country's pre-eminence (and their abolition correspondent with its decline), and not the public schools which didnt do science and therefore were stuck in the Middle ages. What everybody knows also is that the 80% who did not pass the 11+, in the main, drew the short straw:


How do you propose to educate that 80%, and to what end?

Anonymous said...

One question: Rachel North. Why?

I do, however, admire Peter Tatchell because he is a very brave man. He tackled Mugabe's goons knowing he was going to get beaten up, which must have taken a will of iron.

I do not and never did, though, approve of him 'outing' people.

Anonymous said...

Clever Boy gave up the London Race because he knew he did not have a hope in hell.

Anonymous said...

David Bannerman ? You'd better not upset him, or he'll be turning green...

Anonymous said...

I've just seen "Recess Monkey".
Jesus, what a pathetic nerd!
Television exposure usually increases fan base, but the sight and sound of RM will drain him of all credibility.

Anonymous said...

Newmania hitts the nail on the head again.

We all know what the problem with state education is. It is simply 3 letters...N.U.T.

Not even a football team of Thatchers could would or can even try to crack this NUT. However the Tories may if they try very hard and say very very little, knock a few out of their very tall trees one day.

My advice to Cameron and his crew is to not let the NUT or the BBC even know they are holding a stick.

The NUT is one very good reason why we should never allow the voting age to be reduced.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching Blogger TV. It's nice to see a topic allowed to be discussed properly (rather than get 5 minutes as the BBC would do) even if the discussion did slide off topic from time to time. I think Recess Monkey dug himself into a bit of a hole but it was entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I thought that 18DS was a disaster on technical grounds. And a serious subject about bullying on the web did not get enough coverage as the discussion wandered off topic. Nevertheless, I thought that Alex Hilton of LabourHome was very entertaining. So much so, that I posted my message for the Labour Party on this rather excellent blog.

Anonymous said...

You are all, I hope, familiar with the phrase "a face for blogging". You will be...

PS Bloggie award nominations continue to 10pm GMT Wednesday. It's considered polite to nominate the blog you read this on as well as the blog belonging to the commenter who put it there. At least it is by me!

Anonymous said...

Couple of "nail on the head`s " for me which makes a change form "Newmanian is talking our of his arse " the usual fare"

Preen preen.

Any chance of gettig such material in Iain . I watched Doughty Street for the first time last night . It is perhaps predictable that I found Rachel North excrutiating and Recess Monkey infuriatingly entertaining . You were excellent and the others were fine..James Claverly makes a good impression. What bothered me was the dictinct taint of poltical correctness that seemed to be alowed to go past.

The Conservtaive Party are Homophobic and racist ? Why did you not respond with " The Labour Party are traitors and that hate the family and the country"

same thing

Sorry about the dyslexia I need specila treatemt and care , could you airlift me to a posh school please. I do not agree with you on Kelly by the way but as a political tactic I think it is right not to appear to hound her.
She is still a liar and to be fair you made the point in a quielty certain way. I would have employed more volume and less charm

Anonymous said...

If we had a UKIP Government and Britain had left the EU what would they do with all the EU citizens living and working here?

Would UKIP have an amnesty and let them remain here or would UKIP deport them?

Would you deport the unskilled workers that can be found picking fruit and veg, cleaning offices and toilets, serving burgers at fast food restraunts?

How many would you deport?

Would UKIP only keep the skilled workers?

If Britain left the EU what financial help would you give to those Britains who live and work in EU countries as EU citizens. They would then be treated as non-EU citizens and risk being deported. UKIP must have detailed policies regarding the repatriation and settlement of these British Citizens?