Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cherie Is Mopping My Fevered Brow

If I said reading Cherie Blair's autobiography was helping me through my snot-ridden and sneeze-ridden day, would you think I was

a) going mad
b) hallucinating
c) using it to sneeze over
d) enjoying one of the best books I have read in months (see (b))?


Anonymous said...

"I told you I was ill...."

Alan Douglas said...

, you are supposed to be getting BETTER, not reading self-serving justifications and trashy tittle-tattle.

Do you really think details of the Bleaughs' love life will get you better ?

Alan Douglas

Dick the Prick said...

Gad Zooks - enough to make anyone sick.

John M Ward said...

Hmm, this illness thing... Did you start reading the Cherie book before or after falling ill?

Newmania said...

'enjoying one of the best books I have read in months (see (b))?'

That is so gay.Still if there are going to be transferable tax allowances for married couples we may all have to be gayly married to someone soon to get the break.

.Sounds like you are enjoying this cold to me

Anonymous said...


I thought that the Gordon Brown photo on the cover of "Total Politics" had been Photoshopped.

But I'm absolutely certain that the photo on the cover of Cherie's autobiography has been well and truly Photoshopped.

I hardly recognised the woman (but then, she did have her mouth shut, for once, so that didn't help.)

Anonymous said...

My sympathy for your illness diminishes in light of this self-inflicted wound. A plea of insanity MIGHT succeed, but not if you paid real money for that tome!

Unsworth said...

If you're reading La Blairina's 'memoirs' you are seriously unwell. I started on them and within half a chapter I was in need of major medical intervention. The book should be available only on prescription and after a complete medical check. It should not be left lying around the house where other people may unwittingly come upon it.

Anonymous said...

Did you pay for it? do you have a fever or are you in need of an emetic?

MikeyP said...

It would have to be all but (d). I should have a large Scotch, if I were you. Much better for you than reading the scribblings of an 'orrible 'arridan

Roger Thornhill said...

You must be running a high fever. It is said to impair brain function.

Shaun said...

I think you were indulging in a wee spot of crack cocaine and have tried to conceal this character blemish with a poorly constructed 'illness' cover story!

Anonymous said...

Just looked up emetic - love this blog! T

That's Blairs education for you!

Anonymous said...

Very much D

I have just finished the book and thought it was an excellent read. Mrs Blair came over as warm and frank about her failings - yes human! The book was well written too and certainly the best of the recent batch of political books published in recent months.

I am amused at all the negativity - no doubt your commentators have read every word of the book? Oh well, strong, intelligent, successful women and one who made it without any family advantage are always denigrated. Quite awful really that we cannot admire individual achievement. Good old fashioned jealousy perhaps?

Rush-is-Right said...

Iain, if you are not yet recovered the best remedy for a nasty cold in my experience is a whisky mac. A large measure of neat whisky (use a decent blend like Bells, Grouse, Ballentines or JW) topped up with a splash of Stone's Ginger Wine. It won't cure the cold but it will make you feel better about it.

Trubes said...

Hello Ian:
I'm so sorry you're still unwell and will soon be better.

b) hallucinating.

I do hope you didn't pay for Ms Booth's tome. I would rather give the money to charity than to line the pockets of that self-serving woman, she's totally shameless.

Please believe when I say that the good people of Liverpool ar'nt proud of her, she is considered as a complete embarrasment here.

Cilla Black has more charisma than her and that's saying something!