Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Papers: Why Cowboy Prescott Will Fall Off His Horse This Week

Having now completed by trawl of the Sunday papers I've come to the view that Prescott's position is now terminal. As Cilla Black might say, let's have a quick reminder of what's in today's papers...


Front page article alleging Prescott received a cowboy outfit including tooled leather boots, a Stetson hat and a belt bearing his initials, which according to the MoS could be wirth up to $20,000. The MoS says he has not declared these gifts, which, if true, would be very serious indeed. They also have a poll which says 70% of people are against Prescott running the country in August while the Dear Leader goes on his latest freebieholiday. The MoS also alleges that key Prescott aides attended meetings on the sale of the Dome. There is a two page feature on Philip Anschutz's ranch and a two page feature on Rosie Winterton, which I will return to later. Peter Dobbie describes Prescott's attempt to cling to office.


Front page article on Miliband being lined up by Blair to take over from Prescott. Two page feature headlined PREZZA'S BIG GAMBLE ON DOME BILLIONAIRE. Simon Jenkins says he should go for the one thing he didn't do - his job.


On the front page they repeat the Sunday Times story about Dabid Miliband bein glined up to succeed Prescott. There is a two page feature reporting on a dinner between Prescott and Anschutz at which they discussed the possibility of an entertainment complex at the Dome. Matthew D'Anocona likens Prescott's situation to starring in his final Western. He reports a senior Blairite as saying: "He [Blair] regards him [Prescott] as a figure of fun and feels he moved over to Gordon's side two years ago. You look at him, this overweight guy with diabetes, and almost feel sorry for him, and then you remember the times he's been rude to you and the moment passes pretty quickly." D'Ancona continues: "He is a stranger to the modern word. "It's called the internet, isn't it?" he said last week. complaining about the Tory Iain Dale's excellent blog and its allegations about his conduct. Here is a man railing against his own obsolescence."


Page two report on Norman Baker reporting Prescott's ranch visit to the Police under the 1916 Prevention of Corruption Act. Three page feature headlined CALAMITY JOHN and a smaller article revealing that Kelvin Mackenzie is publishing a book called the John Prescott Kama Sutra. Columnist John Rentoul writes that Prescott should have gone earlier, but now he should stay (work that one out if you can), but a page later the IoS editorial says he should go.


Gaby Hinsliff reports that Philip Anachutz is threatening to withdraw his £250 investment in the Dome if he doesn't get a casino. She also reports that Prescott failed to register corporate hospitality at Silverstone on the basis that he didn't need to because he was presenting a prize. Rawnsley ignores it, there's no feature and no editorial.


Anonymous said...

and just now on Radio 4, they've said the chairman of the committee on standards in public life says the Prime Minister must order an inquiry to clear the air.

Didn't Sir Alastair Graham's involvement in Blunkett affair prompt his resignation?

Bob Piper said...

So out of gossip we are reduced to repeating old posts. Is this posting by any chance related to Iain's previous exciting prediction of 27th April 2006? Namely:
I think we should be told.

Here's a tip...Don't follow Iain's advice if you're heading to the bookies.

Croydonian said...

"his £250 investment in the Dome".

And still overpriced.

Peter from Putney said...

Iain said:

Labour MPs will start to call for his head. And that some time during the next seven days they'll get it.

Come on Bob, put your money where your mouth is - let's have a straight tenner on Iain's prediction, as above.

Scarlatti said...

I have read the Independent on Sunday article, and having looked further into this, it appears that The Prevention of Corruption Act 1916 introduced a presumption of corruption in certain cases prosecuted under the 1889 and 1906 Corruption Acts. The 1916 Act states:

'If it is proved that any money, gift or other consideration has been paid, or given to or received by a person in the employment of Her Majesty, or any Government Department or public body, by or from a person, or agent of a person, holding or seeking to obtain a contract from Her Majesty, or any Government Department or public body, the money, gift or consideration shall be deemed to have been paid or given and received corruptly as such inducement or reward is mentioned in the Act in question, unless the contrary is proved.'

Isn’t Commissioner Yates rather busy at the moment looking into the flogging of honours? Perhaps the Met need a specialist Political Corruption Bureau?

beethoven writes said...

I own a factory that produces sex toys and other items for the adult leisure industry. We are releasing our latest creation this week, the John Prescott blow up doll and are expecting it to be a big hit. The doll burps, farts and speaks unintelligible rubbish in a northern accent just like the real thing. Please could you keep the hounds off him just for a few days as we need a little more time to deliver to all the shops that want to stock it.

Thank you.

Peter from Putney said...

"Come on Bob, put your money where your mouth is - let's have a straight tenner on Iain's prediction."

It's all gone quiet over there - take me up on my offer,Bob - in fact make it £15 and I can then have the satisfaction of knowing that you've paid my annual sub to the Conservative Party!

Anonymous said...

And on a lighter note, a small article not from CHIPOLATA NEWS but from BALANCE the magazine for UK diabetics which has an article on the second most powerful diabetic in the country. (For the time being.)

"As Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott is technically the second most powerful man in the country – but is he still in such a position of power when it comes to dealing with his recently diagnosed diabetes? And how does it feel to experience personally a condition that is so high on his Government’s health agenda? Balance editor, Martin Cullen, met one of the biggest political personalities around today to find out …

The first thing I notice is that the Deputy Prime Minister isn’t as big as I thought....."



Anonymous said...

more (old) great judgement from "ethics is a county next to kent" at

so this guy's son works for "four legs good, two legs better" as a speech writer.

Did daddy get a backstage "access all areas" pass to Westminster..... or even more?

Bob Piper said...

Peter from Putney...

I'll accept a donation to the Abbey Ward Labour Part... but you won't get a Peerage I'm afraid.