Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Liberal Burblings offers some thoughts on the state of the LibDem blogosphere.
2. Chris Whiteside remembers Harry Patch.
3. Charlotte Gore has thoughts on why the Libertarian Party failed in Norwich (36 votes).
4. Norfolk Blogger awards his by election prizes.
5. Liberal Bureaucracy brings news of a LibDem MP standing down.
6. Devil's Kitchen puts the case for legalising drugs.
7. Tom Greeves defends youth politics.
8. Douglas Carswell takes on the BBC for its report on Tory open primaries.
9. Luke Akehurst on Labour's Norwich disaster.
10. Sharpe's Opinion is long live campaigning!
11. Sky's Niall Paterson on the aftermatch of Norwich North.
12. Major Plonquer lists ten reasons why Gordon Brown is no Winston Churchill.


Anonymous said...

You missed mine - LD stuffed in Norwich North!!!


Stu said...

Many kind thanks, Mr Dale. :-)

JP said...

Iain - did you happen to see this?

Anyone seen Hazel recently?

James Higham said...

The Libertarians are new. They'll learn.

Martin S said...

Brown and Mandelson suffering from fantasy-inducing illness, Labour peers snouts in trough, Brown and 'Fred Kyte' Ainsworth out our armed forces at risk and try to steal from injured soldiers

Fredsboy said...

Iain, I'm surprised you haven't picked up on the interview on BBC1 yesterday at just after 8am.
a female Labour mp (Julia Thurberry or something similar) stated 3 times that she and other Labour mp's had been canvassing in - Ipswich!
No wonder the Labour candidate didn't do very well.
The interviewer didn't correct her either so presumably the BBC don't know where Ipswich and Norwich are.

Stepney said...

Way off topic Iain but I am incandescent with rage this morning.

The decision of the Government to attempt to retrieve and further limit compensation payments to maimed soldiers is the most sickening thing I have ever come across.

Despite the fact that it is probably the most ludicrous example of political ineptitude in history given the current popularity of Labour, it is so deeply shameful, so spiteful and such an explicit example of their deep contempt for the services that it makes me almost physically sick.

The sheer waste in Government, the abomination of millions spent on feather-bedding the higher tiers of public service management, the corrupt jobs-for-the-boys cynical Quangocracy...and a Government who tries to take back money from the crippled young, disabled in their duty.

A thousand damnations on them. Before, I disliked them for their incompetence; now I hate them for their malice and viciousness.

Damn them all.

Samantha said...

Good choices Iain

That'sNews stop posting links marketing your site in these threrads. If Iain likes it he will post it. Your Guerilla marketing is a disgrace. If every blogger did what you do we would have no space for comments. Same with you Illiberal Democrats.

When your sites mature and have something decent to say we will come to them. In the meantime please keep out our faces

Thank you

Anonymous said...


Calum Paton in Guardian at:

"As I write, the prime minister still seems to be denying there will be cuts, but the NHS executive has hired management consultants in London to work with trusts and primary care trusts on 25% and 20% cuts respectively (one hopes, by reference to spending plans!)."

Have you seen this anywhere else?

Moderniser said...

Norwich North really does need to be viewed within the context of Ian Gibson rather than purely a national contest. A lot of Labour's foot soldiers in what was a solid Labour constituency didn't put in any work. There is more to this mauling than the media are reporting.