Monday, June 02, 2008

Yasmin: The Right Has Crushed the Left

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown reckons the left is dead as a political force and thinks she will be "pushing up the daisies" before it reasserts itself again.

The sun now rises on the right and those of us on the other side are left despondent as we anticipate a prolonged winter of discontent. We, who believe in fairness, equality, human rights and universal justice, are of no consequence. The fever of failure consumes our hopes and there is no relief as we witness the collapse of the British Left and the ideals that defined post-war advancement in this country, turning an obstinately class-riven, imperial nation into a model of progressive politics.

Local election results show the country lurching right, in some parts even embracing the BNP. Instead of condemning the scum, Britons are instructed to "understand" why these voters are "driven" to vote for neo-Nazis. We are simultaneously warned to show no such understanding of young Muslims who are seduced by hate-filled Imams. White resentment of "foreigners" is no more respectable than Muslim hatred of Westerners. Yet in our unequal world it is.

So Yasmin wants us to understand less and condemn more - only when it comes to the BNP of course. Do you spot an inconsistency there? She is also very wrong in her analysis of the local election results. The local election results do not show a lurch to the right, they show a lurch to the Conservatives away from Labour. That does not constitute a lurch to the right. But Yasmin surpasses herself in this next extract...

Almost more depressing is the sight of black and Asian Britons following the wind blowing the Tories to victory. Boris has recruited Afro Caribbean "leaders" who believe in physical chastisement and smart young Asians who deny the existence of racism and want an end to political correctness. The more old-fashioned Uncle Toms and their female equivalents are now expediently making themselves known to the Tories and right-wing think tanks.

The use of the phrase 'Uncle Tom' is astonishing. We all know what it means, and that's what she is calling the likes of Shaun Bailey, Kulveer Ranger, Shailesh Vara, Ray Lewis and many more. What a terrible thing to say. But it gets worse.

For reasons I have yet to fathom, two weeks ago, I was invited to address a meeting at the House of Lords organised by the Conservative Muslim Forum. The room was full and the discussion on Muslim women lively. Many there were previously New Labour acolytes; others were young and ambitious and now devoted to the charismatic Cameron. To see such enthusiasm for a party whose members have always opposed our presence on these shores was a wake-up slap. All over now. The right has crushed the left.
I could hardly believe what I was reading. Which party was it that welcomed Ugandan Asians into this country in the early 1970s? Yes, of course, there was a small element of the Conservative Party which opposed any immigration at all - just as there was in the Labour Party (witness the London dockers' marches in support of Enoch Powell).

You can read the full article HERE. I know Yasmin provokes a lot of you, but please keep your language temperate if you are going to comment.


Anonymous said...

You only have to mook at this woman on the telly to see she is a complete pillock.

Anonymous said...

There is no need for intemperate language. The foolish woman condemns herself more eloquently than anyone else can. All we need to do is lean back and laugh at her.

Philipa said...

Excellent post, Iain, agree with you completely. Have to state specifically: She is also very wrong in her analysis of the local election results. The local election results do not show a lurch to the right, they show a lurch to the Conservatives away from Labour. That does not constitute a lurch to the right. But Yasmin surpasses herself in this next extract... etc.. Stupid woman.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a surprise this is!, i never expected that today id be agreeing with a far-left wing extremist racist!, even if she is the Comic-Relief.

Anonymous said...

I try and bend over backwards to be fair to YAB and agree with much of what she says on family issues, but this article was utterly vile and shows her to be a absolute hypocrite. The 'Uncle Tom' comments were appalling but we should not be surprised. As Mark Steyn and others have written, woe betide any ethnic minorities who wander off the left/liberal reservation. Similar opprobrium has been heaped on the likes of Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice and Colin Powell in the US. Hell hath no fury greater than the left spurned by its client minorities who prefer to see themselves as individuals rather than the tools of left wing machine politics.

Croydonian said...

If she has lost and we have won, perhaps she will be kind enough to shut up.

Paul Linford said...

The local election results do not show a lurch to the right, they show a lurch to the Conservatives away from Labour

I'd be interested to hear a bit more about how you draw this distinction, Iain. Are you seriously denying that David Cameron is more right-wing than Gordon Brown?

Anonymous said...

