Friday, June 13, 2008

LibDems 4 Davis

Jonathan Isaby writes on Three Line Whip that LibDem MPs have been told that they will not be allowed to campaign for David Davis. How very strange that I should receive an email yesterday evening from a LibDem MP offering to do just that.

And to all of you who have emailed asking how you can help David's by election campaign, the honest answer is that I have absolutely no idea. I'm sure things will become clearer over the next few days.


Manfarang said...

No LibDem,No Labour,No DUP,maybe no BNP.It looks as if the OMRL party have a chance.Maybe they will campaign for a new bridge over the Humber.
How much is this by-election going to cost the taxpayer?

Manfarang said...

No LibDem,No Labour,No DUP,maybe no BNP.It looks as if the OMRL party have a chance.Maybe they will campaign for a new bridge over the Humber.
How much is this by-election going to cost the taxpayer?

Anonymous said...

DD has lost the plot big time. I hope you don't do the same...

Anonymous said...

The Chipmunk on GMTV this morning - "One of the biggest demands I get is 'Hazel, can we get more CCTV'"

Johnny Norfolk said...

People should write/e mail the BBC and newspapers in support of David Davies. He has rocked the cosy little boat by doing what he believes, and they dont like it. Well I do. I thought there was non left, but there is, someone who believes in something and is prepared to do something about it.
This is not a stunt it is an act of conviction and should be supported by every Briton if you value your freedom and do not wish to be totaly controled by the state.
Remember Magna Carta

Anonymous said...

In the cold light of day after all the shock and euphoria has died down,David Davis' resignation is starting to unravel and it may be a matter of principle but it's going to eventiually be shown as a decision of very poor judgement and more about his dis-agreements with Cameron(methinks he doth protest too much on that point)

If the Labour Party refuse to put up a candidate, Davis will be left arguing the case with "fringe" candidates and looking decidedly "obsessed" or according to other blogs Kelvin Mackenzie may put up against him(probably on 'Lock all the f***ers up and throw away the key platform'). The rest of the country will have moved on, the media will have lost interest.

This is a very bad judgement call and will be shown to be so over the period leading up to July 10th

Events dear boy, events said...

Helping Davis just helps Brown. This is truly a mad decision that plays right into Brown's lap. Once the media have got over the big surprise, Davis will be a lonely figure fighting no one but himself. Cameron should cut him loose and so should the Tory party. He has done huge damage to the Tory strategy.

John Hemming said...

The party's rules require that people don't campaign against Lib Dem Candidates. That would not prevent campaigning for a candidate who was not a Lib Dem if there is no Lib Dem candidate.

Tory Dipper said...

Maybe Lib Dems are not allowed to campaign for candidates who are openly bonkers?

Anonymous said...

"How much is this by-election going to cost the taxpayer?"

Not nearly as much as it cost Gordon to put through 42 days in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why is cameron not prepared for CCHQ to pay for any of the by-election costs?

It just makes it look like a split

What stupidity!

Anonymous said...

Total madness to have broadened this beyond 42 days. Im not suprised Cameron is livid and keeping his distance.

Are we against CCTV? I wasnt aware we were. Are we against stop and search? Dont think so.

This is very transparently nothing to do with the debate with the government and everything to do with internal factions in the party

Geoff Goldman (cant post as anything other than annonymous for some reason)

Anonymous said...

What is DD on? On one hand he is politically consistent/authoratative; on the next- SEVERE questions remain as to his political judgement. Did he 'knife' IDS? WTF is he 'resigning' for? Is it to 'mark the territory' for action once a conservative govt is re-elected to be more 'freedom orientated'? Or is it really a 'principled' stand against a repressive government? No wonder Cameron is 'reportedly' furious: the resignation gives a 'mixed' message. Most people who asked me about it thought DC had pissed off DD and it's some great policy divide. When i explained it was against Labour's 42 days 'victory' most had non-plussed expressions on their face. I'm not surprised. I wonder what LD towers make of Cleggers statement that no bonkers candidate will stand against DD? Did he ask the constituency party before making the statement?

strapworld said...


Brown must be very concerned. The number of his kindergarten paid web watchers placing their silly comments proves that point.

The numbers of people supporting David Davis are quite astronomical when you look at all the blogs on this subject.

The number of detractors are quite minimal...and most of them are 'anonymous' cowards that they are!

If Kelvin McKenzie does use Murdoch's money to fight David Davis - as he mentioned last night- then that will be a great opportunity to show to the Aussie sorry Yank that it aint the SUN that runs this bloody country and puts them back in their shoddy place.

I would love Murdoch to lose bigtime.

I also believe that Cameron may learn a thing or two about moral courage!

Anonymous said...

Why do you find it so difficult to accept that DD has acted from true and honest principles? As for asking how much the by-election will cost, that really is mealy-mouthed; how can you put a price on highlighting the abysmal erosion of our freedoms? Are we really so cynical and dead behind the eyes? This is a debate which many people have been wanting to hold and if the only way it can be done is in this dramatic fashion, so be it.

Anonymous said...

strapworld -
i tried to find you so I caould call you brave face to face, but it looks like you're just as anonymous as any of us.

Anonymous said...

dc10 said... The Chipmunk on GMTV this morning - "One of the biggest demands I get is 'Hazel, can we get more CCTV'"

That is true for most local councils. On-street CCTV is hugely popular with local residents.

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't the technology, it's how it could be used by a malevolent government in the future.

Say HMQ dies in the next couple of years. Suddenly the medium-term plans of terrorist cells are put into action. Is it right that a peaceful republican who wants to demonstrate in Whitehall could be treated in the same way as an extremist islamist who's keen on any sort of de-stabilising event?

Which one would be arrested and detained in Whitehall - the Islamic State campaigner or the Repulican?

If they'd known about dirty bombs and 9.11 spectaculars, woould not the Magna Carta hve include a little clause saying mass murder suspects might have a regimen that's a little more onerous than that applied to the average villain?