Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who Are These 60 Mad People?

In the interests of balance, for which I am famous, I feel I should point out to you that there is now a petition on the Number Ten Website calling on Gordon Brown to stay. Sadly, so far only 60 poor souls have felt the need to sign it.

As opposed to the 24,000 who want him to go.

Just as a point of information, these are some of the 60 supporters of our beloved Prime Minister. And they say Number Ten petitions are worthwhile...

# Andrew Neil
# Mr N.O. McMandate
# Ivor Broquen-Printer
# Mr. P. Iss-Off
# Mr S Meargate
# Dustin Mihands
# Gordon Smallcock
# Mrs Tricoteuse
# Prof L. Igate-Tosser
# Nick Robinson
# Asif Ali ZARDARI, President
# Sarah Brown
# Gordon pension robber Brown
# All your friends at the BBC
# A.S. Long-As-It's The Wright Thing
# Juan Ay-Jocque
# Billy Nomates
# I.T. Beganinamerica
# Simon Scrotum
# No More Return To Boom And BUST
# Karl Marx
# Dolly Draper
# Orson Carte
# Phil McHunt
# Imoff Tofrance
# Nucking Futter
# R Ving-Lhuun
# Mr Bunk Spubble (Labour supporter)
# it's oor oil
# Andrew Marr
# F*ck off back to Scotland
# Arthur Brown Penis
# Do you think you'll manage to get to 10 REAL signatures?
# Referee R.ndum and U. Ropevote
# Mr Barnett Dividend (Scottish Labour)
# Nicola O'Connor
# Wayne Kerr. Go Gordon your doing a grand job!
# Vaal Ewes
# Seymour Jocksin-Cabinet
# Betty Swallocks
# Rock Ing-Horse
# M. Outhbreather
# Hugh R. Slicker
# Ilick Windows
# Blair mayne UUPCON
# I Hate Broon
# Robert Barking-Roberts
# K Y Jelly
# Toenails Robinson
# Jacqui Five-Bellies
# google ho-tel
# Jim Hacker's Dangly Knackers
Hmm, so very few real ones then...

UPDATE: Tea With a Tory emails me to alert me to the fact that these 60 are not the same as were there this morning.

LabourHome are now turning on him too.


Anonymous said...

I see toenails is on the list!

Where I would expect him to be.

Dick the Prick said...

Me & Swiss Bob have done a few. Been quite a comedy afternoon really.

Guthrum said...


apricotfox said...

I love JUAN AY-JOQUE. Brilliant!

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Ahhhh - fantastic! Bloody marvellous!

keyboard >>>>>>>> tea and broken biscuits...

Daily Referendum said...

Some of those are classics - my favourite - Seymour Jocksin Cabinet.

Daily Referendum said...

I see Ben Dover and Phill McCrevis have not signed up yet.

English Guy said...

You have got to admire the great British sense-of-humour. Just brilliant. Not for a second do any of us really think Mr. N. Robinson has signed this petition (using either of his known monikers). Some classics in there. Thanks Iain.
Chuckling all the way to the pub is English Guy.

Trend Shed said...

Earlier today the petition people deleted a load of 'dodgy' names.

Unusually there were 5 made up names they didn't twig which were allowed to remain, which still out numbered the genuine Brown supporting punters....

Anonymous said...


Haha funnny, Brown is gonna get pushed out by the Labourhomers.

Old Holborn said...

Nice to see you've signed it as well Iain

Daily Referendum said...

Or those two Dutch guys: Hertz van Rental and Wight van Driver.

Dick the Prick said...

Seems you've signed it now Iain - whatever next?

Hacked Off said...

He's a joke where ever he goes - great comic timing though, photo-opp at Auschwitz on same day as story breaks about Labour not supporting a candidate because she was white and Jewish.

The Penguin

Trend Shed said...

Within the next hour we should see the petition asking Gordon to resign pass the magic 24,278 figure.

Once that happens of course, the people calling for Gordon to resign will have a larger mandate than Gordon does himself.

24,278 is the total number of votes cast in Gordon's favour at the last election - obviously he required zero additional votes to then go on and become Prime Minister.

Stop Common Purpose said...

It now has:

# Stalin
# Hugh Janus
# Josef Fritzel
# My mate Gordo and me shag sheep at the weekends
# Esan Utter
# Iain Dale media whore
# Frankie McCheesecake
# Phil MacAvity

Fausty said...

