Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Donate to DD

You can now donate online via Paypal to the David Davis by election campaign by clicking HERE.

I understand that some people have had difficulty in accessing his site over the last 24 hours. This is because when you put a website live you don't just flick a switch. The DNS has to propagate all round the internet (at least, I think that is the phrase) and this can take up to 24 hours. It should be fully accessible now, so the web geeks tell me.


Anonymous said...

Why does David Davis need help with his election campaign. There is no opposition. A fruit and veg man? Is this really an exciting political event? No.
Is it a meaningful event? No. Will it cost the taxpayer money? Yes. How dumb.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I love it when you talk dirty, Iain.

Newmania said...

I have said this before but as I was late I will say it again,

I `m sorry to say that having thought about this a lot I cannot avoid the conclusion that DD is acting out of spite and ambition and without true principle.
Conservative Party Policy is actually moving towards reducing the 28 day mark which I think is laudable. Why 28 days? So what is he doing resigning it is nonsensical and can only be interpreted as an attack on David Cameron .
Of all the many incursions into our freedom allowing the Police to bang up Islamic trouble makers because they look shifty is the one that troubles me least and already this strange event has diverted attention from the disgraceful Lisbon manoeuvres and the culpability of Brown for our inability to avert recession with tax cuts
Of course ,I agree with what he says but the overriding importance of getting rid of Brown and New Labour comes first and he is not helping by muddying the waters and removing his own voice from the only place where it would do any good .
I do not like single issue Liberal style luxury Politics and I do not like "principle “ soi disant all that much anyway. I like Manifestos considered by the electorate offered by a Party and voted on in a free and independent country balancing all considerations of all the people.

This gesture is rank testiculation.CCTV cameras and genetic data bases are tough trade offs to debate , not simple catch phrases . How many rapists do you want to let off , how many people knifed is acceptable ? I also do not like the company he is keeping none of which stuck its trendy head above the parapet to defend hunting or smoking. Boris Johnson is my idea of a Libertarian and his interesting and deceptively humorous article about bicycle helmets went to where Davies dare not. He said we have to accept that there are risks to freedom and stop pretending you can have it all.
That is the real point.
.Iain might want to think hard about to what extent he sides with the failed candidate for leadership of the Party and his advertising campaign when it is clearly aimed at undermining David Cameron.
I like David Cameron, I do not want him undermined. He is getting it right and with a balanced message . I want him to be PM where he has much more to do than strike poses on one issue .
Stuff Davies and his male menopause. I am not interested in his career , his bitterness or his sense of grievance . He should grow up or pursue his career in self dramatisation as a weekend warrior with the rest of the sad cases. God forgive him if he assists in letting Brown off the hook. I will not

Chris Paul said...

Keep your money in your pocket. Davis already has more than plenty to fight a campaign. Leave him to it.

Leave the persistent anti-liberal, anti-gay voter, pro-hanging, pro detention without trial for asylum seekers and refugees, pro-28 days detention, all round right wing Tory redneck to fund himself.

Arthurian Legend said...

Newmania, it will not surprise you to learn that I disagree with most of the points you make...I applaud DD for his courage and indefatigability.

Anonymous said...

Does the PPERA allow this form of donation...?

Can't imagine there are sufficient safeguards to ensure people are eligible donors.

Anonymous said...

Dominic Grieve says he wants to reduce below 28 days, Davis wants to reduce to 28 days. Therefore Grieve gets my vote and Davis does not get my money

Anonymous said...

Based on:

The comments above.
Gordon Brown's panicked speech yesterday.
His smears against Davis and the Conservatives in PMQs today.

I can see this is really getting to Labour ( who can't afford a round of drinks let alone another by-election now that their membership won't fund them, or offer to share the liability for the £12million they owe with Gordon. )

Hence my donation went in 2 minutes ago.

Also I want my children to grow up in a free and just society, and that means Brown and his Labour hangers on have to go.

Newmania said...

Oh thanks for posting that Iain , I appreciate DD is a friend of yours but I cannot pretend I approve of this stunt.

AL.... A couple of bombs in your backyard and you will be the first to want anyone who looks at you funny bunged into chokey.This has nothing to do with Liberty and everything to do with posturing and I feel certain your keen sense of authenticity will eventually bring you to agree with me .


Tapestry said...

Newmania must be a lawyer or something!

How could anyone living in Britain today not be sick of the effects of State power encroaching into all aspects of our lives. OK fear of crime and terrorists is part of the story, but so too is fear of over-powerful government agencies, who can remove your kids, read your emails and keep detailed records of your drinking habits.

I'll try to link you to a longer expo of the anger I feel at the loss of freedom in Britain that's happened in the last fifteen or so years. LINK

It's the main reason I left the UK, having to deal with idiots who'd been awarded overriding power to mess people around. No wonder no one wants to be a head teacher any more, to build businesses and employ people, or be a police office or a nurse.

I'll stop there, or I could fill this box 100 times over with spluttering rage...

Anonymous said...

A worthy opponent for David Davis? Someone thinks he's found one -

Anonymous said...

I think newmania has judged this one exactly right. In PMQs today Cameron should have been asking Brown about whether he told the truth when he said he had done no deals with the DUP. But because of DD, he had to steer clear of the topic. DD is making himself and by extension the whole Conservative party look ridiculous. In dismissing DD's stunt as a farce, Brown comes across as prime ministerial (for the first time) and statesmanlike. Now we are going to have a month of DD explaining why he would make a better MP than the Monster Raving Loony candidate. Nothing could be better calculated to make the public forget about Crewe and Nantwich. The turnout for this unnecessary by-election will be low. What incentive do the people of Whereveritis and Howden have to come out and vote? I feel really sorry for Cameron in all this. He was doing so well, and now he has been holed below the waterline by DD and his ego. The only consolation in all this is that someone temperamentally unsuited to high office has been flushed out before the Conservatives come to power (would that this had happened to Brown many years ago). It is better that DD torpedo the Conservatives two years before an election than when in government.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Mr Davis should be responsible for the total cost of the election - not just his campaign costs. Can you tell me why the taxpayer should have to pick up the tab of some £80,000 to hold the election just to stroke Mr Davis's ego? Would he have been so principled if he had not known that the Liberal Democrats would not contest the seat leaving him a free run to be reelected? That is why I am not persuaded that his actions are principled.

