Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ministers Boycott LabourList

Just had a look at LabourList (for the first time in ages) and couldn't help notice that not a single minister has contributed for a very long time. Time was you couldn't glimpse at the home page without
seeing by-lines from Douglas Alexander or Ed Balls. No longer, it seems.

Even the list of contributors on the left hand column doesn't feature anyone in government any more until you scroll down to 1st April (John Healey). Posts by both Prescott and Alastair Campbell pre-date

Looks like they're waiting for a decision from someone, doesn't it?

Just thought I'd mention it. Only trying to be helpful.


Lexander said...

Spot on as usual. What can they be planning?

Jah'sSword said...

Don't look! You'll turn to stone! (or your brain will rot and dribble out of your ears)

Perhaps Maguire will be on soon and enthrall us all with his wit and objectivity. Or not.

Anonymous said...

New Film aptly named for the Labour government and MP's!

First Blog post - I cannot use the film tittle as my post will be moderated! LoL!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Not only has the MSM caved in to Tom Watson's legal noises, his blog is shite too.

He hasn't allowed any comments through at all since smeargate.

I wonder why?

ascotinlessables said...

Iain, have you seen this?

DespairingLiberal said...

They are all too busy attending to the current number 1 priority of New Labour, eg, the selection of Georgia Gould in Erith. Nothing else currently matters to the party supremos. After all, the 22-year old daughter of a multimillionaire has such understanding of the problems of a poor Borough. Who better?

Apparently though she will not be taking up a home in the constituency. She prefers Regents Park.

The Grim Reaper said...

Chances are that Draper's made a load of angry phone calls to them all, referring to them as "racists" and "windowlickers". It's how he normally deals with people who don't do exactly what he tells them to.

Though Peter Mandelson's silence during the e-mails fiasco recently was very noticeable. I wonder what he has said to Dolly about this, if anything?

Anonymous said...

They're not boycotting it, they're just waiting for Gordon's official approval for the appointment of LabourList's new managing editor, a Mr McBride, or so I hear. By sheer coincidence he's come on the job market at exactly the right time and obviously has the perfect skill set for this important post.

Anonymous said...

It has also pulled off a stunning double with two consecutive posts by guys called Chris which are rational, entertaining and not obviously on any party message. Let us hope that a)Dolly is suspended and b) whoever's in charge draws the correct conclusion that that is why things might be starting to go right.

Pam Nash said...

I'm astonished that they still have Dolly's name on there as editor and are still linking to his personal website; on that site he still has a link to his Daily Politics appearance with Guido, where he lied about his email correspondence with McBride!

'If you are interested in our editor Derek Draper's personal blog or psychotherapy websites click here. If you want to follow him on Twitter click here.'

Dr Evil said...

It's Labour Lost really. The problem is it is just so dull. The only thing worth reading is the commentary left by totally not on message posters.