Friday, July 24, 2009

Norwich North: Result Imminent

11.58 The increasingly indispensable Andrew Sparrow has blogged that Labour has received 19.5% of the vote - compared to 44% on 2005. He reckons the Tories have taken the seat on a 14% swing, which, if true, would be a terrific result for Chloe Smith.

12.05: Sparrow reports that LibDems remain in third place with a paltry 16%. They will be gutted by that.

12.19: Sky reporting a Tory majority of 4-5,000.


Clameur de Haro said...

As long as the Tories win with a big swing, and that prize Green Party idiot Cllr Rupert Read comes well down, who cares whether NuLab or the LibDims (and no, this was not a typo) scrape a poor second?

JuliaM said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Have a good holiday, Gordon :)

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown's smothering of the public is akin to gritting your teeth, waiting for an ugly, unwanted lover to stop kissing your face in some deluded belief that you will realise it's what you crave! The party's over for our wanna-be hero but he doesn't yet know it. - The key's what happens when you shake your head and try to wriggle free; does he still persist on breathing on you or will he accept the fat lady's song and allow us to feel a modicum of sympathy as he grabs his coat.

I Squiggle said...

Hmmn.. Why the delay? Time now is 12:45 and we’re about 15 minutes past expected declaration. Could this be the 3-4 and beyond placed candidates squabbling over a handful of votes? It surely can’t be those at the top. Can it?

Norton Folgate said...

7348 to the tories

Osama the Nazarene said...

Pravda reporting 7,000 majority!

vervet said...

Labour spin will now be that it was a fantastic result because they managed not to come third !!!

digger said...

30.Con 13591
Lab 6243
LD 4803
UKIP 4068
Green 3350
Murray 953

councilhousetory on

Eckersalld said...

Over 7000 according to the beeb.

That's a lot better than the Tories expected, I suspect Brown's having a uncomfortable start to his summer hols.

Not showing what the others got, I'd be interested in see how well the LPUK did.

Anonymous said...

Didn't expect that large a majority. Think the Prime Mentalist will limbering up with a Nokia in his hand as I type.

Art. 38 said...

What a fantastic result.

No doubt Labour will spin that it is disgruntlement caused by the resignation of Ian Gibson - but whose fault is that? Ha ha!

Mark Senior said...

Figures so far appear to be
Con 13591 Lab 6243 LD 4803
UKIP 4,068 Green 3350 Murray 953 BNP 941 Others 428
Clearly the result is everything so Conservatives can be pleased but with all the money they spent and all the visits from Cameron they still polled 2,000 votes fewer than in 2005 . Not exactly a wild enthusiasm for Cameron's Conservatives .

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Chloe Smith.

General election please.

Nich Starling said...

Iain, really not that gutted.