Yep, last night;s list was different. Downing Street must've had a purge. It could do with another kind of purge ...

Last night's list:


Some are pure genius.

Stop Common Purpose said...

I think they have stopped accepting signatures.

King Athelstan said...

Funny and rather tragic.

The Grim Reaper said...

What's far more interesting is the fact the petition was started by a Bob Roberts. The same "Bob Roberts from Worcester" who constantly seems to be posting comments favourable to the government all over the blogs and newspaper websites?

The petition to get Gordon Brown to resign was also signed last Saturday by Adolf Hitler. When even the Nazis want to get rid of you, things can't be good.

Jane said...

This is even funnier than the other petition!

Simon Gardner said...

Who cares. Republican Sen Arlen Specter is switching to the Democrats and with Al Franken will give the Dems the magic 60 majority.

American politics is always more interesting.

Anonymous said...

It is all jolly good fun!
The serious side is if you look at LabourHome.
His support has vanished.
He is totally discredited.
He is finished.
Go home and prepare for government.
For real thistime but not for the Libs.
(With no apologies to Lord Steel)

Plato said...

I confess to being Asif.

It was too good to miss bearing in mind yesterday's press conference not.

There were some fab ones before the first cull, I think the mods must be leaving this up now for amusement value.

The funniest thing were the ones the mods left up thinking they were legit - Charles Ponzi and Joy Wendy Endcomes.


Oldrightie said...

The shirt I sent him was Brown!

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

It's the greatest laugh I've had in ages. Keep up the great work chaps and chapesses. Now where's my glass of chards?

javelin said...

Interesting thread at LabourHome. Looks like only a few people supported him in the poll and nobody wrote a thread saying he was good.

The closest to any support he got was from someone called Free Radical (yes from the independent hard left) who said that their situation was like a game of chess and they needed to rally round the king. There was then a fantastic response that said Gordon was not the king but the Queen because the king was weak and fragile whilst the Queen held the power and could be sacrificed

This gave me the thought that whilst Labour doesn't do regicide it might consider Queenyside.

Stop Common Purpose said...

I was wrong. Here are some more:

# Monk d'willy da honk
# 1eyed Scottish IDIOT
# HARRIET (too big for my boots) HARMAN
# Jonah Broon
# C.U. Jimmy
# U MacMesick
# B Ukake-Smith
# I.F. No-Job
# Tony Blair
# Napoleon,Snowball,Squealer and the rest of the pigs from Animal Farm
# Aime Wright-Burke
# Adolf Hitler
# Gordon FitzPeter
# Peter FitzGordon

Gordon FitzPeter


Daily Referendum said...

Just signed on as Len Dusafiver. No doubt on a black list now.

Silent Hunter said...


Have you read some of the comments at LabourHome?

Brown is being eviscerated by HIS OWN PARTY faithful LOL

BTW Have signed the petition as "Buster B. Oom"

Will Rees said...

A lot of what you are saying in your you tube rant seems similar to http://www.vnunet.com/computing/news/2193976/brown-praises-online-petitions. I would hope PMQ's sees questions asked about the admin of site stupid names, numbers going down blah, blah but also what numerical threshold does Mr Brown think should be required to secure debate in Parliament?

Meanwhile the petition rolls on and now has more signatories than Mr Brown received votes in the last General Election 24,501 vs 24,278....

Richard Wilkins said...

Gordon Brown deserves to be there, along with Jacqui Smith!

View my blog, it is very good, i promise!



Old Holborn said...

the ghost of David Kelly has now made an appearance


Plenty said...

Gordon needs a makeover. Find out who is his facedouble.


Anonymous said...

>>... these 60 mad people ...<<

But where's Jimmy ?

And Boothroyd, etc ?

The_Apiarist said...

Yey, we can leave comments without having to sign into anything!!

Two points: First - the petition is currently the 5th largest on the No.10 website!!!

Secondly, Iain, I appreciate you don't like people writing vicious things in your comments but given all the things you write about the nanny State, etc. don't you feel that our speech should allowed to be free?

Hawkeye said...

Has anybody pointed out this "Please stay as Prime Minister" list to the MSM so that they can assist (and enjoy/participate) in Brown's humiliation?

I noticed one entry Iain Dale media whore. Mr Dale!! How indiscrete of you!!!!!

Daily Referendum said...

