Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Vicky Ford is bitten by a dog. The dog lived.
2. Plato is understandably upset by the loss of three good friends.
3. Graeme Archer on the incoherance of the Conservatives.
4. Obsolete on how to effectively tackle the BNP.
5. Revolts on the Labour rebellion today.
6. reports on the panel session at the FPA yesterday with Guido and me.
7. Ben Brogan takes on the Tamils in Parliament Square.
8. Alastair Campbell spends the night with Eddie Izzard.
9. Cicero's Songs asks if Gordon Brown is Britain's Kim Campbell.
10. Martin Parsons writes an open letter to Alan Duncan.
11. Jon Craig gets a smacker from Joanna Lumley.
12. Charlie Elphicke on the Tory female candidates.


Anonymous said...

Iain, I'd be intrigued to see a blogpost on your views on Martin Parson's letter to Alun Duncan.

Tom said...

On "I've Never Seen Star Wars" last night, David Davis declared he doesn't like making lists - say it ain't so!!!