Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Saturday

1. Brian Micklethwait lists the Libertarian bloggers.
2. Martin Bright argues that the Tories owe a duty of care to Christopher Galley.
3. Michael Heaver analyses Libertas's election prospects.
4. Max Atkinson on David Cameron's well crafted rhetoric.
5. Barnacle Bill suggests a Cameron led government of national unity.
6. Working Class Tory wants Philip Hammond to be Chancellor.

And finally, a message from my friend Jonathan Sheppard...

Think of me when you are tucking into your breakfast in bed on Sunday. I will be trudging (can’t call it running) round the London Marathon course, all to raise a bit of money for those great people at St. John Ambulance. Hopefully the fact that I will have their name all over my top means I may get a little special treatment when the blisters get too much!

Someone asked me when do you hit the wall? Well at my level of fitness after about 500 metres, and then it is pure mind over matter which gets me round the rest of the course. I suppose it is my own fault having yet again done no training whatsoever. Who really has time to do all that jogging over the Winter months. There are more important things in life!

Anyway - if you want to add to the pot, do visit here and give as little or as much as you want, as its all appreciated.

And for those who like to twitter , you will of course be able to get a few choice comments from me here.

I will not only have my Ipod keep me going, but my trusty blackberry - so do send messages of encouragement throughout the day!! - And if you happen to be at the event look out for number 45733. I’ll be all in black! The gun goes at 9:45, but I suspect I will have already done about 4 miles to get to the start… that’s my excuse anyway!

Best of luck Jonathan!


David Anthony said...

When did he turn into a reindeer?

Anonymous said...

Always look on the bright side of life!

Jonathan Sheppard said...

Attractive outfit eh! Trust me when I guarantee that Howard Stoate, Chris Bryant, Alastair Burt and Ed Timpson (all MPs running) along with nearly every other competitor will beat me. I will finish mind you. Fingers crossed. And if anyone can been ex MP and current journo Matthew Parris's time of 2:32:57 done in 1985 they are a better man or woman than I am.

Jimmy said...

The inaptly named Mr. Bright seems to think the tories should find Mr. Galley a job. I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think he's being facetious.

Weygand said...

Martin Bright is right.

Everyone rallied behind Damian Green, even though it was obvious that the case against him was bound to fail.

If Galley is left to the wolves, then Green will turn out to have been just as cynical and exploitative as those he exposed.

Indeed, Mrs Green, who wrote movingly of own experience, suffered no long term consequences to match those of Galley.

What with the Gurkhas (who will hopefully give Gordon a kukri lesson), the deceitful budget,MP's expenses, McBride smears, the routine falsification of statistics etc etc, it is time one party put morality before political advantage.

If the Conservative party does not hasten to do so, it will be tarred with the same brush as the present administration - whether it deserves it or not (on which the jury is still out in any event).

Jimmy said...

I've no doubt he'll be looked after.

Working Class Tory said...

thrilled to be featured :)

Working Class Tory said...

thrilled to be featured :)

Dick the Prick said...

Off top of my head I don't think Galley should be given any other than a bit of respect - foot in the door type thing, guaranteed interview is fine.

I'm getting convinced that self interest is becoming procedurally inviable with streamlined governance.

I love soft landings, love them - when I fall, I love to fall into pillows - Labour's conceit are beckoning breeze blocks.

Oscar Miller said...

Weygand - completely agree with you and Martin Bright. Christopher Galley did a brave and principled thing and he deserves support now he's paid the price for his selfless behaviour.

Martin S said...

Nice day for it!

Smeragate Drapergate:What the papers say

Martin S said...

Jimmy, you do not think. End of communication.

Barnacle Bill said...

Thanks very much Iain.
Now if I can figure how to get my head out the door I would nip off for a celebratory pint!