New favourite: Fidel X Penses.

The Grim Reaper said...

Guido Fawkes has signed it now...

Alan Douglas said...

Funny, 22.50 and the figure has shot up - to 49 !

Not nearly as funny as the earlier lot :

* Injin
* Gordon is a moron
* Gordon's mother
* Hause Pryce Crache
* D. Cameron
* David Cameron
* Peter Sutcliffe
* george bush
* andrew brooks
* Zippy
* Great Big Billgoat Gruff
* Harry Roberts
* Wayne and Waynetta Slob
* Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po
* R.Suppards
* Devastatin Dave The Turntable Slave
* Gordon Brown should be in prison
* Gordon's Rocking Horse
* Labour GET OUT NOW!
* D O LeScum
* Comrade Stalin
* Osama bin Laden
* Derek Draper
* One-eyed Scottish Idiot
* Jacqui Smith
* Entu Boomanbus
* The Entire Conservative Party
* Andrew Neil
* L O Smee A.G.I.N.
* Gordon P Enis
* Damian McBride
* Ivor Biggun
* The Ghost of David Kelly
* Chairman Mao ZeDong
* Winky McBrown
* Albert Tatlock
* Sir Richard Branston
* Sir Fred Goodwin
* The British People
* The Speech Impediment Society
* D N Disnigh
* Lord Lucan
* Y R Yew-Stillhere
* You dick
* Thai Mtugo and please stop deleting me
* Hugh Blewitt
* The Muslim Council of Britain

Alan Douglas
Sentient WV : renowe

wolfie said...

Labourhome website has now been taken down and off air. I guess they need to lose all those supporters messages and the Gordon must go now poll

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, Iain. I've just blogged on the matter too (before seeing yours, I should add). I've directed readers to your vlog.

Jimmy said...

If nothing else, it proves that lowering the voting age wouldn't help us.

CC said...

Just visited it and it looks like they took the piss taking ones off. But now it is down to 5! 5 whole people want Gordo to stay!

Bath plugs for the many, not the few said...

Most of the mad people have had their names removed now. There are only five signatories; I see that Vaal Ewes is still among them.

Liz said...

They've edited the list down to only seven entries now. And they *still* appear to have failed to notice that several of them are spoofs - Mrs Val Ewes, anyone?

Dick the Prick said...

Dear Mr the_apiarist

My main whinge about climate change is that no-one is defending rivers but wind farms destroy birds - put grills on them - broghtly cloured - the hippies would love it and so would I.

Nanny's turned evil man - be afraid.


Analogue Junkie said...

60 People signed to keep GB as PM ?
I counted only 7 on there when I clicked the link.

Not suprising really......

The Military Wing of the BBC said...

At 00:45 on 29/4/09 the list had been whittled back down to just 13 signatories:
(I'm personally glad to see that Phil + Mike Hunt have bothered to sign on again)
I. Wright
Nicola O'Connor
Vaal Ewes
Paul Uppal
Planning Election Party Already
Ewe Turn
Brid Mary Campbell
Phil + Mike Hunt
Endo Boomnbust
David Cameron

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

The Military wing of the BBC?

- Brilliant

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

15 minutes hat and coat time for ALL the proletariat!

The Military Wing Of the BBC said...

Does Dr Who have this problem when he regenerates?

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

at 01:30
Brad Owen
john fisk
I. Wright
Nicola O'Connor
Vaal Ewes
Paul Uppal
Planning Election Party Already
Ewe Turn
Brid Mary Campbell
Phil + Mike Hunt
Endo Boomnbust
David Cameron
The military Wing of the BBC

Warsteiner said...

This is causing some confusion - there are TWO separate petitions "supporting" the PM




Think they'd get their act together wouldn't you!!

Roger Thornhill said...

Typo seen on LabourHome:

@28: "Much of the 97 intake will be gone, most of the talent."

don't they mean "and the talent"? And what talent, eh?

DaveA said...

Not sure this will get past moderation, what abut Peter File-Ring

Dave H said...

Re. LabourHome.

Look at the comments!

At the press conference yesterday he said he 'had no regrets' over his YouTube fiasco. How predictable. In his own mind he's infallible.

Sorry to be political over an epidemic, but no doubt he'll flourish during the Swine Flu scare.

With any Labour will be wiped out in June and he'll be forced out. His political legacy will be simnply to be remembered as one of the most disastrous PMs ever.