Friday, July 31, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

Tune in to 5 Live at midnight when I'll be with Stephen Nolan or 20 minutes reviewing the paper.

1. Tory Radio on how to save the High Street.
2. Roger Helmer MEP on the right to die debate.
3. Mark Pack tells us which blog he thinks is most underrated. Who's yours?
4. This Observer on the Gary McKinnon case.
5. Capitalists@Work asks what did the Olympics ever do for East London?
6. FT Westminster Blog has the revelation that David Cameron is not a fan of the West Wing.
7. Party Lines on Gary McKinnon case. John Owens analyses the "imbalance".
8. Shane Greer on dying with dignity (if you've got the cash).
9. Mr Eugenides has 101 uses for a dead pigeon.
10. Red Box reveals how the LibDems are leaking members at a faster rate than Labour.
11. Tim Montgomerie called Edward McMillan-Scott the left's useful idiot.
12. Prospect has a new website.


Anonymous said...

There's no link on the Shane Greer one.

Northampton Saint said...

#8 needs a link inserting Iain

Hamish said...

Even on the Daley dozen, you can't leave out the self-advertising.
You are beginning to sound desperate.
OK I'll go swivel in your picturesque language, but I think you need a holiday.

Anonymous said...

Well if you scroll down on the right hand side Shane Greers blog link is before you.

Anonymous said...

The link to Shane Greer is missing Iain

Iain Dale said...

Hamish, believe it or not there are many of my blogreaders who like to know when I am on the media so they can watch or listen. if I don't tell them, they complain, so I can't really win can I? Yes, of course it is self promotion, but so what?

And yes, you are right. I do need a holiday, and on 15 August I am going to get one. And there will be no blogging for at least a week, if not two. Satisfied?

Hamish said...

Iain, believe it or not, I meant what I said in a kindly way.
Have a good one.

Savonarola said...

A blog that deserves wider recognition

Raedwald(Just and English boat) is a secular Cranmer. He should be syndicated.

Cardiff Bay Reflections(Glyn Davies) for regional(Montgomeryshireshire) take on Welsh politics and rural affairs.

Glyn will be putting Lembik Opik out of work soon.