Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Living by the Sword

I have to admit that I am not a fan of Heather Mills-McCartney. As Kelvin Mackenzie has just said on 5 Live, she is utterly devoid of charm and a sense of humour. Her media appearances today have done her no favours at all. She strikes me as being on the verge of a breakdown. And lashing out at the press will do her no good at all. All it will achieve is a tabloid backlash. She will no doubt say that it will prove her point. I think she protests a little too much. She used the media when it suited her. Indeed, she used to write the very kind of tabloid column about which she now complains so vociferously. There are several words for people like her. I'll leave you to imagine what they might be.


Anonymous said...

I think that's a little harsh Iain. Whether she is likeable or not is irrelevent to the issues of privacy, reporting accuracy, and harrasment. As she points out, this affects her child as well as herself. No-one apart from she and her ex-husband know what went wrong with her marriage, and it is unfair for others to speculate and instrude as though it is their business.

Mocking her has become a sport in the media - I cannot see any newsworthy justification for this.

Anonymous said...

What is a "Heather Mills-McCartney"? When did her name get hyphenated? By deed poll, was it?

Heather Bunny-Boiler is more like it. This woman is creepy and if I were Sir Paul, I would have bodyguards.

Now she's elevated herself to parity with Diana, former Princess of Wales? She always looked bonkers,including in her "modelling" stills which reportedly Sheik Adnan Ashoggi found so appealing. Of course - I don't want to be cruel - but this was back when she had two legs.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I am not the only one who has met the Heather Mills types over the years.

She displays all the symptoms of the "poor little me" complex.

1.Regularly mentions "children". This is supposed to make us feel guilty and sorry and deflect criticism."I did it for my children, as any mother would"

2.Re-writes history. You would think her porno career was just like modelling for the Littlewoods catalogue. Denied making 999 calls (a matter of Police record)Almost nobody from her past agrees with her versions of events.

3.Gets emotional when money is mentioned."I am going to take you to the cleaners" she allegedly screamed at Paul.

4.Gets emotional when you dig too deep. (Not likely on GMTV)

5.Total denial: "I am protecting Paul" (She is doing no such thing - it's Paul who remains 100% schtum.)


The facts speak for themselves. If she had accepted the paltry sum of £20million quid, offered by Paul,there would be no need to hire a fancy lawyer and hold out for 50.

Clearly, she thought she was going to get an easy ride on GMTV and because of the stupid presenter, that is what she got.

Yes, the names that come to mind...

Russ said...

Link to her GMTV performance on YouTube here.

Paul Burgin said...

I agree with some of what you say Iain, but I am no fan of Kelvin Mackenzie either.

Anonymous said...

If she took a divorce settlement that left her with a couple of million to live comfortably for the rest of her days then there would be no story. They could hardly call her a gold digger then, considering her erstwhile husband's wealth. It seems unlikely she will.

It might not be the root of all evil, but love of money makes fools of far too many people who should know better.

Anonymous said...

She ain't got a leg to stand on.
She should hop it.
( All right, that's enough. Ed.)

Anonymous said...

she's biting the hand that has always fed her. here here Iain

Anonymous said...

(still techno-challenged)

Concur with yez, Iain . . . yet she is a GREAT dancer as she proved on American TV a few months ago. Sir Paul should be generous, they should both move on, and bon chance to all, lawyers, publicists, paparazzi and pundits included.

Anyway, here in the upper left hand corner of the Lower 48 we've been a bit distracted from the latest developments in the PMcC v HM-Mc fireworks following newsbulletin:


Check out webpage for Spokane WA TV station KXLY

Unlike the Palace & Scotland Yard in your own alleged Royal shakedown plot, the Spokane Police Department has released official police reports from the WA state case.

Anonymous said...

Um, do you know Heather in person? Or Paul? If not, what's it to you anyway? And if, what's the point of taking sides, or even an interest in people's private marriage business? Even if they stick their dirty laundry in your face, there is no reason to stick your nose into it... ;P

Anonymous said...

Sea Shanty Irish - How unutterably boring.

"Unlike the Palace & Scotland Yard in your own alleged Royal shakedown plot, the Spokane Police Department has released official police reports from the WA state case." Which, according to you is: "CROSS-DRESSING STATE LAWMAKER BLACKMAILED FOLLOWING LATE NIGHT TRYST"


Give that Spokane Police Department the Medal of Freedom of The Press! They alone stood for freedom of information when our Palace and Scotland Yard failed to release information about our own alleged semi-hemi-demi-scandal!

