Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reward! What Should I Call My New Site?

As I wrote HERE, in a few weeks time, I will be launching a new website. But I have a problem. I still can't decide what to call it.

It's a kind of blogazine - I will write every day on the site, but there will be 30 or 40 other contributors from politics and the media. Some you will have heard of - others you won't know. The site won't have any political line, and we'll have film and book reviews too.

Iain Dale & Co, Iain Dale & Friends, The Iain Dale Collective, The Iain Dale Collection are all suggestions that have been made, but I wonder if it would be better to have a name which didn't include mine. Someone suggested Agora. I rather like that, but maybe it's too offbeam, and not enough people know what it means.

One thing I do know is that I don't want to use a derivative of my surname.


And to encourage you, I will offer £100 worth of books to anyone who comes up with the name I eventually go with!


Andrew Manion said...

Daley Politics or something along those lines.

Andrew Manion

Stephen said...

Dale or no Dale

Graeme Cowie said...


Andrew Ian Dodge said...

The Daletic
The Conundrum
The Dalenomicon

Tristan Hazell said...


Tristan Hazell said...


Tristan Hazell said...


Tristan Hazell said...


Betapolitics said...

How about:
*Thought Stream
*Opinion Wave
*Perpetual Comment

Tory Outcast said...

Convocation might be better than collective or collection?

Means "a group of people formally assembled for a special purpose" (wiki)

The Iain Dale convocation?

The bloggers convocation?

Balthazar said...

Huffing and Puffing ( An homage to the business model you are following! Would attract the US audience too.

James Wallis said...

The Polis
The Socratic Method
The Discourses

(can you tell I did a Political Science degree...)

Peter Botting said...

Hawks' Eye
(on/of Westminster)

Andy Hayden said...

Commons views.

Unknown said...

The Iain Dale Experience

Ian Freeman said...

Why not use something linked to your surname? Branding, Iain, branding!

Agora is a chain of amusement arcades.

"A Dale In The Life"
"A Dale Of Few Ditties"

Rubymalvolio said...

"PM with Eddie Mair"
"The Daily Dale"
"Woman's Hour"
"The view from the Dales"
"Westminster Dales"
"Iain Dale versus the world"
"Start the week"
"The Daley Prophet"
"The Jeremy Kyle Show"

Some of the above may have already been used though.

Shaun said...

'The Collective' sounds like a Star Trek villain, albeit a vaguely cool one (nerd hat on: at least until Voyager ruined them!):

What about 'Iain's Cottage'? Reclaim the word while explaining brief relationships with some-time denizens?

Five Chinese Crackers said...

You should call it 'HNNNNNNNGH!' and include a picture of a man in the middle of a muddy field straining to do a poo in a bucket in the header.

The Intellectual Investor said...

Why not call it "Diogenes Club"?

Taken from Sir Arthur Conan Doyles Sherlock Holmes?, his brother Mycroft used to frequent the club it was dedicated to reading without distractions?

Dilettante said...

The Madding Crowd
The Abyss Gazes Back
The Political Person's Almanac
The Dale Conspiracy
The Monkey's Typing Pool
The Interlocutor

Devil's Kitchen said...

The Quizzical Gaze...


Span Ows said...

Hell and Dale

Dale Tales

The Orphanage

Alcuin said...

A few eclectic suggestions, which might trigger some better ones

Mr Dale's Diary
I'm worried about Jim
This Sceptred Isle
Temple Bar
London Eye
Here I stand (I can do no other)
The Old Statesman

Best wishes

Lord Lillis said...

I have a few suggestions of varying suitability (they can't all be gems, you know):

Over Hill Ian Dale
Hanging with your Pepys
Chippy Dale
The Twenty-First Century Motor Car Corporation*
Dales Pony Up
The Compendium
Last of the Literate
The Level Best
Orb and 'sphere
'sphere and Sceptre

Good luck! Looking forward to the new site.

* Anyone who gets this reference is an erudite scholar indeed!

