Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vote For the Name of my New Website

In the next few weeks I will be launching a new website. In effect it is a site which will contain daily articles from me, but also 7 or 8 other articles each day from a range of other contributors. It will be like a blog, in that people can comment on every article (after registering) but it will look more like a magazine or newspaper site. It will cover politics, media, the arts, books, films and sport, but with an emphasis on politics and current affairs. Contributors include more than fifty politicians, journalists, commentators, public affairs professionals, academics, pollsters, elections experts, business people and radio presenters.

The site will have no editorial line. It is not a right wing site, as will be evidenced from the range of contributors.

But I have a problem. I still can't decide what to call the site. I have canvassed suggestions, but none has really stood out as obvious. I want the site to be clearly associated with me, yet the site name, or subtitle, needs to clearly demonstrate that it is not just me and that many others are involved too.

So I want you to vote and we'll see if you all come up with a overwhelming favourite.

Vote HERE.


Dilettante said...

Given I'm the only one who proposed the word Almanac, if it wins am I eligible for the prize?

Osama the Nazarene said...

You're right none of the names provided sounds right.

Daley's Political Eclecticism or The Eclectic Daley seem to sum up the project.

Dilettante said...

Hey, given my suggestion was the only one to contain the word Almanac, if that suggestion wins am I eligible for the prize?

Unknown said...

I did try to update the comments section before, without sucess....but what about 'Opinionated' ?

Jabba the Cat said...

Mrs Dales Kitchen