Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brown Appears in the Tea Rooms

If you see a Labour MP suffering from indigestion this afternoon it's probably because he has just encountered Gordon Brown in the tearoom in the House of Commons. Brown, I am told, hasn't toured the tearooms since he became PM. As Harold Macmillan once said: "It's a sign of desperation to appear in the tearoom". What can have prompted him to break the habit of a lifetime this lunchtime?

Admittedly, he probably came off slightly the better in PMQs this week, but I am not sure that is something he should gloat too much about. The last thing the Conservatives want is for Gordon Brown to be replaced. I suspect David Cameron will not bew firing all his guns at PMQs over the next few weeks.


Old BE said...

What is the tearoom?

Anonymous said...

He's only gone there to tell the MPs that they are wrong.... so relax, no change there.

Anonymous said...

You mean that Gordon Brown was able to find some MPs who drink tea?

Anonymous said...

You read my mind, Iain - Cameron wants to declare a cessation in hostilities over the summer, so that at least Gordon Brown can get through the party conference season..

If that happens, I think it will be difficult to build up a head of steam to ditch him when the PM can threaten the old 'we must be united if there's an election round the corner' routine.

You would also think he might put in an appearance at the tea rooms a bit more often, so that it doesn't look quite so 'obvious' when he does..

Anonymous said...


Can you recommend a good political biography? Been trying to decide whether the Amazon price of £15 for a Keith Joseph biography was worth it. Something in that ilk would be good.

I realise this is an inappropriate place for this but never mind.

Patrick said...

Would it be better for the Tories to come to power now or in 2010?

In favour of 2010 is the likelihood of a larger majority and real appetite for meaningful reform. On the other hand the size of the mess they inherit will be that much worse.

In favour of now is the potentially smaller mess to resolve. Would they get a good workable majority though? Are we just entering a serious downturn or already half way through?

I can't bear the thought of Gordon Brown blundering on for 2 more years and further ruining the country and selling out to the EU. Cameron should go for it ASAP.

That means going all out to destroy Brown as quickly as possible. A Labout leadership crisis would surely require an election. (?)

Anonymous said...

I think that's nonsense. There is NO WAY that Labour could replace McBean and NOT hold a General Election this time.

If they did replace McBean without an election, their popularity would simply nosedive even further.

However, if some bright thing came in to challenge McBean (and they'd have to stick a stalking horse up first) and they promised to slash fuel duty (something like 30+p a litre) AND have a referendum on Lisbon, they might get some traction.

But as Labour love the EU and love spending our money, that won't happen.

If Cameron really wants to put the knife in he should look at what projects he can slash to cut fuel duty. Like for example canceling those pointless aircraft carriers and the ID card scheme.

Anonymous said...

He probably hasn't visited the tearoom because the tea ladies were among those adversely affected by the abolition of the 10% band and he did not want the contents of a tea urn emptied over his head.

Anonymous said...


Nothing about the Wheeler verdict getting booted about by their Lordships in court?

Nothing about a legal judgement that says the two treaties were different after all?

Silence is deafening.


Anonymous said...

1. Maybe he has a new job as a tea lady.
2. Maybe he wants to read the tea leaves.
3. Maybe he likes tea.
4. Maybe he like to sup tea.
5. He want the English middle class vote by being seen drinking tea.
You english love tea.
I think the present PM should be given until after european elections. What is the point in replacing him and then putting in a new leader who gets stuffed in the euro elections next year. Even Blair lost those in 99 and 04 by a landslide.
It would just detroy any honey moon period.

Best time to change a leader would be 6 - 9 months before the next election.

Fact is both Churchill and Eisenhower supported European integration. While Hitler explicitly asked for NAZIs to stop formulating such ideas.
And the founder of the european union was persecuted by the NAZIs.

Anonymous said...

English people love tea. They love tea so much. They invaded India to grow the stuff. This is political genius get the tea drinker vote.
I am sorry the tories have lost the election now once you win the tea vote vote that is it middle england is in his back pocket. All he needs to do now is be seen eating jam scones and drinking apple cider and england will claim his as one of their own.

Anonymous said...

I would advise the tory spin doctor to get their leader drinking tea so much that he pisses himself. I sense this tea drinking episode could destroy the tory lead. Tory spin doctors you have once again been out manouvered.

Anonymous said...

Why do some many tories think it is tory to hate europe. The tories brought us into the EU. Churchill was a supporter of european integration Plus republican President Eisenhower the saviour of europe was fanatically federalist for europe. Orwell was a euro federalist. So were the great philosphers Camus and Kant so was the great scientist Einstein.

We need to rediscover the tory love of our civilization.
Hitler explicilty spoke out against european integration. He said in Mein Kampf "Should one State preserve its national strength and its national greatness the empire of the Jewish satrapy, like every other tyranny, would have to succumb to the force of the national idea.". Plus he asked for NAZI who were formulating such ideas to cease. So he was an extremist nationalist. Surely we have learnt that when our continent is weak and divided that is when we are most likely to suffer from invaders and tyrannies.
When the tories start to hate our own civilization and or own race.

Glenn Vowles said...

