Monday, July 17, 2006

Ken Clarke on Tory Radio



Anonymous said...

"Ken Clarke on Tory Radio"?

We'll be interviewing other mad lefties like Caroline Jackson or Ken Livingstone next. I'd forgotten that Clarke was still in the Party.

Would someone mind letting me know if it either just wasn't worth listening to or instead if it was merely one to not bother with.

Jonathan Sheppard said...

What a cheek Geoff. Now go and download it right now! :o)

Tapestry said...

I tried to put myself through the agony, but the click failed to deliver the interview. I'll have to wait until an urge to self-harm next comes over me.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it might be a cunning ploy.

What Victorian novelists would consider 'an awful warning'.
Interview a ridiculous old soft-leftie has-been who's masqueraded under the tory banner for years and has rightfully been consigned into irrelevence and the reject pile.

Subtext: "Watch it Dave, this could happen to you unless you pull your socks up."

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the Tebbit interview. Not bad, but the real questions went unanswered.
Lets forget my questions I e-mailed in about similarities with the BNP/UKIP (Norman's favourite subjects) and concentrate on Norman's own questions that he didn't answer.

Why doesn't any one want to know the Tories of today and almost losing Bromley. Norman didn't answer but I relish the opportunity to do so.

Cameron and Hague have got it wrong. UKIP need to be destroyed not courted. BNP need to destroyed not secretly fed with (Tory)lies.

Jonathan Sheppard showed his age and played the fawning interviewer once again.Love Thatcher-love Norman and no doubt love Ken. Big deal, Jonathan. We love you, by the way

There is no identity to be had by the two main parties strolling along in the middle lane but it is where the public are, that's why the Liberals gain by doing nothing.

Norman wanted to say this but Jonathan didn't push him.End result is an audience in frustration.


Jonathan Sheppard said...

Gary - you are a tough one to please. I guess that's why Im no professional interviewer. :o)

strapworld said...

Gary Elsby is right again. I assure you all I do not know him.

The ukip are made up of genuine people on the ground. They are led however by charletans and incompetents. They are an irrelevance and they will get their due desserts at the next Euro Election.

The BNP,however, would be a major problem if a high profile individual was to join and lead them and in so doing trimmed their 'extreme' policies.

When, as I have, met many people who said they would vote BNP because none of the present parties will do anything for the English (note English it IS becoming quite an issue!)....Immigration and the real threat of muslim fundimentalism are issues which no political party wishes to speak up on.

Then we have the nanny state. the legislation such as Human Rights Act and Health and Safety which are making this country weak.

However on the BRomley Bye election one must never overlook the machine of the Lib Dems for these events. Flooding the area with workers, flooding the area with signs and posters, leafletting up until the morning of the election. They work like trojans and are now first class at this. BUT that is overlooked because the press and especially the Blair Broadcasting Corp paints it as a tory disaster!

There is a need for a party to rediscover that people WANT tough crime and punishment, strong defence and a tough immigration policy AND ALL illegals thrown out!

Anonymous said...

gary elsby takes any opportunity to knock thet tories and is a complete socialist!

Anonymous said...

'Gary is a complete socialist'. Thank you anonymous there are many around here who would argue against that but you've made my day.

Norman Tebbit asked why people are walking away from the Tories and Labour and heading to the fringes during local and by-elections.

BNP gain from Labour because Labour has a passing interest in asylum and Immigration.

Tories lose to UKIP because UKIP is hard on the EU and the causes of the EU.

Labour is unloading asylum seekers by thousands per day now and Tories are now OK about immigration.

I thought Thatcher was hard on the EU and its causes, but responsible enough to know Britain's place and the British interest.

Cameron knows this and is trying to break it to you very slowly, about 2009 by all accounts.

By my calculator, Johnathan was 15 when he joined the Tories. About half a lifetime ago and heading for half in opposition.Surely he should be questioning why this is the case?

The great Norman helped put the Tories in this situation along with her majesty, Margaret. Why? Why did they do it? What would they do different? What did Norman mean by claiming a link with Labour and the BNP?

The best interview is surely by asking at least one question that you know they don't want to answer.
You Tories love seeing Tony squirm about 'loans' (be honest)and I want to know why Tories past, wrecked the Tory party.
Great they may once have been,but a disaster they surely are.
Feel sorry for Cameron at this point.