Michael Duncan said...

'Platform' - simple but effective

Unknown said...

Thinking along the lines of words for collection:

Stack or set.

The Dale Set


grace the collie said...

I nearly choked on a bit of sausage(!) when I read Alcuin suggestion of "here I stand (I can do no other)" Which is the best title ever. True homage.

johnpaul said...

Dale's wedge ( a dale is a wooden wedge that prop's frames tight.)

Intelligence Insider said...

HammerDale's Farm

Martin S said...

How about these ideas, Iain?

Dale's Daily; Iain a moment; Dale-lectics.

Anonymous said...

There are loads of TV programmes and films that could be adapted:-
* Drop the Dead Blogger / Blog the Dead Donkey
* One Flew over the Bloggers Nest / One Blogged Over the Cuckoo's Nest
* 28 Blogs Later
* Bloghog Day
* Various James Bond films (From Blogger with Love, GoldBlogger, ThunderBlog, You Only Blog Twice, On Her Majesty's Blogging Service, Bloggers Are Forever, Live and Let Blog, The Man With The Golden Blog, Blograker, Octobloggy, A Blog to a Kill / A view to a Blog, The Living Bloglights, Licence to Blog, Goldenblog, Tomorrow Never Blogs, The Blog is Not Enough, Blog Another Day) or Miss BloggingPenny / Universal Blogspots
* Old Blog Network
* Raiders of the Lost Blog
* Reservoir Blogs
* BlogAdder
* Return of the Blogger / The Blogger Strikes Back / The Empire Strikes Blog / The Empire Blogs Back
* BBC (British Blogging Corporation)
* Blog the Nine (or Ten) O'Clock News
* A Few Good Blogs
* BlogFellas
* Britain's got Blogs
* Blog Idol (or Blog Idle?)
* Forty Days of Blog (and some by Knights)

Anonymous said...

A few more (had trouble posting - possibly 'cos too many characters):-

* The Daley Mix
* The Daley Mux-ip
* The Fawkes Report or The Fawkes Hound (to step on Guido's toes!)
* The Brit Report
* The Britlander
* unionjackanory / unionjackandstory
* United Kingdom of (Great) Blog and bits and pieces from elsewhere
* Ministry of Blog / Department of Blog / The Blog Office
* Bloggers of the Round Table
* Blogging Hood
* War of the Words
* Who Dares Blog
* Not So Quiet on the Blogging Front

Whatever you choose, I'm sure it'll be a great success!

Jaci Stephen said...

The Dale E! News

John M Ward said...

"Broad Horizon", in view of the sheer number (and presumably range) of contributors.

Jaci Stephen said...

Actually, you would be done for breach of copyright from E! channel, I suspect, as they have a section called E! News.
So, new suggestion: iSpeak, therefore i-ain.
Way too clever, obviously!

Unknown said...

The Piazza or Political Piazza
The Plaza

celticchickadee said...

Dale's Daily Delights

Man in a Shed said...

The Borg ?

celticchickadee said...

Dale's Daily Delights or Debates

charles said...

Dale Inc

As in united into one body; combined

idec44 said...

Thinking Allowed

or the wonderful Michel de Montaigne saying ...
What do I know?

Costa Calida Adventures said...

The Blog Society
Iain Dale's Diarrhea
Do Blog Off
The Big Blog
Blog for Britain
Britain's Blogging Combo
Just Blog off Will You

Costa Calida Adventures said...

The Blog Society
Iain Dale's Diarrhea
Do Blog Off
The Big Blog
Blog for Britain
Britain's Blogging Combo
Just Blog off Will You

dthomas377 said...

Birds eye view
daley commons
inside scoop
inside track
dale united

Unknown said...

What about something with 'Medley' in the title? Suggests a mix, a combining of different themes towards a single outcome. 'Blog Medley' or something similar?

William said...

Iain Dale's Parlour

Kevin James French Music said...

rite now
tory id
super injunction