The equivalence between the BNP and the Imams suggested by Yasmin is specious. The BNP may be ugly and unpleasant, and I certainly hold no brief for them, however they do have a fundamental loyalty to this country in its current form. The hate-filled Imams have no such loyalty and would seek to destroy our constitutional and cultural institutions in the name of a wider Islamic identity. For that reason they are far more of a threat than the so-called Nazi menace and should be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

The equivalence between the BNP and the Imams suggested by Yasmin is specious. The BNP may be ugly and unpleasant, and I certainly hold no brief for them, however they do have a fundamental loyalty to this country in its current form. The hate-filled Imams have no such loyalty and would seek to destroy our constitutional and cultural institutions in the name of a wider Islamic identity. For that reason they are far more of a threat than the so-called Nazi menace and should be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

The left are:

"We, who believe in fairness, equality, human rights and universal justice"

Except they don't, they believe in ethnic & class quotas, state control of even such trivail & inofensive human rights as a publican allowing you to smoke in his premises & bombing hospitals to help openly genocidal Nazis in Kosovo carry out their programme.

The left has not lost its way it has been taken over by PC statist entryists, usually midle class ones.

Very few of the policies of the "left" would be recognised as such by previous generations of socialists - take, for example the Green infiltrationn of the "left" which has led them to endorse anti-nuclearism & opposition to growth. Compare & contrast this with Marx, than whom no political philosopher, not even Adam Smith, was more supportive of economic growth; or Lenin who said that communisim would be achieved by "the electrification of the whole country". These were real socialists & even when they were wrong (Tories of the time were not necessarily less wrong) had something to offer. The left could do with a bit of getting rid of the generastions of piggy backing of unrelated & silly ideas & "back to basics" to see what made the ideas appeal in the first place (mainly that ordinary working people should be richer which was not the same as making the rich poorer).

Calling ordinary white working class voters "scum" may not be a good idea either.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that this stupid woman is paid a lot of money by otherwise sensible newspapers to peddle her twaddle, which is narrowly focussed on race and victimisation.
Her love of cliches is demonstrated by "lurch". People who take a conservative view are always described by bad writers as lurching to the right.

Anonymous said...

An extremely unpleasant woman.

Richard Nabavi said...

As an ex-reader of the Indy (from the days when it really was independent), I used to find many of the left-wing commentators interesting. I wouldn't usually agree with them, but I think it is very important to try to understand differing views on political issues, and I quite liked reading a paper which didn't simply reflect back my own opinions.

But I soon stopped bothering to read Ms Alibhai-Brown. It was clear that her mind was so closed, and her world-view so distorted, that there was nothing worthwhile in her articles. Everything, absolutely everything, was seen in racial terms. In that sense, she is, I think, one of the most racist commentators in the media.

Anonymous said...

Y A-B is one of those fanatical, loonies of the left with whom you cannot argue, because they have no logic, have a selective memory, assume an unwarranted ownership of concepts like fairness (highly subjective anyway), universal justice and so on and are basically liars. All you can do is walk up to them every day, give them a slap, and send them on their way. And the next day the same, and the next....

Oh sod it, she's jst another clever idiot. Intellectually autistic.

And just why is she always trotted out on the Beeb?

Old BE said...

We, who believe in fairness, equality, human rights and universal justice, are of no consequence.

Is she seriously suggesting that Conservatives don't believe in these things? Typical Leftie attitude of thinking that they have a monopoly on wanting a fairer society. Typical Leftie attitude of confusing ends with means.

People are now beginning to realise that ever more state spending and the divide-and-conquer tactics of playing minority groups off against each other DO NOT WORK! This is why the Conservatives are winning the argument.

And PLEASE stop equating the end of Socialism with the rise of the BNP - WHO ARE NOT RIGHT WING!

Anonymous said...

There were tories who spoke out against immigration with extreme remarks. Enoch Powell, William Hague,. I still feel labour will win the next election. If everyone is so certain the tories will win. Why is still only 2-1 for us to win the next election. :

Anonymous said...

She's not doing too well in the comments under this piece.

The emboldened line you highlight really sticks in craw.

She owes her presence here, her very life indeed to a Conservative government, let alone the opportunity to write this drivel, and this is how she repays us.

Just goes to show no good deed ever goes unpunished.

Anonymous said...

Its noticeable that the comments section after the article is overwhelmingly dismissive and contemptuous of the opinions expressed.

Anonymous said...

Its noticeable that the comments section after the article is overwhelmingly dismissive and contemptuous of the opinions expressed.