In Britain we have our ancient laws of libel that are different from the guidelines of the Spokane Police Department.

Thanks for including a link to the website of your local TV station in Spokane. I doubt whether it received a surge in traffic from this side of the Atlantic.

Provincial people are so drab.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake about it - Heather Mills is not getting what she wants.

This faux 'protest' by Mills was a perfomance. A pretty poor performance as well. Her extremely high pitched moaning was excruciatingly painful to listen to.

Crocodile tears. You can see why Macca wants to put a gagging order on Mills! She is a nightmare.

Mills appears to be unhinged and deluded. I hope Heather takes her cash and goes away - far away.

PS> David Cameron better not make any more 'dodgy jokes' on this subject... know what I mean? nudge nudge LoL

Vienna Woods said...

When one marries on the rebound, following the death of a loved one, then in my experience there is always a „Heather Mills“ waiting in the wings. Two of my friends were hooked in this way. Both had problems with their, almost adult, kids who could see through the new spouse far better than their father at the time. In both cases the marriage was over within two years and one of the charmers had been emptying my friend’s bank account systematically by running up credit cards and forging cheques. The other nasty little trollop was in and out of bed with practically every neighbor and still walked away with half his possessions at the divorce hearing.

Anonymous said...

"She strikes me as being on the verge of a breakdown."

I never believe anything from that creature, least of all the tears. Watching her made me laugh - I hope they show it every day.

I do it all for my babee and charidee! ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Pot? Kettle? Money grabbing bitch?

lilith said...

Just another demented narcissist shoved in our faces. How upset would she be if she couldn't get her picture in the papers and every journo just chucked her press releases in the bin?

Croydonian said...

And La Mills has duly got monstered on the front pages of the following:

Daily Express
Daily Mail
Daily Mirror
Daily Star
The Sun

Front pages visible at the Sky News website.

So that's another successful charm offensive then...

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want more than 20 million?

Sadly I am too old to take up this new career -i.e. find a rich older man, marry him, have children then after 1-5 years divorce him and hey -you never have to do a day's work again.

Heather, there is an ancient christian custom in which the following words are used...
'from dust you came and to dust you will return'

My mother also summed it up -'you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear'!

and has dignity and self respect disappeared altogether?

Anonymous said...

Check out this truly ace post from Sun old boy Roy Greenslade..

Anonymous said...

Oh, Iain, calm down - so she used to sleep with rich guys for money ? We all have to pay for it somehow or another.. And how many of us have 'accidentally' seen a picture of her with her kit off when salivating over the latest juicy details of her split with Macca in the News Of the World ?

Really ? Oh, well, that'll be just me then...Please tell me that not all women from Merseyside have that Cherie/Heather type chip on their shoulders..

Verity - Don't you think it's about time Iain offered you a chat show on 18DS so you could tell these people what you really think of them to their faces ?

Anonymous said...

Iain - have a heart, for God's sakes.

She's received death threats.

Unsworth said...

@ Anon 11.46

Were she not to mention her child I, and many others, would not even be aware of the child's existence. She displays astounding levels of self interest, narcissm and selfishness.

As to mocking, well she has not done herself any favours by her close relationship with various tabloids. Time and again we see 'celebrities' only too glad to have their stories splashed over the prints. Yet none of them seem to understand that they are no different to any of their predecessors. Sooner or later they'll be the subject of critical articles. Best to have nothing to do with the press - or get a decent agent.

Lady McCartney is simply too dense and too arrogant to understand that. Who the hell does she think she is? Paul McCartney's wife or something?

Oh, and if she doesn't want people to see her in flagrante then best not to invite the photographer along to the tryst, eh?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that you will be putting up your advertising rates, or appearing on lots more television as 'Britain's Number One in the Premier League Political Blogger' - We must be told !!!!!

Or does your silence mean that you are worried about being able to 'keep it up' ?

Anonymous said...

Has she had coaching from the Cherie Blair/Tessa Jowell school of "Pleading Skills" which was modelled on the Princess Di technique?

Reactionary Snob said...

''As Kelvin Mackenzie has just said on 5 Live, she is utterly devoid of charm and a sense of humour''

I think Kelvin MacKenzie should look at himself before he starts bandying around criticism like that.

