Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nothing British About the BNP Say Veterans

Taken from Nothing British.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

My oh my, the Establishment has got the shits over this one.

Democracy yes, as long as you keep the three main parties in the style to which they have become accustomed.

As soon as the proles, particularly the Labour voting proles, turn their attention to a far left party, after Labour's total failure to address serious concerns about "multiculturalism", and immigration, democracy has now become a fluid concept.

It's not the BNP who are sending soldiers to die in order to prop up a corrupt regime.

Alcuin Bramerton said...

A second set of leaked British National Party documents is now multiplying on the web and is linked, for example, from this page here.

The new BNP archive contains nine spreadsheets of detailed, confidential party membership information, with dates ranging from December 2006 to 15 April 2009.

There are just over 16,000 unique membership numbers in the "April 15 Updated" spreadsheet. At that time, it appears that the BNP had a total signed-up membership of about 35,000.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

And as if the Tories havn't enough of an uphill struggle, Cameron has now promised to impose all women short-lists.


What next, all poof shortlists (as facetiously recommended by English Eclectic?) All black shortlists?

What about shortlists for people who are white, male, middle class, straight and effing pissed off with being bumped down the queue in order to pander to current liberal sensibilities?

It won't work. Criky, do you guys really want us to have another four years of Labour, because you are certainly going about it in the right way.

Predictable nonsense said...

There ain't nothing British about voting to send teenage boys off to illegal wars with faulty equipment and then throwing them to the wolves when they return home.

This, as with all the cheap, schizophrenic ("let's debate with them and show everyone how crap their arguments and policies are"... "no! let's no-platform those nasty people") anti-BNP stunts, will backfire miserably.

More fresh thinking is urgently needed.

Anonymous said...

Crikey everyones getting their knickers in a twist over this one. I wonder what is British about sharia law? A little over the top, wasn't it.

Alan Douglas said...

If "Leadership consists of getting ahead of the right parade", the BNP are exhibiting good leadership.

If ANYone else did this, they would have a large parade beind them. Even if they left off the notably UNpleasant aspects of the BNP pitch.

Alan Douglas

Anonymous said...

Iain, the BNP discriminate against a minority, Labour discriminate against the majority.

Give them a break. Both parties are socialist nutcases. How many Labour members are former communist party or similar members?

Labour have created a huge client state. They keep the working man under an oppressive boot but sell them the idea that they represent them.

It's good to see some passion but why direct it at such a small target? Labour's record is a national scandal and yet you allow the MSM to gloss over their traitorous behaviour.

The BNP haven't bankrupted the country, they haven't made the gap between rich and poor wider, they haven't made us the most snooped on state in the world, they haven't taken us into a war under false pretences - thus incurring terrorist attacks in our own country and they haven't got rich off the public purse.

Get a bloody grip and start acting like opposition.

mike said...

I'm with wrinkled weasel, absolutely hilarious watching the establishment trying to deal with the BNP.

Norton Folgate said...

If the new leaked BNP membership list is true and accurate then there are more Forces members in the BNP than are in that video.

The problem the big 3 parties have is the BNP will talk about issues the big 3 don't want to touch with a barge pole, and their fear is apparent by the amount of concerted effort against such a small party, who had their policies been different would have been ignored completely just like the rest of us have been.

I wouldn't be surprised as the election gets closer UKIP will probably get the same kind of treatment.

neil craig said...

Nice to know that when a few ordinary generals, entirely spontaneously with no government/establishment prompting whatsoever, decide to denounce politicians riding military coattails, the simple words of these ordinary citizens will be reported by all of Her majesty's Press (again spontaneously with no collaboration) & the ever impartial BBC.

How much the media has changed. It seems only a year & a half ago that these same journalists decided (again spontaneously) to censor any mention of the fact (made public by the NATO appointed war crimes prosecutor) that our government is not merely guilty of war crimes, civilian massacres, ethnic cleansing, genocide & the sexual enslavement of children, which was already known, but also of dissection 1,300 people, while alive, to steal their body organs.

Doubtless with their new found commitment to reporting spontaneous news they will immediately make up for lost time. It is clearly wrong that a few words, however great & good the speakers, be considered more newsworthy than our political leaders' complicity in crimes more obscene than Hitler's.

They do seem to have made one reporting error. Though the generals have made clear that they were objecting to all politicians who use the military for publicity the media have accidentaly blamed it all on the BNP. In fact, for obviouis reasons, the politician most regularly shown sharing the front line with troops & a bevy of journalists is Brown, closely followed by Cameron.

Anonymous said...

Presumably some veterans agree and some veterans disagree with the BNP.

So how can you reach a conclusion either way?

Anonymous said...

& soon there will be little British about Britain.
Only the underclass & their Muslim overlords will remain.

permanentexpat said...

I suppose our wonderful main parties, intent on removing the last vestiges of British independence by selling us out to the EU, are the real patriots?

Anonymous said...

Remember to visit the nothing british web-site and sign the petition.


repossessed house investor said...

Why on earth would you expect anyone to sign a petition on a site organised by the The Socialist Workers Party.

AS always they request a donation!

Anonymous said...

The military must stay out of politics. And the main parties must start addressing the real issues of real people, otherwise the likes of the BNP will gain ground.

Simon Gardner said...

A lot of blood was shed fighting nazis in WWII when it may well have been avoided if the Germans had dealt with it earlier - before it got out of hand. Let’s not make the same mistake again.

General Malaise said...

Those who seek to hijack the good name of Britain's military?


stereodog said...