Newmania said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Little Black Sambo said...

The worst piece of "journalism" I have read since the truly contemptible article by Zoe Williams in the Guardian about Boris Johnson (I trust she has since been sacked).
Peter Simple/Michael Wharton had the measure of Alibi-Jones years ago when she first started to be published.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show, you should never ignore someone's views just because you don't agree with them. I never read nor listen to the woman as she is bonkers.

However, on reading this I hadn't realised how badly the left are reacting to the swing to the Conservatives. The language used in the whole ranting article is unbelievable. Not one publication in this country would publish an article expressing similar views from the right. Indeed, the only modern right-wing organisation that would mirror these views is the BNP. Which YAB describes as "scum". Not sure anyone who is a male, white Caucasian can call anyone scum in print in the MSM. What privileges you have, Yasmin, to use such a word about a properly constituted political party.

The whole article is typical of the luncheon club lefties. The proles are morons for choosing their own world view. The right has somehow conspired to dupe the entire population. And to call the result of a democratic election a "coup", well, what can one say?

One can imagine YAB delivering this in a speech, her fist crashing down on the lectern as she screeches her world view from spittle foamed lips, her crazed eyes peering from the narrowed slits in her face - I'd better stop, I'm making myself ill...

Anonymous said...

It is not only the Beeb where she constantly appears. She pops up anywhere and everywhere, even crappy daytime tabloid chat shows on ITV, not to mention the Evening Standard. I wouldn't mind, but she mostly talks nonsense, and I say that even though I am a lefty myself on most things. In fact she comes in at number 4 on my list of "Top 15 most irritating women on the planet" at .

Prodicus said...

This very nasty woman with her barely-veiled racism is right about the crushing but wrong about who dun it. The Labour Party is the Sisyphus of modern politics, pushing a bloody great rock up a hill too far, and finally weakening under its weight. In electoral terms, their own dogmas have crushed them.

Trying to force-feed the British electorate with what George Orwell so aptly described as 'the sort of nonsense only an intellectual could believe' was always a project doomed to failure.

But cheer up, Yasmin. Your deluded chums will be back, because voters never learn. And then up the hill you'll all go again, only to get crushed again as the next Labour tax-and-waste government ends in failure as usual, crashing down the hill of reality under the weight of its delusions, to the traditional contemptuous laughter of the electorate.

Speaking of hills, Yasmin is so Olympian in her hauture that she should have one all to herself. I know just the one: Everest. Suitably lofty and without a wireless connection.

Jonny Wright said...

I was pretty shocked by this article too; I reckon it's one of the worst columns I've ever read. I've had a go at taking it apart on my own blog, take a look here if you get the chance:

Anonymous said...

This article is just funny, and as inarticulate, badly-argued, hectoring and full of True Believer doublethink as everything else YAB writes. It just made me laugh.

But if you want to see the true, and somewhat poisonous, essence of her credo, then this one is the one you need to read.

Anonymous said...

Is this just Yasmin's confidence going up in flames, or is it an early example of Soft-Labour entering the 'headless chicken phase' ?.

Pity the newspaper that has to pay for this tosh.

Anonymous said...

The BNP are copying her article and distributing it.

This is a terrific article for them. Calling white people scum! Good black people Uncle Toms. Gosh they will be joining up in their thousands.

Stoke will get their BNP Mayor and Barking will get a BNP MP! alongwith Stoke and many other area's.

Anonymous said...

I know of no one who is against immigration per se.

What I and many others are against is unrestricted immigration.

Anonymous said...

Calm down, dears, it's only a woman.

Anonymous said...

YAB is a sad, embittered old witch who has lost touch with reality.
As a rightist i feel offended by her opening remarks that i lack fairness etc., just who does she think she is to make such arrogant and insulting statements.
It is people like YAB who have done so much damage to this country with their odious comparisons and vitriol.
Frankly if YAB finds the UK such a terrible place to live-in then she should emigrate, rather than continue giving vent to her unwanted opinions.

Anonymous said...

Coming Soon- The re-launched "United Kingdom plc" (under brand new CEO and management team)

Anonymous said...

I want the BNP to become the ENP, I've had enough of british unionists.

Newmania said...

Why is YAB being so intemperate? I wonder if it is that members of ethnic minorities engaging no tribal politics spells the end of her shtick , I also suspect her pride was hurt by her irrelevance to modern Asian and black people.