I would gladly, gladly rip this odious cretin a new arsehole in a court of law. Pro bono, of course.


Anonymous said...

I'll let you in to a woman's secret - and yes I am generalising. The difference between men and women is that men gain credit with each other by being successful women gain credit by being victims.

On trading floors and in admin all phone conversations are recorded and senior management have access to them. I would say about 75% of the hundreds of the female conversations that I have listened to (and believe me I can't forward wind fast enough) are about what victims they are - even if they work less hours and earn more than the guy sitting next to them. In some conversations women completely ignore each other as they try to tell each other what victims they are. Men on the other hand engage in subtle one-up-manship. It's important to know this because any deviation is considered outside the norms and is worth listening to.

In my experience Heather is acting publically like the majority of women act in private - and that's why women don't like her.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8.55 am said

"Really ? Oh, well, that'll be just me then...Please tell me that not all women from Merseyside have that Cherie/Heather type chip on their shoulders.."

(1) Cherie Blair was born in Bury and moved to Crosby. Few residents of Liverpool are very proud of this.

(2) Heather Mills-McCartney is from County Durham. I think her accent gives us a hint that she's not from Liverpool.

Get your facts right before you insult the inhabitants of a city.

You should go back to reading the News of the World.

Anonymous said...

To be blunt i think PMcC has come out WORSE of this debacle! A lot of the 'public/media sympathy' has gone to 'thumbs aloft' coz 'we all luv the Beatles' ( i bloody don't- i prefer 'The Stones'). He could have settled the 'pay-off' before now! I knew when they got married it would not last for long- he is FAR too OLD for her! What HM says about the media is correct- most are scum. I think we should go down the French route for newspapers etc. But we won't coz BOTH main political parties here want to give the 'Dirty Digger' a BJ.

strapworld said...


First you gave publicity to the Lib Dems.

Now GMTV! I ask you.

As for the McCartney's I say nothing more than something must be worth hiding..if he is going to throw away a vast fortune!And the antecedents of Mrs McCartney mean nothing as Mr McCartney married her, freely.

strapworld said...

Anonymous 8.55 i8s spot on Iain. Give Verity a spot on 18DS! It would become the most watchable programme on earth.

First guest Roy Hattersley!

Verity..just Verity

Anonymous said...

Why not include her in your next "Media Whore" ranking?

P.S. Is she in any way related to Kate McCann? She has that same annoying whine...

Anonymous said...

The word you are looking for is "Rich" but money doesn't buy happiness.

Anonymous said...

Words like typical woman comes to mind.

I think there are still many divorced men who think Paul has got away with his mistake relatively lightly. He has more wealth then he can possibly ever spend, is still seeing his child and has still got his own home to live in.

Do not waste any sympathy on him he really dose not need it.

She on the other hand has lost the only things of real value a human being can ever own. Her heart mind and soul.

Madasafish said...

If you live by the tabloid media, expect to get smacked.
See Diana , et al.

If you conduct your divorce proceedings in public and leak to help your case (gain sympathy?), expect to get smacked.

If you refuse to settle , allegedly because you want to go on US chat shows and will not sign a confidentiality clause, expect to get smacked.

Keep your mouth shut, and the stories tend to dry up.

Right, so she gives a tearfull interview.. she gets smacked..

I believe her PR company are in despair..

pxcentric said...

Well at least she's not a one-legged Lithuanian lesbian.

Anonymous said...

Kelvin MacKenzie makes me puke. Here is a man who (among many other crimes against journalism and society), when he couldn't beg or buy an interview with the widow of Sgt Ian McKay VC HAD HIS JOURNALISTS MAKE ONE UP.

(Ian McKay won a posthumous VC in the Falklands.)

I have no time for or interest in Heather Mills, but please let's get MacKenzie straight. The man is scum.

Anonymous said...

Machiavelli - Kate McCann has been enduring a tragedy with no respite in site. It is pointless to mention her in this context.

I went to the video link and to be honest, her accent and that big, hungry mouth made me feel queasy. I did like the interviewer though. When McCartney got this huge book of her press cuttings out and turned firmly and ominously to Page One, the interviewer said quickly, "Oh, look! You've brought a lot of press clippings! Anyway ...." and changed the subject. Tee hee.

