Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Redemption's Son explains the relationship between the Northern Ireland media and government.
2. Cicero's Songs maintains there's room for every kind of blog.
3. Tom Harris defends the art of negative campaigning.
4. Max Atkinson & Paul Walter write about last night's TOTAL POLITICS event with Paddy Ashdown.
5. Womble on Tour wonders why Bromsgrove Council has banned naked garden gnomes. Really. It's political correctness gone mad, I tell ye.
6. UK Polling Report explains that the 8 point jump in LibDem support in the latest MORI poll is really nothing of the sort.
7. Paul Waugh on a lie from Harriet and a laugh from Liam Byrne.
8. Hopi Sen on Labour's selection controversy.
9. Moments of Clarity examines the case for a Vote of No Confidence in the government.
10. John Redwood on pre budget leaks.
11. LibDem Voice asks if the LibDems can come second in the Euro elections. Excuse me while I convulse with laughter.
12. Coffee House predicts thinsg are about to get worse for Piers Fletcher-Dervish Ed Balls.


Jeff said...

A good mix there Iain, thanks.

Best of luck for the Orwell prize tomorrow!

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Disappointed not to be featured for my reasons to vote Labour...I'll get over it though.

Anonymous said...

LOL - Liberal Democrats will be lucky to come in fourth!

The Liberal Democrats are doomed - DOOMED!!! Both in the Euro election and the General Election!

Cherio LD's!!!

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

"3 hours of Budget coverage at Sky"?

What's the point of that?
The bad news will all be in the small print and that won't come out for at least a week!

Meanwhile you will be trying to argue against all the bullshit, headline nonsense.

Just remember the line "we all know this is all headline grabbing nonsense" and keep repeating adnorsium DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO ARGUING OVER DETAIL!!

javelin said...

Was crunching the Government debt numbers yesterday at the bank. The scale of the task facing New Labour to bring the growing debt mountain down is huge. I'll give the optimistic figures. Interest on the debt, is 5% GDP for at least 5 year and will only fall back over 10 years if action is taken. GDP growth is negative and will rebound to 3% GDP over 5 years. This means that debt will continue to grow at 7-2% over 5 years and only start to fall in 10 years.

The Government needs to either cuts taxes or cut spending to stop the debt getting out of control. Doing this has a complex impact on private/public voter intentions and size of the debt and growth. According to the models we use, the best thing to do is to cut back public spending by about 2% a year over the next 10 years, and cut back corporation taxes, and only immigrate wealth creators to get the economy back on track. Cutting public spending would best fall on managerial staff.

Over to you Gordon.

Jonathan explains it all said...

I am sorry Iain but how ever many times you refer to Ed Balls as Piers Fletcher-Dervish it will not change the fact that George Osborne is his true living incarnation.