I love reading the comments on anti BNP blog postings. It is quite remarkable how many of them seem to start with 'I'm not a BNP supporter but...' I am reminded of the axiom that when someone says 'I'm not racist but...' it usually means that they are about to say something racist.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing British about picking on an underdog.

Houdini said...

If they spent as much time and effort addressing the problems that see and gave rise to the BNP they and we may get somewhere.

Torymory said...

The problem with the 'diversity' agenda is it solely focuses on the obvious - i.e gender and race.

However what about the less obvious under representation in the Conseravative Party?

Surely a middle aged white male nurse, social worker etc is more 'diverse' than a black woman lawyer/PR Person/Management Consultant who lives in Notting Hill etc and which the Parliamentary Party is currently stuffed full of?

If Francis Maude et al are so committed to this diversity agenda, then perhaps they should stand down and make way for more 'diverse;' candidates?

Anonymous said...

@Simon Gardiner
A lot of blood would have been saved in the USSR if teh west had followed general Paten's advice and fought on against Russia.

No doubt all the AFL were outside the BBC everytime the peace-loving McGuinness or Adams showed up.

Anonymous said...

The British political-media complex hate the BNP so much they are starting to look and feel like they have all the makings of an ultra-cool movement of political descent.

I'm off to get the t-shirt.

Quietzapple said...

Oh dear, some about to chase their "Precious" into fire I guess . . .

Anonymous said...

Nothing British about the BNP?

To think that Great Britain went to war with Nazi Germany when they invaded Poland.

What type of Government did Poland have at the time?
-Why a Fascist-Military dictatorship of course.

We did not "go to war against fascism" in 1939 as today's media tell us today (much of the same media was pro-Appeasement in the 30's including The Times and the BBC)

We went to war to protect the national interests of the UK and the Culture and well-being of the inhabitants of the country.

Only Stalin called 1939-45 an "anti-fascist" war, an almost 1/2 of that time he was in alliance with Hitler.

Tapestry said...

Griffin is filling the moral void left wide open by the Blairs, who replaced a politics based on belief/conviction (Thatcher) with one based on valueless pragmatism and amorality(triangulation/the third way).

His morality may not be lovely (offensive to most), but the market for a moral explanation is there for the taking.

In places like the Army where the price of Blair's amorality is extremely high, it is no surprise that soldiers seek different explanations.

The response from Generals and the media trying to attack the BNP's version of morality will not work - until they return to a values-based political philosophy.

They must provide a higher morality and a more intense response that meets the emotional hunger of people who feel abandoned.

The government lives by bureaucracy and corruption, Griffin in the hearts and minds of his supporters. There is no contest.

If others wish to defeat Griffin they have to move away from the emphasis on money, and the general denial of moral feeling.

Griffin is unfortunately years ahead of the bureaucrats in realising how to appeal to voters.

A little rough handling by the media is all he needs to get the attention he seeks,and to expose the valueless corruption he is attacking, while skilfully making his own evil appear to be based on conviction and depth of thought.

How COOL is the BNP! said...

The political-media complex hate them so much, the BNP are starting to look and feel like an ultra-cool movement of political dissent.

I'm off to get the t-shirt.

Raspberry Beret anyone?

Anonymous said...

Certainly nothing British about the sell-out parties - Labour, Lib-Dem, and Conservative (I'm sorry to say).

Giolla said...

Looking at the whois data there doesn't seem to be that much British about: nothingbritish.com either:

Registrant: Domain Discreet
ATTN: nothingbritish.com
Rua Dr. Brito Camara, n 20, 1
Funchal, Madeira 9000-039
Phone: 1-902-7495331

WV: ackshi
well quite

Simon Gardner said...

Still. On the bright side. We know we know where they live.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

You know where we live? No chance. I've been for a look at the latest list and they've got the wrong address and telephone number for me. I used to live there and have that phone number, but no longer.

Hope you don't hassle the family that lives there now with late night phone calls like used to be done to me. There are kids in that family and I suspect they will go to the police. And as there are kids involved, the police will take it seriously.

Somebody has already given their back windows a brick rub-down. Maybe the guilty parties thought I still lived there? Be careful who you hassle.

Patrick said...

Still. On the bright side. We know we know where they live.

October 20, 2009 9:21 PM

Its getting harder to tell who the real nazi's are when i read a comment like that.

Anonymous said...

The BNP is a well-timed wakeup call.

The establishment give themselves away by protesting far too much about anything that challenges their perceived right to the trough.

Along with many I have had quite enough, pitiful wittering about the disadvantaged BNP.

Crippling debt, pointless wars, banker's handouts plus MP's and their friends and families on the take (for years).

If that were the best I could offer I too would be worried, very worried indeed, but not about the BNP!

cassandra said...

Nothing British about the BNP?

Apart from all its members of course!

Lets see what other "nothing British about" things there are.

Theres nothing British about sharia law/forced marriage/honour killings/
burkha garments/arranged marriages/
political islam/islamist ideology/third world block vote buying-rigging/illegal wars & occupations/cash for influence in parliament/ex polititians suddenly worth millions of pounds/
nepotism/political fraud/government funded street thugs and many more.

If we are going to talk about what is or isnt British then how about the theft of our sovereignty and the handing over of our nation to a foreign empire in the making, is that British?
How about the utter betrayal of our fighting forces, using them,abusing them and then throwing the maimed soldiers away like so much trash, nothing British about the way our wounded and maimed are spied on to see if they really have had their legs and arms blown off is there?