Monday, April 20, 2009

You May Have Missed...

I know some of you don't come here at weekends. This weekend was particularly busy, so here are a few of the things you missed...

The Importance of Alice Mahon
Ian Hislop Lays Into Bloggers
What a Waste of BBC Money
Maguire Tries to Explain His Presence at Red Rag Meeting
How Damian McBride Repaid His Academic Debt
Damian Green's Wife's Ten Tips if the Police Raid Your Home
My Top 100 Songs of All Time

It's been a record week on the blog - 200,000 uniques and 52,000 absolute unique visitors. Thanks to all of you who have emailed me with your views of my coverage of the last week's events. Much appreciated.

And keep your story tips coming. Many of the things I write about are things you suggest in the comments or privately by email. I do read every email I get even if, nowadays, it's become impossible to give everyone an immediate reply. I do try to catch up at weekends, so don't think I am ignoring you if I don't reply straight away!


Newmania said...

Thats a really good idea Iain

Demetrius said...

As grannie used to say, they are all at it. I have been too busy having just done my personal Budget Statement. What have you to say on Darlings?

Natasha Reddy said...

Iain, 'scuse my ignorance, but what are 'uniques'?
(please excuse too the self-promotion, I am so new to blogging I can only dream of a fraction of your volumes!)
Might I note however that reading your blog (in my capacity also as a new blog reader!) has sparked in me a brand new political interest which I feel I should, really, as a responsible citizen, never have let drop by the wayside...! So, thanks! nice to be aware why the country is going down the can...(!)

Anonymous said...

It seems I can safely 'miss' the budget as it has all been leaked to the press.

The point about the budget is - can we really believe anything Darling says? His PBR was a work of deliberate fantasy.

The 'fig leaf' is savings on govt waste. It will not work it will not wash. Once the spending genie is out of the bottle its will be the devils job to get it back and this govt are just playing mood music.

Another hat tip from me -- look at what is proposed by the NHS. This as had huge sums unleashed on it and these figures are ongoing and will explode unless pulled back.
So the measures announced here (or rather hidden away here) will mean real pain compared to what has gone on before. There will be job losses and significant ones. NHS savings/cutbacks are already taking place and our friends in the press are totally blind about what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately not being in the UK I can't get BBCTV clips (it really is time their contracts/copyright staff got their act sorted out) so missed Hislop's rant.

Truth is, my dear Ian, led by you and Guido, blogs have cut the legs from under PE.

In times to come, this whole saga will be seen as the moment blogs really came of age and revealed msm for what it has become - supine lap-dogs in the pockets of the spinners from Campbell through McBride.

You have performed an inestimable service.

Alex said...

52,000 vistors? You are the Susan Boyle of the political blogosphere.

wv: quingli, which is exactly how your 100 best songs make me feel.

Dave H said...

Most likely that old fuddy-duddy Hislop is annoyed that The Eye didn’t get the scoop.

He hates all these new-fangled inventions, like the internet, computers, electricity etc.