Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Daily Dozen: Sunday

1. Martin Bright has a superb analysis of the situation Gordon Brown finds himself in.
2. Glyn Davies on principles - or lack of them.
3. LibDem presidential aspirant Baroness Ros Scott on her busy day in Bournemouth.
4. John Redwood thinks the LibDems should be called something else.
5. Dan Hannan is smitten by Sarah Palin.
6. Jane Merrick meets a very ambitious Chris Huhne.
7. Norfolk Blogger regrets his support for Nick Clegg.
8. Yorksher Gob gets gobby about Norfolk Blogger and the LibDem blog awards.
9. Cranmer on the Last Night of the Proms.

That's it. Too tired to complete this. Bed.

PS Click HERE to listen to a very informal chat between me and LibDem Voice's Alex Foster, recorded on Saturday night in a podcast. We talk about blogs, climate change denial, why I'm not the devil and much more besides!


Anonymous said...

here iain have you heard abour the lib dems in Scotland
they want to give a 2p tax cut on top of the 4p they are already talking about for whole UK

only they seem not to have known what teh other was doing economics of the mad house

what would be the PSBR under the lib dems

LondonW12 said...

Iain will yuo be visiting the Rocket Lapdancing Club to use the discount Conservatives have been offered for their party conference?

Newmania said...

I sent you a link to the Martin Bright blog .You obviously follow it anyway. Its very good if it was not hidden in the New Statesman I would have thought it would be pretty popular.

As lefty opiners go IMHO Hopi is the best butBob Piper deserves far more credit than he gets .He is a fantastic blogger and a real Labour voice

James Higham said...

4. John Redwood thinks the LibDems should be called something else.

A number of names spring to mind.

Martin Day said...

James Higham
September 15, 2008 9:44 AM:

Yes the LD's have a number of potential names, most of which would involve expletives. It is not the actual "third party" that offends, rather the self - rightous and often ill-liberal tone of their small band of supporters. Whilst not a Labour party supporter, I would be sad to see it's complete collapse. The Labour does need a very good hiding at the next election, the election following that and maybe even after that but extinction: No.

The LD's on the other hand are a vicious and duplitious front for personal abuse and poison politics. I would relish the voters verdict providing a hangman's noose to the party at the next election.

Johnny Norfolk said...

I am not suprised about Yorksher Gob. Norfolk Blogger will not publish any of my comments as I always dissagreed with him. He is not a true blogger he just wants his own opinion.If you take him to task over things he does not like it. He is just to typicle of the left as he is not liberal in any way.