Friday, April 24, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Craig Elder on the Blue Blog reviews the online coverage of the budget.
2. Dizzy uses Google to do some polling.
3. John Redwood on MPs expenses.
4. Donal Blaney attacks the "Christian" conference on "curing" homosexuality.
5. BBC journalist Brian Wheeler asks: where now for the Labour blogosphere? And relates some good advice from Dolly Draper.
6. Ed Miliband has had a good week says Paul Waugh.
7. Michael White writes in praise of the 90 year old Andrew Roth.
8. Vicky Ford explains why she has stepped down as a councillor.
9. ConHome on the 72% of Tories who look forward to Baroness Widdecombe.
10. Malc in the Burgh on a rather good poll for the SNP.
11. Malcolm Redfellow laments the hopefully temporary passing of the Norfolk Blogger's blog.
12. LibDem Voice on the case or a flat tax.


Anonymous said...

Was it me or was Alan Duncan terrible and came across arrogant on have I got new for you?

Unknown said...

Aha, so the Tory/SNP love in continues from Holyrood into the Blogosphere:-).

I guess they can give each other a consolatory hug now, as they share in despair after the Lib Dems won two Council by-elections in Scotland, one with an eye watering 22% swing from the SNP to the Lib Dems.

A combination of a good national profile on the economy and hard work in local communities paid off for the Lib Dems.

When it comes to real votes in real ballot boxes, a sample size five times larger than the poll, of real votes in real ballot boxes showed that it's the Lib Dems who are coming out in front.

Jon Lishman said...

Alan Duncan was frankly embarrassing tonight (at times).

Laurence Boyce said...

"Baroness Widdecombe." I can't think of a better motivational phrase to focus the mind on House of Lords reform. And what's the matter with Donal? Is he turning into some sort of liberal?