The least racist people in our society are the white English. In 1997 a study for the Institute for Public Policy Research showed that32% of Hindu’s, Muslims and Sikhs and 29% of Jews would be repelled if a member of their family married an Afro-Caribbean , whereas only 13% of white Britons said they would have a problem.

No wonder more and more want the freedom of mainstream life
Blacks and Asian are turning away from victim politics designed to keep individuals in their place .If you take the Afro Caribbean community ,for example , exactly the same people went to the US with great success . Here where the welfare state broke up the family and the progressive propaganda broke up the churches black boys today do less well then their fathers who faced real racism of a sort long forgotten.

They want responsibility as much as anyone else . Like David Cameron they “get it “ and their self appointed spokespeople and leaders fear this .

The new faces of black Britain like Shaun Bailey are a hope for future in which we can move beyond exploiting division and come together as a country.

Shame shame shame upon Auntie Tomasina sucking up the white Liberal elite who it suits to turn whole groups of people into perpetual victims

Anonymous said...

Paul Linford - No. That is expressly not what Iain was saying.

Going by what she looks like now, I suspect Ali Bibi was an ugly, unattractive child and she tried to get attention by being clever instead. Obviously, that was an aspiration too far. So, being neither attractive nor clever, determined attention-seeker that she so clearly is, she set out to call attention to herself with a mission.

She is a truly dire writer. Drab, drab, drab and toe-curlingly predictable. Never a clever phrase. Never a glancing insight. Just plod, plod, plod. Same old. Her views are toxic. And she never did get beyond the ugly duckling stage. Now she's plain, dumpy middle-aged. And her dress sense is appalling. Someone should have called the fashion police and had her arrested for crimes against style years ago. (That goes for her writing, too.)

Finally, I assume she cuts her own hair in the mirror. She looks like day-old porridge.

Unknown said...

YAB is an horrendous woman. Her comments are either beneath contempt - Uncle Toms - or hysterically funny - Boris becoming Mayor of London by a coup. Presumably if Ken had one it would have been the voice of the people.

However, the article is symptomatic of a wider problem with the Independent. Can anyone really take it seriously? There is an equally silly and offensive article about Steve Hilton's departure to California but unlike YAB's article it masquerades as a news item.

Remember this is the 'newspaper' that peddles Robert Fisk's reportage as news.

I think it should be sued under the trades descriptions act or failing that awarded the Booker prize for fiction.

Anonymous said...

Is this what is known as 'fisking' something?

Anonymous said...

Ahem! what makes you think that those London Dockers vote labour: they may not vote at all, vote Tory etc.

The idea that 'cos your working class you vote Labour is simply preposterous.

The idea that Tory party is a right wing party, is of course wrong, Macmillan was a paternalistic socialist and so is David Cameron.

As Boris Johnson has shown, by his authoritarian behaviour,(the booze ban) the Tories are just frauds, something which will become more apparent as soon as Cameron is in power.

Anonymous said...

"7 Yasmins for this codswallop deary."

Aha! A new scale for rating drivel: the Yasmin!

Anonymous said...

1:11 - Can you name one country in the world where it is considered normal to consume alcohol on public transport?

I don't know of any, but perhaps I have led a sheltered life.

Could you please name the countries where taking alcohol onto public transport is considered not just routine, but a human right?

Anonymous said...

Just in case my last post on Yasmin Wossname was too forgiving, I'd like to respond to her outrageous, bitter comment that she regards people of immigrant stock who have intelligently adapted to the country they live in, and are making a positive contribution to it, as Uncle Toms. Yasmin, however, prefers her squat on the grievance plantation, making her an Aunt Jemimah.

Anonymous said...

"You only have to mook at this woman" --- 'they can't touch you for it, madam', not in private. (hmm.. M is not even that near L on the keyboard. tsk)

Mr Linford - "lurch to the right" -- its clear that that phrase 'lurch' is trying to imply a move to extreme right (ie, BNP) so stop pretending otherwise.

YAB needs really sorting out when and if she is again allowed to review the papers on the news. She is a complete ignoramus and bigot to boot.

"As Boris Johnson has shown, by his authoritarian behaviour,(the booze ban)" -- What preposterous guff.
Spoken by someone who has never had to endure the last bus home populated by loud mouthed vulgar drunken drinking yobs.

It is NOT authoritarian to ensure that others respect you and your space. Mr Anonymous has not even got the guts to put his name. Drunken yobs also cower within the anonymity of group chaos.

