Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brown's Mendacity Knows No Bounds

Not flash, just Gordon, was the slogan. That rings hollow this morning. At his press conference this morning Gordon Brown was asked repeatedly by Tom Bradby of ITN and Jon Craig from Sky about deals with the DUP. Brown responded by quoting two DUP MPs saying there was no deal. He also said he personally had not done a deal. This rather cleverly left open the possibility that he hadn't sullied his own hands (he is a man of courage, after all) but had left it to Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward to do the dirty work.

His cover was blown when Jon Craig revealed that DUP MP Gregory Campbell had told him what was on the DUP's shopping list. It remains unclear how many items on that list were ticked off.


Richard Edwards said...

And politicians wonder why the electorate are cynical and turned off by politics?

Really this should not be a surprise. Whatever one thinks about the unity or otherwise of Ireland the fact that the polar opposites in the North can sit together in government says something about their lack of principle. The DUP support for 42 days is another example of their pork barrel unprincipled approach to politics.

Still one good turn deserves another. Roll on a 32 county Ireland!

Anonymous said...

Rather cleverly???
Blindingly obvious way of conveying a lie without literally saying it, more like.

Can't he see that this is exactly the sort of behaviour that makes people hate him?

Anonymous said...

When whips of both parties promise MPS bridges, schools etc all paid for by US in return for votes surely this is a crime? They are buying votes with our money. I know it has aways gone on but I think we need some new rules. Re the "42 days" a straw poll amongst my mates suggests 42 years would be acceptable. The headlines today should have been unemployment, I have said this before but this is going to be like the early eighties and at this rate we'll need another war.
freedom to prosper

Anonymous said...

Just a quickie, has anybody found Charles Kennedy yet?
freedom to propser

Alfie said...

Brown will do anything to hang onto power. When I look at him, I see little difference between him and a tinpot gold braided dictator.

He really does believe that he was born to lead the country - he really does believe that he is in the job by divine manse given right....

And to make sure he stays there? Surround himself with yes-sirs, no-sirs and three-bags-full-sirs..... and Hazel Blears.

Best bit of telly yesterday though was at PMQs. A Tory got up and asked about that TV programme about Gordon Brown - 'Where did it go wrong?'.... in it, Darling said that he knew last year that the 10 tax debacle was going to be a balls up.... just as the Tory was relating this fact, the camera cut to Darling sat on the front bench. He was adopting a foetal position whilst sitting there. If ever there was a man wishing for the ground to swallow him up, this was the time.

Richard Nabavi said...

"Not flash, just Gordon, was the slogan. That rings hollow this morning."

Iain, the slogan was dead right. I don't think anyone would accuse Gordon Brown of being 'flash'. And the 'just Gordon' bit was right as well. The pure, unvarnished, un-flash truth about Gordon Brown is now plain to everyone, across the political spectrum. And it's not a pretty sight.

I wonder if this slogan was invented by some tongue-in-cheek uber-Blairite?

Anonymous said...

The man is a liar. pure and simple. unfit for office. a total idiot of the first order

Anonymous said...

Love the way he dismissed Michael Crick's question poor Crick after the way he has laboured over Spelman there's gratitude for you !

Getting on with the job ! how many times does he use this sentence ?

Bill Quango MP said...

Had to look up Mendacity.

Noun 1. mendacity - the tendency to be untruthful.
willingness to tell lies
A lie; a falsehood.

See also under politician and newspaper editor

Anonymous said...

Why do people not take people at face value anymore.
And anyway The bases are in devolved nations the devolved nations should get the cash. Why should you let cash for other people's land. You are worse than communists.

Anonymous said...

His moral compass is spinning so fast it could generate electricity. Brown is frankly evil.

Anonymous said...

Clearly dirty euro has problems with the notion of property rights, as well as Northern Ireland politics. Defence is a UK-wide issue, and therefore all MOD land is owned on a UK-wide basis. If the property was owned in pursuance of powers devolved to that particular administration, then the issue would be different Is that simple enough for you? No, probably not.

Bill Quango MP said...

Dirty Euro::: said...12:08 PM

So the vote was about devolved nations was it?
So what was all that 42 stuff about?

Has Brown passed an amendment to the 42 days while MPs were voting on it.. ?

A special lock up people without charge for 42 days and also give devolved governments the proceeds of sales of governments assets..
What page was that last bit on? I can't find it in my copy..

Mulligan said...

"Why do people not take people at face value anymore?"


rearrange the sentence

New 11 Labour of years

Anonymous said...

Brown was lying this morning, absolutely no doubt. His eyes were everywhere, his tongue was literally in his cheek, he was trying not to smirk, - the list is endless..


I cannot believe we have to put up with two more years of this crap.

Anonymous said...

If the DUP think they have got a bargain, they might want to think again...From now on every decision and announcement will be pounced on by the press and FoI requests will descend on Stormont like confetti.

These so called deeply religious men will surely be aware of the biblical quote ` Be aware,your sins will find you out`.......Cant wait!!!!!

jaybs said...

Why Gordon even bothers with these press conferences is beyond me, perhaps this mornings was called to try and cash in on last night's vote success as labour sees it.

But as usual all we get from Gordon Brown is the same drone vocal, sentence running into sentence and his hands moving that fast it is difficult to even watch him and what do we get just lies and spin. A waste of time and money!