Thursday, July 27, 2006

Douglas, You're a Very Naughty Boy

courtesy of TheoSpark


Anonymous said...

Alexander has got it about right - and I regard myself as a critical supporter of the Tories.

Conceptually, Howard and Cameron fought a most imaginative campaign under the guidance of their Aussie guru (bang on about immigration and asylum to shore up the right flank staunching the flow to UKIP & the BNP and turn tail over Iraq and let New Labour haemorrhage support to their left flank ie the Lib Dems).

But with the economy still powering ahead the success of the flanking campaign was limited.

Under Cameron the Tories are no longer going for the flanks. They are going for a full frontal assault by stealing New Labour's clothes.

I doubt whether Cmaeron believes in much of what he's saying. But that's how Tony Blair has won three general elections.

Anonymous said...

Who is Chenevix-Trench about to thrash? Could it be young Dave?

Anonymous said...

Is the pic that of Mr Bumble and Oliver Twist by any chance?


Anonymous said...

Cameron doesn't believe what he is saying - he is an extreme-right nutter who would "lead" this country into some sort of Anschluss, probably merging with Putin's Russia or something equally bizarre. He's a ultra-monetarist head banger who would make Keith Joseph and Norman Tebbit look like gentle moderate people. The eco-babble is just guff; a friend who is in a relationship with one of his key aides says they have long nights laughing over the lies they are going to spout the next day. What will come out eventually also is Cameron's shady past, which is much, much more convoluted than we have all been led to believe; think dodgy deals with Hedge Funds and tax evasion and you will be heading in the right direction.

Paul Burgin said...

"Is the pic that of Mr Bumble and Oliver Twist by any chance?"

I was thinking more of Cameron being Wackford Squeers in Nicholas Nickleby! What with his penchant for beating boys.
Of course, in this context, Douglas Alexander is the noble Smike and let us not forget that Squeers was eventually sent to Australia! ;)