Sunday, June 01, 2008

May Statporn

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May was by far and away the best month for traffic on the blog since I started it. Absoute Uniques were 18% up on April, which in turn had been the previous best. Readership is 60% up, year on year. By this time next year I'm aiming for 100,000 unique readers each month.

Absolute Unique Visitors
May 2008 71,877 - May 2007 45,000 - April 2008 61,008


May 2008 375,755 - May 2007 200,291 - April 2008 - 272,169

Page Loads
April 2008 588,715 May 2007 280,134 - April 2008 414,848

Here are my top 20 linking sites (ie incoming hits) for May, according to Google Analytics.

1. - Guido Fawkes 28,999 (16,510)
2. - ConservativeHome 28,536 (14,191)
3. +1 Spectator Coffee House 13,189 (6,257)
4. -1 PoliticalBetting 11,870 (6,700)
5. +2 Politics Home 10,033 (3,165)
6. - Daniel Finkelstein & Red Box 6,627 (3,757)
7. -2 Dizzy Thinks 5,028 (4,576)
8. - NHS Blog Doctor 2,906 (1,912)
9. +1 Boulton & Co 2,058 (1,512)
10. +5 Biased BBC 1,496 (754)
11. -2 Ben Brogan 1,406 (1,529)
12. - Telegraph Blogs 1,245 (1,112)
13. NEW UK Polling Report 1,023 (N)
14. Re-entry Daily Referendum 954 (Re)
15. NEW Bob Piper 857 (NEW)
16. Re-entry Chris Paul 818 (Re)
17. -4 Devil's Kitchen 737 (1,103)
18. -1 Archbishop Cranmer 722 (669)
19. -3 Burning our Money 670 (732)
20. -9 Bloggerheads 654 (1,314)

Dropping out are LabourHome, Little Man in a Toque, Tim Worstall,Recess Monkey

Source: All figures are from Google Analytics including those from previous months. These figures replace those I had previously used until a few months ago which came from Extreme, who do not count Absolute Uniques.


Anonymous said...

Iain, this entry is more convincing than any newspaper's claim of ever increasing circulation figures. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Iain Dale's even more famous than his ratings suggest, more than one fifth of number 16's postings are about him.

Anonymous said...

dave h said...
"Iain Dale's even more famous than his ratings suggest..."

Yes, it looks like Chris Paul is obsessed with Iain, the poor love. Without wishing to be unkind to Iain, I can think of more rewarding things/people to be obsessed by.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see that Tim Ireland's dropped 9 places.

Was it something you said?

He writes lots and lots about you and Guido (and in fact - not much else.)

Anonymous said...


I am awfully sorry but being dyxlecsic I read the title as MY STRAPON!



All this number crunching and the only real count you want to be at, is the one held in a leisure centre to see if you can get on the real gravy train at Westminster.

Anonymous said...

I see Mark Pack on LibDem Voice is attempting to claim he posts about LibDem policy and also lets slip that he likes to get under people's skin. A rather unfortunate admission for your main reason to be in politics.

Anonymous said...

Nice going.

But seeing as anonymous mentioned your strapon any chance of a blog about it :-)

Anonymous said...

Bloggerheads drops 9 places! You won!

Congratulations Iain!

Unknown said...

Just came across this whilst catching up on my gadget news...

Anonymous said...

And now he is deleting any mention of the convicted criminal Michael Brown's £2.4 million donation to the LibDems (which they haven't repaid) here.

Oh dear Mark. Censorship. How liberal is that?

Dear, dear. Mark really does expose the hypocrisy of the so called 'Liberal' [sic] 'Democrats' [sic] with his continuing obsession with smears and negative attacks.

But when you forget the meaning of phrases like "there by the grace of God" then you open yourself up for such criticism.

Anonymous said...

Well done. Deserved.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd gone to the wrong site for a moment. Without my specs it looked like "May Strapon"

Newmania said...

I would not have said that you have been on top form recently . My impression has been that other exciting projects have rahter taken your attention.

It seems I am alone , but there we are

Anonymous said...

Iain - Would you please sort out the programming errors on your site. I am fed up with having to decline to debug about a dozen times before reading your posts

Letters From A Tory said...

Well done Iain. I wonder if you'd imagined those kind of statistics when you first started blogging....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Iain - Would you please sort out the programming errors on your site. I am fed up with having to decline to debug about a dozen times before reading your posts

I have never had that problem. I think the fault may lie with your PC or your IPS.