Thursday, July 06, 2006

What Anschutz & Prescott Really Said

Hat-tip Bloggerheads


Anonymous said...

Excellent! It shows just what contemp Prescott holds the rest of us in if he seriously wants us to believe the dome and the casino were never mentioned. Wht kind of idiots does he think we are? Idiots enough to vote him, clearly... I saw you on Newsnight last night, and it's about time someone spoke the truth about this corrupt, arrogant government.
You are the Private Eye of the blog world!

Anonymous said...

And you John, have earned a place in it's OBN. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, this was precient.

Whether the substitution of the ants was much of an improvement was difficult to judge. In their native South America, leaf-cutters are better known for their appetites than their symbolic representation of the internet. About a million march in unstoppable columns which strip trees in the rain forest and munch their way through the crops of destitute peasants with ruthless speed. They are parasitic and mindless agents of destruction.

Speaking of which, the case of Philip Anschutz, the founder and chairman of Qwest Communications, has resurfaced. His American telecoms company had been a wonder of the dotcom bubble. In 1999, Anschutz sold share options worth $1.5 billion (£960,000 million). He picked a good time to bail out of his company. By 2002, Qwest had lost 90 per cent of its value after it admitted inflating profits.

Last week he agreed to pay a $4.4m fine to settle allegations that he had accepted gifts of shares from investment banks which hoped he would send business their way. Despite his record, New Labour considers him a fit and proper person to take over the Dome, its own bubble by the Thames.

Nick Cohen
Sunday May 18, 2003,,958518,00.html