And this on the day when Labour are pushing their real authoritarian agenda with 42 days and where we have labour laws used for snooping on parents and anglers.

Ooh, I am proper cross.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of YAB?

Paul Linford said...


Iain was drawing a clear distinction between voters lurching to the right and voters choosing the Conservative Party over Labour, ie arguing that these are not one and the same thing.

All I was saying is that I would be interested to hear his argument on this.

For instance, there is a perfectly respectable case to be made for the idea that the two parties are now so ideologically indistinguishable that choosing one over the other no longer implies a shift to the right or left.

I am just interested to know whether this is, in fact, Iain's view.

Iain Dale said...

A lurch to the right implies a lurch to an extreme. No sane person could believe that people switching to David Cameron means that.

Unsworth said...

@ Paul Linford

"Iain was drawing a clear distinction between voters lurching to the right and voters choosing the Conservative Party over Labour, ie arguing that these are not one and the same thing."

Yes, and?

For Heaven's sake, what Iain says is perfectly logical. You seem to have misunderstood the many and varied reasons for people casting their votes in any direction. When Blair was elected was that a mass 'lurch to the Left'?

'Ideology' hardly comes into it.

Anonymous said...

I feel sincerely sorry for Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. She is a living example of immigrants welcomed into this country and able to prosper. She once made a post, or wrote an article, I can't remember which, about her mother's pleasure in being welcomed as a British citizen, the freedom it endowed and the opportunity. A weak moment, perhaps.

The sad thing is, she clearly believes all she says. Is there some virus at work in intelligent brains to sap them of reality?

Anonymous said...

"I know Yasmin provokes a lot of you"..yes, Iain, just wind me up and let me start...

Only in this country. Only in this country would we welcome an asylum seeker such as YAB. Someone supposedly in danger of her life. She settles here, courtesy of our taxpayers, marries a Brit and then proceeds to slag us off at every opportunity. She is a Ugandan Asian. At one time that meant she was in danger from the monster Idi Amin. This is no longer the case, so Miss YAB, now that it is safe to return to your country of origin, please do so and stop shitting on the hand that has been feeding you.

You are filled with hatred, possibly for everyone on this planet. Everyone who does not subscribe to what you admit is a redundant, bankrupt political doctrine is wrong.

I wish you would shut up, or go home, or do both.

If this was any other European Country, politicians would be outraged by her. Imagine the reaction she would get in France, or Switzerland, or Italy?

The rules of this blog prevent me from saying what I really think.

Newmania said...

There has been a change of priorities from Schoolz and ospitalz to crime taxes and immigration so there has partly been a 'lurch to the right' if you want to use that shorthand , in a traditional way. Of course immigration is at 4 times 97 levels and predominantly from outside the EU. The facts in this case have lurched not the people so its not a simple story.
As it becomes more apparent that the Conservative Party will form the next government worries about whether Cameron will deliver enough to keep the right on board are likely to re-surface. I agree Paul Linford, in that I would like to know how Iain sees that. I feel David Cameron is a real Conservative personally and the terrific start Boris has made is a good guide

Yak40 said...

The dirty little secret that becomes visible on occasion is that the left, who screams racism etc at anyone who dares disagree, is itself guilty of sustained and vicious racism to any of its supporters who stray from the party line.

On the non political front, black racism is every bit as bad, if not worse, than anything shown them in that line.
"Oreo", "Uncle Tom" etc being just two examples.

Yak40 said...

As Boris Johnson has shown, by his authoritarian behaviour,(the booze ban)

Saturday night's "party" on the Tube amply demonstrates the wisdom of the booze ban. It's astonishing that there's a piece in Grauniad's CiF blathering on about "rights" taken away !

Anonymous said...

YAB is just so seventies! They are Oreos, not Uncle Toms!

Kidding aside, she really is past a joke.

Mulligan said...

She is some piece of work.

I couldn't believe her "Boris is not one of us" nonsense in Mayoral election, and now this..

Of course if a "right wing" journo had written using such terms YAB and her ilk would be screaming "racist" from the rooftops and demanding immediate action. Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

WW has a good idea. Uganda is now safe so AliBoopsy can bugger off back to the land of her ancestors - for a hundred years or so anyway - and continue bashing Britain from there. Of course, not being familiar with the media in Uganda, I don't know whether there would be any vacancies for a writer of such dreary, drab, leaden pieces.