I am bewildered? As someone else stated he has consistently voted against many issues effecting citizens rights. He is delusional if he thinks that the public are behind him regarding 42 days precharge detention. Of course he will have an element of support. He will have many libertarians on his side - odd when his voting record has always been authoritarian. I think he must be bored and needs to be in the limelight. I hope the media do not cover the bye election - if they do they should treat it as a joke.

I know you are very loyal to your friends Iain but surely you must acknowledge that Mr Davis has not acted in the best interests of his party? He has demonstrated that the right person won the leadership contest, he is not a team player and has relinguished the right to hold any office again. I think David Cameron is well rid of him - better now than in a years time when he may have caused even more damage.


Anonymous said...

Re DD's web-site:

When I tried this morning I had no problem accessing the web-site. The problem I had was with the 'comment' section, in that after you submitted the comment - with all the boxes correctly filled in, it came back and said they were not correctly filled!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a serious issue worthy an open and public debate.

It is to Labours long term disgrace that they hide from it, trying to squash any debate about this.

David Davis speaks for many people throughout the land, across political divides.

His detractors should reflect on the poem:

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;

And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;

And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;

And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up."

Unknown said...

A website domain name needs about 48 hours to propagate throughout the internet when it is first registered (it is all about relaying the information to different hubs, so the computers know where to look for the info). This should not delay a web launch, which is usually the replacement of a holding page by a proper site, that is, unless DD did not actually register his URL until 24 hours before the launch - which would have been an odd thing to do (but then he is pretty unpredictable these days, tearing up rules left, right and centre).

Anonymous said...


"I applaud DD for his courage and indefatigability."

Didn't you mean to put "salute"?

Anonymous said...

If DD highlights the appalling state of conflict between this Govt's words and its actions over anti-terrorism then his action (which I am still dubious about) will have been worthwhile.

This morning's news that not only can the Govt not deport Abu Qatada, Bin Laden's righthand man apparently, but we must pay to support his wife and family and the police guard that is required.

What is the point of detaining suspects without charge for 42 days, if we can't do anything about getting rid of known terrorists? Why has our judiciary become so besotted with Human Rights that it is unable to perceive the necessity to take account of the nation's human rights?

Unknown said...

Could you persuade David to CC-license his campaign images, Iain? That'd help bloggers discuss the campaign using images of him safely and legally, and would certainly help any new media strategy. It works for Barack Obama! He posts his on flickr.

Anonymous said...

danvers - you would be correct on the assumption that the website is hosted in the same place as it is (pointing to when it is) registered.

if the domain was registered, and the naming servers point to a default set of name servers which invoke a standard holding page, and then a change of name servers was implemented at the "go-live" time so that it pointed to actual paid for hosting space, that would indeed explain why some people were able to see the site yesterday and some weren't, depending on their ISP's DNS server.

A slightly cack handed launch, to be sure, but I think we can forgive him.

Adrian said...

Reading your page, I became aware that there was a video of models pissing and puking on the catwalk playing in the right-hand column. Can you remove it? And was this ludicrous ad paid for out of our taxes?

Anonymous said...

Donate to the tory MP After all they have not got their pay increase LOL.

Anonymous said...

Adrian,I agree. I too find the ad obscene and objectionable. All the worse because I paid for this state sponsored filth with the taxes that Brown looted. Please remove it Iain.

Anonymous said...

NO WAY will I donate to David Davis's campaign Ian. He was perfectly placed to put down Brown and New labour in their attempts to intrude into the life of every UK citizen. Now he is just an ex back bench MP with a chance of becoming another back bench MP.

All that he has achieved is Miss Britain asking a very good question "is he crazy?". I would say YES to Miss Britain.

Ken said...

It is more than that - the whole site is clunky. Given that it seems to be being run by an advertising agency, that is inexcusable.

To give you one example, two candidates have so far declared and I wrote to both of them offering them guest spots over at The Exile. David Craig got back to me and his piece has gone up.

David Davis' team have probably not got the mail because the message form on his site does not work. It returns an error message saying that a section has not been filled in, even though that is not the case.

Basic errors like that lead me to conclude that this could all go pear-shaped.

Anonymous said...

It's a very stupid advert. Not least because the models look too good. Probably someone out there will quite enjoy the one where the girl pees on the floor. Tax money spent on that one was wasted. Can we have the Scientologists back, please, Iain?

Anonymous said...

Donate to this preposterous by-election?

Sorry, I'm gonna send my hard-earned pennies to that Zimbabwe charity.

By the way, what happens to any DD election funds that aren't spent?

Anonymous said...

Just watched the advert.

Ian, what kind of IT advice are you getting?

It only cost a few quid a month to have a website without adverts.

Assuming that you are not in desperate need to bring in some low finance why are you doing this?

You are putting your reputation on the line for some penny adverts.

If cost is the issue, you can still do better than this!

Anonymous said...

"Can we have the Scientologists back, please, Iain?"

I'd rather be filmed peeing on the floor than be a Scientologist! Sorry to the Tom Cruise fan club out there!!

Anonymous said...

The world gets stranger each day. I did not expect such criticism for D Davis here, whereas there is a large support among us centre-left types who disagree with many many aspects of his general politics.