Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Conference Diary: Tuesday 1

Just about to have breakfast with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Her Tory conference experience has not had the best of starts. Her train left Euston at 9.40pm last night ... and it arrived in Birmingham at 4am. Apparently someone had thrown themselves on the line. A number of comments spring to mind, but all of them in very bad taste. [Slaps own wrist]


Anonymous said...

What's the point of having the conference? No one is interested, the press coverage is half hearted and Michael Gove is making a fool of himself (again).

Anonymous said...

Hilarious item in the Mail. David Cameron, staggering along looking knackered after having slowed down to a walk when out for a jog, immediately breaks into a run (too late!) when he spots TV cameras.

Anonymous said...

Was thge person who flung themselfves on the rail going or coming from the conference?

dick the prick said...

No school today anonymong 9.29? What's the point of Labour when they've put their core voters nuts in a vice? 31% reduction in broken families - put that on your turkey twizzler.

Anonymous said...

Sky breaking News
"David Cameron to address the conference at 1100 on the financial crisis"

This is NOT a good idea. If it goes wrong and he comes across as the lightweight novice that Gordon says he is, then he is done for. Why take the risk?

dick the prick said...

It ain't a risk - the boy's growing on me - I don't particularly like him as a dude but I think he has rythms that he just hasn't used yet. I think he's ready - I think he'll make a safe pair of hands and is incredibly collegiate which is completely different from the nutjob smashing up No 10 at present.

Iain Dale said...

Actually all the Tories are making fools of themselves. Lots of utter nonsense masquerading as policy. Is this microphone on? Whoops, Kelvin Mackenzie moment.

Anonymous said...

so were agreed call it off...no one is listening to us (I nearly got called but PPC land)

Instead call for the return of the House

dick the prick said...

Iain - good man. He needs to make the speech - maybe he'll state for a recall of parliament in it - are you giving us a hat tip? Adair Turner stated last night that B&B had been under close scrutiny for a year and yet they flog it to Santander - i've not looked at the books, obviously, but if that's not plan E then I'm a gibber, gibber my old man's a penguin - arff.

Cometh the hour etc

Anonymous said...

Great work by your mates over the water scuppering the bail-out.

Anonymous said...

better than kettle flex

Anonymous said...

How come not one City boss has lost their bonus

in good times or bad times

what is going on !!!

where is the accountability

Monkey said...

Bonkers Bozzer in his speech, demanded NO more banking or city regulation, and still spouted the “Politics of Envy” line regarding city pay , to which all the contorted faced Jeremy’s applauded heartily.

Gormless Gideon then gave a speech, demanding stronger banking and city regulation, and also wanted restrictions on city pay, to which all the contorted faced Jeremy’s applauded heartily

Work that one out flip floppers

Anonymous said...

Cameron's already said that he has rejected a recall of Parliament as it wouldn't happen until Friday, and as the autumn term starts on Monday there would be no point.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the line Osborne had about freezing Council Tax? Why aren't Tory Councils doing this already?

Anonymous said...

Osborne's cunning plan to freeze council tax is highly unfair. Some councils will have genuine reasons that can not be avoided to increas tax. This would mean that those who live in that area would not benefit from savings in central government, the government that they finance.

I could also see a situation that if it became clear that the Tories were going to win the election. That councils would put up their taxes artificially high prior to this so that they could then keep within Osborne's finacial rules after the election and claim the refund .

dick the prick said...

Monkey you're an arse if you can't distinguish between the role of Mayor & that of leader of the opposition and you're just an arse anyway.

Anon 10.26 - if you think that local councils don't carry vast amounts of dead weight, that every other business in Britain is having to make cut backs and those fuckers have far more chiefs than Indians then you must be under 30. Ask your mum - her knowledge & experience of Local Governement is undoubtedly more accurate than yours.

T England said...

I saw you yesterday on the BBC doing an interview with some older woman, oh boy! She really stuttered & messed up her words, I was thinking all the while, stop talking you silly woman & let Dale continue!
Anyhow! Iain, have you ever Googled
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown hates the west? You get about 57,000 results!!
Anyhow Iain, your a great voice for the Tories, I think they'd be wise to let you speak for them more often :o)

Anonymous said...

Dave needs to call for £50k protection of savings with INSTANT access.

Anonymous said...

The Mail catching Camer On jogging the last 200 yards is a corker.

Also note how the story states Dave has been "Trying" to give up smoking. Funny I thought Marly Boy had given up 100%, that is what he said a few weeks and months ago.

Addicts - lie lie and lie

dick the prick said...

That was a great speech, assured, dour, statesman like and erudite. Loved the bit about protecting deposits - clarion call to the masses. BoE good move for wonks - the tripartite regulatory mechanism has been shown to be bollox. Good man Dave.

Anonymous said...

Oh dick you are a you know what

Describing Camera On as "dour".

Havent you all been slagging off the other bloke for being that.

Flip Flop Flip

Anonymous said...

"""Loved the bit about protecting deposits"""

What like Northern Rock

Flip Flop Flip

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, brave effort Mr Anonymous troll but all you are doing is marking time for Bruce Forsyth this Saturday night.

I cannot believe the Labour Party are paying you for this - does your friend JK know?

And as for the City read Guido to see how Browns friends and donors are profiting from other peoples misery.

Whats this? Gordon's banker setting up a new hedge fund?

Anonymous said...

we are in real danger of putting are back against deregulation

thats what we stand for

what is the problem

free market forces

now and again you get a shake out so what

stop knocking the City and our bonuses

its worker for 300 years so whats the problem

we are either Conservatives or socialists

Cameron must stop slagging off the City...its not playing well at Canry warf

Anonymous said...

anon 1141, you are Dirty European Socialist and I claim my fiver

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see YAB's latest column? Meaning to make the point that the economy is globalised she wrote that 'the world is global.' Apparently her mastery of English is rather less perfect than one would expect of a columnist. RE the '100 top lefties' list, I haven't seen any 'intelligence' or 'skill' in her columns yet, just perpetual whinging.

molesworth 1 said...

There are times, Iain, when I admire, with perhaps a more than appropriate hint of envy, your urbane & sophisticated lifestyle. Informed,independent, erudite, inluential and close to influence... it must be such a heady whirl!

But at least I didn't have to breakfast with YAB...

...(how do you spell that involuntary stutter of revulsion that accompanies a good shudder?)

Londoner said...

Re her train journey, I was at the conference for the first 2 days only and was trying to travel the other way. Left Birmingham New St at 9.30pm as scheduled and still at Birmingham NEC 2 hours later. But, hey, I was lucky it only took me four and a quarter hours to get to London compared with the advertised 1 hr 50 mins!

Somehow now I've heard that JA-B didn't get to Birmingham until 4am, I am slightly ashamed to admit that I feel rather better about my "early arrival" at Euston at 1.45am.

I know it is said that you can't easily stop people throwing themselves on the line and then having to do extensive forensics afterwards but, despite warmly favouring the train over the car in theory, why do these things seem to happen so often to me when I venture on a train? Surely there are other lines round which trains could be diverted? Is it any wonder that, if people have a car readily available, they so often use it?

Apart from JA-B, my one consolation is that I might get some part of my extortionate £38 fare back.

Anonymous said...

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown deserves it. Sour old trout.