Or maybe The Guardian would accept an occasional dispatch from her describing her new life weaving peace baskets.

How on earth did this awful writer and truly bizarre thinker ever get her feet under the table at The Grauniad? A toxic gung-ho policy of positive discrimination is all I can think of.

We've all obeyed Iain's directive that we not say anything mean on this thread. He must be so proud of us.

Anonymous said...

Lady Finchley - they are not Oreos. Oreos are people like, oh, Barack Hussein Obama, for example. Brown on the outside and white on the inside. Ali-Beepy is not white on the inside. She despises white people.

Anonymous said...

'...Boris has recruited Afro Caribbean "leaders"...'

Whereas Ken appointed Afro Caribbean leaders that were "honest"

Anonymous said...

YAB deserves our empathy. It is obvious that YAB is having some sort of crisis and suffers from some phobia that induces extreme delusions which cause her to superimpose the characteristics of conservatism (e.g liberal localists) on socialists (authoritarian centralists) and vice versa.

It is clear that the BNP are an extreme centralist authoritarian party (and hence in my model left-wing) whose closest relations in modern day politics are the increasingly neo fascist/communist British Labour Party. Perhaps it is the realisation of this that has caused YAB to have the crisis she is evidently having.

Perhaps it is the realisation that she supports the one and only bigotted nasty party after all that has caused such despondency in her?

Perhaps we should have a whip round to get her some counselling? After all none of these elitists of the left wing political ruling class have any privilege or wealth do they?

In the end I'm sure she can be rehabilitated to become a useful member of the political community. It is important that socialists like YAB are rehabilitated. We do not want to villify, segregate and isolate any group in the way that Labour has done so successfully over the last 10 years and it is important that socialists do finally become useful members of British society rather than the destructive force they have been for decades.

Anonymous said...

Where were you on the night the left was getting murdered Yasmin ?

Do you have an Alibhai ?

Anonymous said...

another pointless, morbidly obese, loser lefty. Diane abbot in drag. get lost you twat

Raedwald said...

It is sad that in the 21st century that YAB epitomises the deep racism of many of those on the left who still define people by the colour of their skin rather than their worth as people.

Most of us look beneath the pigment to the person, and when we talk of Britishness we mean shared values and cultural congruence, not 'white', but these neanderthal leftards just can't see past a person's skin colour. They hold the most hideous and offensive racial stereotypes of black and minority ethnic persons - that they are incapable of meritocratic advancement, incapable of living without State interference and incapable of sharing our values.

Frankly, their loathsome racism has no place in our society, and the 'Indie' should do the decent thing and deprive them of a platform; racists such as YAB just thrive on the oxygen of publicity. Let them produce their grubby, nasty, leftard racist little pamphlets and fliers and peddle them around the gastropubs of N1 - but let's keep them out of decent, mainstream, media.

Anonymous said...

Let this silly person and her ilk spew their nonsense all over the Indepenedent, Grauniad, etc.

The more the bourgeois Blairites convince themselves that they've been a radical socialist administration, and that Tories are all evil fascist scum, the more out-of-touch with real life they become.

I've been knocking on the doors of council estates in the blue interest for an age and am welcomed with open arms, while the Islingtonian white tower-dwellers are excoriated for their neglect. So let the fools like Alibhai-Brown wallow in their self-indulgence, it'll be their own undoing.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't look for enlightenment from Yasmin. She aint capable of it. Only bigotry. She also doesn't know the history of the left- been swallowing too much BBC propaganda! The BNP are historically an offshoot of the Labour party though they never mention it and always imply or openly state it derives from the right.

The origins of the BNP might explain why it apears to be sweeping up an ever increasing number of former suporters of the Labour party.

Anonymous said...

Why is YAB so unhappy? The Left has won - one only has to look at Dave Cameron's 'Conservative' party to understand that. The Gramscian's have completed their Long March through the institutions, and the consequences are daily visible to those of us old enough to remember Britain. If she doesn't like what her comrades have wrought, I sympathise: I'm repelled by it myself. She is, of course, wealthy, and can choose to leave. I can't.

Grumblestiltskin said...

'We, who believe in fairness, equality, human rights and universal justice'

I love the way the Left are convinced of their moral superiority. I'd place myself firmly on the Right Wing, yet I believe in all those things, I just also happen to believe that you shouldn't get something for nothing ie. individuals have to take responsibility for their own lives.

