Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Advert Banned by Mugabe

THIS innocuous PPB for the MDC in Zimbabwe has been banned by Mugabe. It's only 33 seconds long but it takes three minutes to download. Do pass on the link.


Anonymous said...

Aaaggh!! I can't download it! Maybe try uploading it to youtube/dailymotion/google video?

JH said...

The link isn't working for me..

Anonymous said...

Iain, the link does not work. Can you help, or has it file been blocked?

Iain Dale said...

It works now.

Unknown said...

Here is the correct link (hopefully)

Curly said...


Why on earth did Mugabe ban this?

(p.s. downloads in a couple of seconds.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for highlighting the plight of ordinary Zimbabweans, Iain.
To the evil maggot Mugabe, my only words and wishes are, (to quote the lyrics of Motorhead): "Die, you bastard!"

Anonymous said...

Embedded in the page:

Anonymous said...

What on Earth are you using for a connection, Iain? Dial-up?

Anonymous said...

He banned it because he is closing the election down and undertaking a policy of electoral cleansing.

Anonymous said...

He banned it because he is closing the election down and undertaking a policy of electoral cleansing.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not the advert is shown, (and how many ordinary Zims have TVs now?), who would be brave enough to vote for the MDC and risk torture and death?

Mugabe is insane, and his fellow African rulers are totally complicit in the rape of Zimbabwe. Can you imagine the likely scenario if the MDC were to win the election? There would be a very one-sided war, and Mugabe's goons would go on an orgy of slaughter, whilst Mbeki bleats on the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

Iain, the UK government would have banned any anti-Lisbon / pro-referendum advert as well.

Are you aware of that?

Anonymous said...

Its very tempting to apply Western values to these situations, but if the Colonial era proved anything, it proved you can subjugate and administer a nation, but you cannot civilise it. The Romans learned this and eventually, so did the English, the Portugese, the French and all the other colonial powers. Since the withdrawal of power of Western-type white democracy Africa has reverted to what can broadly be described as savagery. Even South Africa is no longer an enlightened Western-looking state and is complicit in the failure of Zimbabwe.

Many of these countries are producing refugees who are intent on settling in the West. Do you suppose for one minute that they will conform to the liberal lie and accept our values and out way of life? What does the evidence suggest? I suggest that the millions of so putative 'asylum' seekers are collectively degrading our way of life. It is already "too late" but if immigration and asylum was to be properly controlled we might stand a chance of preventing our country becoming another Zimbabwe. Those who think I am exaggerating can find many parallels, such as vote rigging among Muslim councillors or the mini crime wave among Somalis. There are plenty of others, but the MPs have their heads so far up their arses and are so afraid of mentioning the issues that we are strolling into civil meltdown.

Bad as it is in Africa, the problems on these shores are just as pressing and very serious.

Dick the Prick said...

Wrinkled weasel you are an idiot and I claim my five pounds.

Isn't Mugabe siphilitic? That's what I heard. Can't someone do a Mann and execute the runt? Guess Mbeki is the only hope - gadd zooks - i'll get me coat.

Anonymous said...

3 mins? Yes Iain, I’m normally embarrased to admit my Kbps (it took 6 hours to download a HIGNFY episode) but it’s reassuring that even professional bloggers don’t manage 24Mbs or whatever.

WW 10:36,
how utterly bigoted you sound. Africa would be very different if People of Pallor hadn’t arrived and exploited it.

Bob's desire to be a traditional African Chief for Life is fully compatible with democracy. The violence surrounding this election is no doubt a legacy of colonialism, as the highly intelligent man himself says. And in Kenya too.

The Rainbow Nation of SA will democratically elect Zuma purely on his merits. It is a virtue to be a Zulu, after all. In any case, his views on AIDS are far ahead of that Xhosa Mbeke. Zuma even accepts a virus is involved.

You mention immigration, don't you know the word has been banned? People like Abu Qatada are migrant workers and we should gladly sacrifice our fields of wheat to the Ecotowns necessary to house them. Migrant workers diversify our society and thus enrich it, so mass migrant workeration (sorry haven't been taught the right word yet) must per se be a massively good thing. I am sure this is true, because people keep saying it is.

Your suggestion that the arrival in Britain of people from countries with higher levels violence and corruption will lead to more violence and corruption in Britain is probably illegal, it is certainly very out of step with current thinking and therefore must be logically absurd. As was my questioning the wisdom of more mouths and less food, which I now regret sincerely.

For example, Jamaica has a gang culture with one of the highest murder rates in the world, but Britain’s Jamaican communities would be oases of tranquility were it not for White discrimination against them. Insensitive statements can cause offence undermine community cohesion, which is the worst offense imaginable. We must work hard to stabilise communties, because we are turning them upside down.

As a BBC journalist put it, the public is behind 42 days because they are now more afraid of their neighbours than the state.

Areas where gang violence, murder and muggings are rife are also vibrant and diverse as well as having a wider range of restaurants, I’m sure you can see that on balance this is positive. Terrorist bombings, honour killings, racially motivated rape, forced or incestuous marriages, loss of freedom of speech, loss of British identity, racially-biased recruitment, increased police and official corruption, etc. are just part of the rich tapestry of modern, multicultural Britain. We must embrace such foibles as they are set to increase exponentally from imm... sorry, migrant workeration..

Besides, it’s been so long since we’ve had a civil war don’t you worry of becoming effete?

Anonymous said...

I just knew the fairly traded coke snorters would resurface with their packet of recycled FAIL. What is bigoted about telling the truth? Africa is a shithole run by tyrants who think you can cure Aids by eating vegetables and that you can get oil by striking a rock with a magic stick.

All in all a slightly funny try at someone who has not bought into the liberal lie.

Try again, losers.

Anonymous said...

sorry Dave H. I just realised you were being satirical.