The report by experts examining the issue of whether or not Gordon Brown should visit the tea room has now been published. The PM has, after much deliberation, decided to accept its recommendation that he should in fact visit.

Man in a Shed said...

Perhaps Brown has got wind of a plot?

It would explain his idiotic appeal to his base over the its all Mrs T's fault earlier this week.

I wonder who it is and how they intend to proceed ?

Man in a Shed said...

Oh hold on - this looks promising.

Whilst Gordon Brown is the dream Labour leader, from the Cosnervatives point of view, I have to hope he can be deposed for the good of the country.

Anonymous said...

Pro european tories need to speak up against the theft of the tories from churchill's dream to hitlers dream,.

Anonymous said...

The tory leader must be seen drinking tea now he must not lose the tea drinking voter right now. Drinking tea is what an Empire.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about the Wheeler verdict getting booted about by their Lordships in court?

Nothing about a legal judgement that says the two treaties were different after all?

If you read the judgement you'll find that they didn't say that all. They actually said that the differences between the two treaties appeared very minor, indeed largely trivial, but that as long as the government said that they were different then they were entitled to act as if they were.

See EU referendum for a passable analysis.

Anonymous said...

I agree i while now vote labour. Their leader drinks tea. English middle classes love tea.

Unsworth said...

Dead Man walking....

Anonymous said...

Dirty euro, your posts are as fascinating as ever although your English hasn't really improved.

How are things over in Denmark? I see Politiken is reporting that

Der er faldet noget nær julefred over en bibelcamping i næste måned i Arnborg ved Herning efter en skyttegravskrig mellem den kristne bevægelse, Evangelist, og de kommunale myndigheder om afviklingen af det større arrangement i den lille hedeby.


Could you fill us in on the background to this? Perhaps doing it in your English would count as a school assignment for you?

Alan Douglas said...

"Fact is both Churchill and Eisenhower supported European integration"

Churchill DID support it, but went on to say that it should NOT include Britain.

God I hate these selective quotes which completely reverse the true meaning.

Sounds like taking one favourable word from a lousy film review and splattering only that one word all over the cinema front.

Alan Douglas

Anonymous said...

Milburn for PM!

Old warhorses brought back into cabinet. OUT go Balls and missus, the brothers grim millibanks, straw, little miss dynamite, Mr Harman, and so many more.

OUT go the policies of BROON IN comes a referendum on the EU, IN OR OUT.

The scrapping of the 42 day nonsense, ID cards scrapped. A Public Enquiry on the future of CCTV. with the aim to cut back on these and speed camera's

Cut backs in public spending. The ending of all targets and an end to Whitehall control on local issues.

Policing given a boost and paperwork scrapped by the CPS told to do the paperwork! A return of motorway and traffic police.

The result? A dramatic return to favour in all the polls. A drop in the Conservative polls and a very quick general election and a FOURTH general election win for the Labour Party.

Believe you me it will happen!

you heard it firs on Mr dale's diary

Malcolm Redfellow said...

... the last thing the Conservatives want is for Gordon Brown to be replaced. I suspect David Cameron will not bew firing all his guns at PMQs over the next few weeks.

Would that be Bew the professorial Ulster Lord or one of the acting Bews or ... ?

However, you are no longer behind the 8-ball here. The wind (see Saint Joan, scene iii) has changed significantly in the last few days.

The second trimester is always the most difficult (budget, etc) for an incumbent government. This year it's been a bastard.

There is no way the media's splurge guns can maintain such a heavy fire of smear and vitriol.

Hence, as tokens of the change, Davis Aaronovitch tempering the wind, today's piece by Peter Riddell, the recent tone of the Economist, and as many other examples as you choose. The plot-line is subtly changing. The sad truth of a twenty-point lead in a opinion poll is that there the knicker-elastic has reached its limit: the narrative therefore has to change (or the expensive poll relegated to page 13), thus (segue to the earlier metaphor) generating a new wind.

So, Mr Dale, you have to decide whether to be a serious contributor to political debate or merely a partisan cheerleader on the touchline. In one case, your pontifications deserve attention. In the other, we can leave you to the drooling admiration of your personal claque.

strapworld said...


Why do you consider that Broon was good today? All the usual suspects say he was 'passionate' God Help Us!

He was as useless as normal.

Sky showed their commendable impartiality by having MaGuire on!! and another Broon apologist!
With that awful Craig. What spray does he use on his hair? Surprise they gave Broon six stars what absolute nonnsense.

You are all living in a little bubble. Much like the French Aristocracy of Louis XV1!!

Broon is, as one other comment says..A Dead Man Walking!

Watch for the next poll. He will be lower than ever!

Anonymous said...

"all his guns"? what are you on abaht? here you go making good news out of a complete PMQ thrashing for the hollow one.

Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister did visit the tea room, and indeed sat, briefly, in the vicinity of a tea cup, but he did not actually touch, or drink from it. Nor did he kiss the tea lady.

Dick the Prick said...

Alan Douglas - re: selective quotes. You mean like the Jenkins quote on the sleeve of 'courage'?

labourparty said...

Brown has kicked Cameron's backside the last two weeks at PMQs: the real journalists know it and have been saying it.