Apparently that makes me some sort of satanic beast. Oh, and btw:

'winter of discontent'

Wasn't that a Left-Wing creation?

Anonymous said...

Many posters igonore the fact that compared to the Left the Tories have always been uncomfartable with the presence of immigrants from the empire and 2nd generation minorities. It was a Lab gov that passed race relations act etc. So YAB does have a point.

Scipio said...


1. Racism is confined to the centre right (wrong - there are just as many racists on the left)

2. Compassion, concern for the poor and general 'do gooding' tendencies are monopolised by the left (again, wrong - and proven so by a raft of pro-poor Conservative policies over the years)!

Are we sure this ridiculous woman wasn't heading-up Labour's by-election in Crewe?

Anonymous said...

Y A-B should wake up.

"Its all gone horribly wrong!" --- "knock knock ... anybody home in there?" ... and its all LABOUR'S fault.

"worries about whether Cameron will deliver enough to keep the right on board" --- my worries are about what state the country will be in in 6 months time. What concessions (public or overt) will have been made to the Unions. I guess I am on the 'right' - but not a right wing head-banger like say that dummy Heffer. What I want is common sense government. What I want is Labour in opposition and fatuous notions that a right wing rebellion is a good idea even if it means opposition are knocked firmly on the head.

Conservatives left and right should put their 'worries', their idealogical purities in perspective.
We need to govern (if given the opportunity) with Conservative first principles, with competence, not hidebound ideology.

Anonymous said...

This woman's unintended mission is dedicated to driving us all to vote away from the Labour Party.
One of my grandfathers, born a Victorian, started out his political life as a Lloyd george liberal before becoming a Labour politician. My mother voted Labour all her life, as did I until 2001. After that I gave up. I didn't vote in 2005 but I will be returning to the voting booth in 2010 to vote for the Conservative Party.
This is the most incompetent, most morally and intellectually bankrupt government I have ever experienced in what is now a long life. What little talent they started out with are either dead or defenestrated and I feel my bile rising on a daily basis when I consider what this despicable ot are doing to the present and future of this country.
I would never want to wish anything like this on my grand children and great grand children so I, and several of my old lefty contemporaries will look forward to the day when we can bury this shameful party for a very long time. May Yasmin Brown continue with her vituperation - she will drive more of us to the Conservatives.

The Remittance Man said...

The left have always thought people of colour to be too thick to make up their own minds about anything. That's why they expect the ethnic vote and react so badly when some of the "poor ignorant heathens" start thinking for themselves.

Of course the fact that Yazzer is not exactly of pure blooded aryan stock does make her "Uncle Tom" jibe perversely amusing.

The Remittance Man said...

Verity asks: Could you please name the countries where taking alcohol onto public transport is considered not just routine, but a human right?

Well, I did take a train trip from Helsinki to St Petersburg just over a year ago and my Finnish chums and I certainly made a big dent in the stock of the on-board bar. Judging by the behaviour of the other passengers this was considered perfectly normal, if not quite a human right.

The only time we were asked to leave was when the border guards took the carriage over to process everyone's passports.

Anonymous said...

Remittance Man quotes my question and gives an answer to a question I didn't ask:

Verity asks: Could you please name the countries where taking alcohol onto public transport is considered not just routine, but a human right?

He answers that he enjoyed a long spell in a bar car on a train from from Helsinki. Was the bar car a "bring your own booze" bar car? Did you carry your own booze onto the train, which is what I asked, or did you buy it from a regulated bar on board served by a bartender?

A lot of countries,including the United States, have trains with bar cars, but they are under the watchful eye of the bartender who will stop serving someone he notes may turn into a nuisance.

Anonymous said...

What I never understand about YAB is why she lives here? She clearly loathes the UK, Great Britain and particularly England - so why is she here right now? As another poster said - Idi Amin is long gone from Uganda, why not return to the land of her birth, far away from horrid old England and all those nasty British people - scum, I believe was the term she used.

She could also move to India, even further away.

This is a free country Yasmin - pick up that British passport you're so fortunate to possess and move to somewhere you will find more congenial.

Frankly, we're sick of you, you're just a bore who never writes anything interesting, and clearly never will.

Anonymous said...

If she is correct she can soon be deported. And take all the Imamies with her.

It's only a matter of self-protection, and self-respect, to get rid of this entity.