Monday, July 31, 2006

David Gold Selected for Eltham

David Gold has just beaten Jackie-Doyle Price and Eric Ollerenshaw to be selected as the candidate for Eltham. All three candidates were subjected to an interview by Michael Portillo as part of the interview process this evening. David fought one of the Brighton seats in 2001.


Anonymous said...

Portillo took time off from his private assignations then. How noble of him.

Anonymous said...

I was at the primary (sitting next to Dizzy), and Portillo is obvious making a new career as a stand up comedian, witht he way he was cracking jokes between candidates.

As for the result, David was the strongest candidiate.

Anonymous said...

I wish Eltham well. Mr Gold seems like a nice chap but I worry that early selections might rebound on project Cameron. We selected ours early and already the entire association management would cheerily throttle him. I have gone grey just dealing with our prima dona who was not as he seemed at selection. We are already muttering deselection. It's enough to make you vote Lib Dem!

Anonymous said...

Gold was the best of the three finalists; you could tell he was A-List material. Eric Ollerenshaw looked tired on the night and Jackie Doyle Price seemed nervous. That said they were all good in there own ways.

Let’s see if this Primary style selection helps win Eltham or not?

Apparently it’s the first in London to do this, where else in the country has given it ago?

AnyonebutBlair said...

Gold is a good guy - he stood in Brighton Pavillion in the past and I met him a couple of times. He had good campaigns but no chance unfortunately. Good luck in Eltham

Anonymous said...

Phone cam foolery
You say you have given up on the Conservative Party.

Thank god for that. You were not seriously thinking of voting for them were you?

Let me know if you do, because when people from your veiwpoint think its OK to start voteing Tory, it will be time for me to not only stop voting Tory , but also leave the country.

If you ever did vote Tory in the past you must have been mad.

Anonymous said...

P L E A S E tell that oaf
Gary Powell that you a member of the Conservative Party! He will leave the country then! He has put it in writing and he has told us all countless times he is a man of his word!

If Cameron can invite anyone to participate in the selection of the CVonservative London Mayoral c andidate, then how can it be wrong to ask Mr portillo to interview the candidates for Eltham?

If one reads Portillo's website. His speeches and articles he would make an excellent leader of Ukip/BNP and the new party which must emerge when the Real Tories see Cameron for what he is and move on!!

Anonymous said...

Not in the slightest bit surprised David G was chosen .... after all, he is called David and looks remarkably like a clone of David C.

Anonymous said...

Choosing candidates why bother! With Helmer stoking up civil war in the Tory party over the EPP betrayal, no chance of them getting elected. C'mon Iain give us your view on Helmer's statement.

Anonymous said...

On the one hand we had some snide comments about Portillo's "Iberian" roots, on the other we had the bizarre claim that Portillo was/is "popular" with the general public.

Am I the only member of the Conservative Party that is bored backwards by both its ultra-modernising and reactionary fringes?

Anonymous said...

The Lib/Dems reminds me of my frying pan. It was working fine for a long time as it was hardly ever used by anyone. But when the Teflon started to ware off it quickly became a more than useless piece of junk.

Anonymous said...

Their you are making things up again. Advice would be when in a whole stop digging.

I read on a site the other day that you advocate the following things on different webb sites.

The immidiate nuclear bombing of Iran
American to invade Israel
George Bush to be impeached
Nato to attack Syria
The nationalisation of the Train system.
The denationisation of the Education and health services.
Also you seem to vote for the Lib/dems the Conservative Party The Labour Party The BNP UKIP The Green Party and The monster raving loony Party all at the same time.

I think a character as confused as you should shut up untill they have a consistant idear in their head. Or see a doctor, because the strain of contributing to a hundren blogs a day is obviously getting to much for you.

Anonymous said...

I was at the primary and have to say, it worked very well. There were more young people than at any selection meeting Ive been to before and a good atmosphere. But if portillo was meant to be helping the tory cause it was hard to see how. In spite of that the candidates all did well. David was the obvious winner but I hope the other 2 will be selected somewhere as David said in his speech afterwards.

Anonymous said...

No Erasmus you are not alone, I too am sick to death of both groupings, they are both extremists in their own unelectable ways.However the main difference is that the ultra modernisers already have a party of their own in reality, it is called New Labour. The reactionary wing of the Tories may soon find UKIP to be their true home but right now the Tories are all that they have.