Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Party Political Animal calls on politicians to be brave about drugs policy.
2. English Eclectic explains his joy at the Debbie Purdy judgement today.
3. Stephen Tall asks: where next for Lembit?
4. Kerry McCarthy MP identifies a sticky, sleazy issue relating to theft and chocolate.
5. Richard Willis reports on two LibDems in trouble - one for racism, another for smearing.
6. Politics Cymru reports that Plaid Cymru are in the money.
7. Donal Blaney on the launch of the campaign.
8. Letters From a Tory reckons the left should be ashamed.
9. Charlie Beckett reviews the Myth of Digital Democracy.
10. Tom Harris quashes the PM for PM story. It's the silly season, he says.
11. Charles Crawford on some diplomatic ghastly moments.
12. Charlotte Gore lists her Top Ten Political Blogging Tips.

And click HERE to read the Total Politics blog interview with Theresa May.


Anonymous said...

I recommend Daniel Hannan's thread in DT : "What if Barack Obama was in fact born British?". The citizenship status of Obama ( was he American born citizen) is raging in certain sections in America,a the doubts about his ciizenship status is tacitly supported by some republican politicians. Hannan has spun a nice thread, and as usual lots of Americans belonging to " birthers"
( who question Obama's birth certificate)have postings. This issue is hot in blogs in Huffington post, Politico and Washimgton Post.

Rob said...

Where next for Lembit? Keira Knightley, the Olsen twins?

I'm not bitter, I just want to know how he does it, the odd looking buffoon!

Paul Halsall said...

Thanks for the link!

Savonarola said...

Where next for the infantile, self indulgent, ego driven, publicity hound Lembit?

UB40 collection point when Glyn Davies thrashes him at next election.

Expat said...

The spirit of MJ lives on in DD

Read more:;jsessionid=1FDA96F6162A57705B08B3359DD7B514#ixzz0Mob1RcLU

Anonymous said...

"Plaid Cymru IS . . .", surely? Whatever happened to collective nouns, don't they teach them any more?