Javelin - Your contention is foolish. Most women feel strong and able to cope. If they can't, other women zoom in to shore her up with their own strength until she recovers. Maybe working in your company is driving them crazy.

But back to Heather, who is just too much fun. How about the interviewer's face when she shouted, "They called me a whore!" That was one of those moments when you have to put your drink down.

M. Hristov said...

Why not have divorce weekly on 18 DS? The rich and famous can then come and air their grievances in a sort of very upmarket “Jeremy Kyle Show”. Verity could present it, as she obviously fancies herself as an urban sophisticate with a neat line in invective. Although, you might have to record it after “chucking out time” at her local wine bar. She can then drone on about how wonderful Lee Kuan Yew was and her great days in Singapore. Heather M-M (or Heather McCartney as Verity will insist on calling her) can be first guest.

Sea Shanty Irish said...

My humble apologies, yer Verityship, for boring you with me dull colonial news. Plumb forgot that ye got an eyeful o' hordes o' cross-dressing, closeted lawmakers o' all persuasions & perversions at yer recent Conservative Party Conference.

Just to be clear, extortion is a MUCH more serious crime than soliciting a prostitute. BUT the solon himself broke the law (while attending a Republican Party conference) then tried to use personal contacts & clout within the state police to have the extortion investigated but his own rental activity covered up. HOWEVER methinks his biggest mistake was when he voted twice in the legislature against basic civil rights protection (jobs & housing) for gay people.

AS FOR UK LAWS indeed you have a point, they do seem designed to HIDE as much malfeasance as possible by yer elected AND unelected elites. Which must be the reason why the Royal Family has yet to get the ASBO they've so richly earned.

RE: HEATHER, LADY McCARTNEY seems like HER big mistake was hitching her wagon to a Beloved National Institution. Meaning that regardless of the rights & wrongs (likely some o' both on each side) when things went south, she was doomed to end up with the short end o' the stick . . . and to be soundly thrashed with it by the Great British Public.

Anonymous said...

Are any of you fans of Trollope - the author, that is? There is a character, Lizzie Eustace, in his "Pallisers" series who is a forerunner of Heather M-M. She is a relentless golddigger who even when engaged to one man will ditch him if a better (wealthier) prospect comes along. She believes that she only has to say something for it to be true.
Lady Eustace ends up wealthy but socially disgraced when everyone realises what a shallow, unpleasant person she is.

Anonymous said...

M Histrov - My time in Singapore wasn't any more wonderful than my time elsewhere. I don't like to see the country and its founder maligned by people addicted to myths promulgated by vicious lefties, that's all.

"Heather M-M (or Heather McCartney as Verity will insist on calling her) can be first guest." Heather McCarney's name is not hyphenated. I don't understand your point.

Sea Shanty Irish,you have not watched Heather McCartney's antics on a daily basis. We have. You don't know anything about her past. We do.

You write: "Just to be clear, extortion is a MUCH more serious crime than soliciting a prostitute." That's fine, thanks. Law 101. Got it. Don't bother to elucidate further.

"AS FOR UK LAWS indeed you have a point, they do seem designed to HIDE as much malfeasance as possible by yer elected AND unelected elites. Which must be the reason why the Royal Family has yet to get the ASBO they've so richly earned."

Our libel laws are written to protect the innocent. If one accuses someone of something and can prove it, one is in the clear. It's the proof that so many accusers have a problem with.

The stage Irish accent's a real drag.

Anonymous said...

kbmep seems to be a name selected for me by the computer.

Anonymous said...

This is for the ladies: The first photo. What's with the dress?

Sea Shanty Irish said...

OK, now it's official.

On this morning's TODAY SHOW (the grand-daddy of all tv morning shows) a journo & psychologist discussed HM-McM's media meltdown. These women agreed her antics were mad, sad and bad for her. So it's official.

You are right on V about the US audience lacking the exposure to HM-McC suffered by UKers. Just as we were spared the Blitz endured by your stanch, forebearers. (And we certainly know less about her now than when Sir Paul married her.)

SO NATURALLY she is currently relaunching herself in the USA (the kind of second chance denied to the Luftwaffe). Which is why she was on Dancing With The Stars on TV over here earlier this year. Did pretty good for a one-legged chick.

BUT the Cult of Sir Paul is alive and well from sea to shing seas. Lady McC will have a hard row to hoe. IF she doesn't watch it, she'll find herself doing excercise dvds as Fergie's sidekick.