Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Channel 4 News Morning Report - Israel & Blogging

Click HERE to listen to my latest Channel 4 News Morning Reports Podcast. This week it's on Israel and the bloggers' reaction to it. I quote Antonia Bance, Harry's Place, ConservativeHome, Cicero's Songs, Liberal Alone. And Blog of the week is Clive Davis. You can listen to the Channel 4 News Morning Report every morning on Oneword Radio or by clicking HERE.


Rigger Mortice said...


great.relatively short,interesting and takes you to some blogs you wouldn't normally go.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a magic solution to the Isreal/Syria/Iran/Hezbollah/Hamas/etc problems. The old irish advice of "I wouldn't start from here" has always seemed particularly appropriate.
What I do have is a moral sense that tells me that the targeting of Red Cross ambulances is an abomination, as is the carelessness with regard to civillian lives when "going after terrorists" ( yes so is suicide bombers who go into crowds & kill indiscriminately).
Hamas & Hezbollah are avowed terrorist organisations so we shouldn't be surprised at any tactics. Isreal, however, claims to be a civilised and moral society & I used to expect more from them. It saddens me to see that they have adopted the ethics of their enemies, both present & past.

towcestarian said...

I'm confused Mr Anonymous. I thought Israel had been doing exactly this sort of thing over the last 50 odd years. Which bit of of blowing up hotels full of civilians, launcing pre-emptive air strikes against Syria/Egypt (1967), occupying Lebanon of upty-ump years and pinching all the best bits of land from the arabs led you to expect "more" from them.

Personally, I don't have a problem with their sort of robust national defence - and last man standing warfare beats non-problem solving doplomatic fudges every time. When 2 antagonists are having a good old slogging match, its probably best to leave them to get on with it until they have had enough or one of them wins.

Anonymous said...

I can not disagree with most of your first paragraph Towestarian. It is after all historically documented.
My reactions are very personal. I am disappointed by how far the Israeli military & political leadership has departed from the ethics of their faith, and how they have squandered the huge fund of intrinsic good will that used to afforded to that nation.