Friday, July 21, 2006

Join my Fantasy Football League!

How do you fancy having a bit of football fun and joining my Fantasy Football League? I'll put up a prize of £100 worth of books and CDs for the winner.

To enter a team (there's no charge!) click HERE. When you've registered your details, follow the instructions to select your team. When you've done that you need to join the Iain Dale League by typing this code 239252-43069 into the relevant box. You need to register before the season starts on 19 August.

I've chosen the following players in my team...

Jaaskeleinan (Bolton), Ferdinand (West Ham), Lescott (Everton), Delaney (Aston Villa), Stephanovic (Portsmouth), Carrick (Spurs), Reo-Coker (West Ham), Nolan (Bolton), Lampard (Chelsea), Henry (Arsenal), Ashton (West Ham). Subs Enckleman (Blackburn), Eboue (Arsenal), Holland (Charlton), Pedersen (Blackburn)

UPDATE: 25 teams entered so far! Keep 'em coming!


Anonymous said...

Don't mind if I do! Although, stupid tho it is, I'll pick Chelsea and West Ham players, but cut off my nose and never select one of that lot who have just moved.....

Ah well, always ends up costing me about 200 easy points per season...

Anonymous said...

I'm in, and expect to do my usual fantasy league Charlton impression... a good start before fading away miserably.

Anonymous said...

Done! Heh, first one I've entered too. C'mon Pickled FC!

Chris Palmer said...

Team: Wandering Hobos

Robinson (Tottenham)

Terry(C) (Chelsea)
Dawson (Tottenham)
Carragher (Liverpool)
Powell (Watford)

Rosicky (Arsenal)
Downing (Middlesbrough)
Reo-Coker (West Ham)
McFadden (Everton)

Shevchenko (Chelsea)
Van Persie (Arsenal)

Randolph (Keeper) (Charlton)
Chimbonda (Defender) (Wigan)
Gillespie (Midfielder) (Sheff Utd)
Shipperley (Forward) (Sheff Utd)

Cost: 100m

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

the photo of the west ham strip?
isn't that rather an old one?
its all jobs worths these days

dizzy said...


Lehmann (Arsenal), Terry (Chelsea), Ferdinand (West Ham), Ferdinand (Man Utd), Neville (Man Utd), Arteta (Everton), Cahill (Everton), Jenas (Tottenham), Reyna (Man City), D Bent (Charlton), Shevchenko (Chelsea).

Subs: Howard (Everton), Ingimarson (Reading), Cox (Reading), Johansson (Wigan)

Anonymous said...

Err! Only ENGLISH clubs? You didn't make this clear!

Anonymous said...

I'm in...unfortunately couldn't select Blair as manager. Would have a dis-organised bunch of prima donnas but at least none of them would ever get sent off.
Come on BLOGGERS15

Louise said...

What the hell!

I'm lying in 5267th place in the Formula 1 league - must be able to do better than that here.

Anonymous said...

Well - I've selected my team - I'll be expecting a barrow load from Dean Ashton by the way!

Sadly he's my only West Ham player though!

Anonymous said...

I'm in. "Boy Scout's XI"

Cech (Chelsea), Young (Charlton), Nielsen (Blackburn), Ben Haim (Bolton), Cole (Arsenal), Cahill (Everton), Jenas (Spurs), Lennon (Spurs), Reo-Coker (West Ham), Bent (Charlton), Henry (Arsenal).

Subs: Myrhe (Charlton), Elliott (Newcastle), Mullins (West Ham), Vaz Te (Bolton).

Anonymous said...

Hey Iain, why did you turn off the league forums?

Iain Dale said...

Leon, wasn't aware I had. Let me check...

Iain Dale said...

Leon, the forum is not closed. Someone has posted a message so it must be open!

Anonymous said...

Odd, on the teams list at the top there was a tab with forum, can't see it now...must be a problem my end...*rolls eyes*

Simon said...

joined up team dossing

Anonymous said...

I've joined up!

I'm a bit of an Alan Partridge fan hence the team name

The LeXI:


Come on the LeXI and UP THE IRONS!!!


Hello Iain,

I've just joined so watch out for Colchie FC (as I am a huuuuuge Colchester United fan :)

Here are my players -

1 Robinson /Tottenham/

2 Cahill /Aston Villa/
3 Stubbs /Everton/
4 Carr /Newcastle/
5 Dawson /Tottenham/

6 Carrick /Tottenham/
7 Gerrard (C) /Liverpool/
8 Reo-Coker /West Ham/
9 Nolan /Bolton/

10 Cole /Man City/
11 Crouch /Liverpool/

12 Weaver /Man City/
13 Terry /Chelsea/
14 Bowyer /West Ham/
15 McBride /Fulham/

Paul Linford said...

My team (4-3-3): Van der Sar, Eboue, Terry, Dawson, Bridge, Gerrard, Parker, Reo-Coker, Bent, Rooney, Ashton. Subs: Crossley, Fortune, Kavanagh, Richardson.

May the most Charming Men win...

Anonymous said...

Done, dusted and lost, in more ways than one, expect the usual Man City type performance, odd weeks of brilliance and thats it.

Also lost as my username and passwrod do not work AAAAAAAAAAAAArrrrrgh