Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You Won't Get Me, I'm Part of the Union

An attack ad from the Australian Election for your delectation.


Rich Tee said...

The more I hear about the no nonsense way Australians do things the more I like them.

Anonymous said...

Good to see they you are contributing in a positive way to the Australian election Iain. Perhaps you could post a positive contribution, if of course you are aware of the issues at stake at this election. Have you ever been here?

Anonymous said...

More proof that Howard has lost it. Australia is the country of the "square go" where Ned Kelly is the premier national hero. It's an ALP shoo-in of that's the best you've got.

Scipio said...

The Brothers won't like that! Why don't we have PPB like that?

Typically Australian!

Iain Dale said...

In 1991!

Ted Foan said...

Even though we are 12,000 miles away, that's rattled a few of our Antipodean cousins' cages! Must be the Earl's Court tendency or - more likely - those that have come to make their fortunes in the City. Good on yer, mates!

The sad fact is that Howard & Co has been around too long and they will get a kicking precisely because of that. Nothing to do with their performance - just good old "class warfare" - yes, the Aussies do that too despite not having an old Etonian amongst their numbers. In many ways they are more class conscious than Britain used to be in the 50s.

More importantly, they got stuffed by England two weeks ago and don't like it!

Anonymous said...

Then I suggest you concentrate on matters closer to home. There are no direct or indirect comparisons with UK and Australian politics. Anyone who says so is talking utter rubbish.

Iain Dale said...

Jeez, mate, a bit touchy aren't you? This is a political blog. Which carries stories and videos of a political nature. I never compared Australian and British politics. Although I'm more than happy to start!

Ted Foan said...

Come on Iain - throw a few more prawns on the barbie and crack open a couple of tinnies. Let's have a bit of a go mate!

Anonymous said...

Please do so and e will have an interesting dialogue.

Gavin said...

Sensible straight-talking from the Australian conservatives, as usual.
Such a pity that our own culture has been so imbibed with socialist shite that such a common-sense ad campaign would not even be contemplated here. I'm looking into emigrating to Oz at the earliest possible opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Australia's certainly a blunt, straight-talking, bullshit-free zone; I sometimes wish I'd never left. Labor are a formidable tough machine, though, and will doubtless respond in kind.

On the subject of comparisons with UK politics, what's got to be remembered is the historically large Roman Catholic population. This means the labour movement has had a corporatist, Rerum Novarum strand in its thinking. Labor, particularly its NSW Right faction, has thus always had a bunch of free market, pro-US anti-Communist types who believe in human dignity before equality or liberty, solidarity between social groups, state funding for church schools and state co-operation with big unions and big business. Their closest European equivalent is probably Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats, or some of the Catholic corporatists of Tony Blair's Labour party (Ruth Kelly, Andy "pro-marriage" Burnham, etc). Australian Labor were the pro-market deregulating Thatcherites of the 1980s, and were Blairite and New Labour before such things existed, or rather, Blair is a Keatingite.

David Willets wrote an article about what he believes is the history of Christian Democrats in the UK Tory party. It's available on the web somewhere, though not sure how much weight to put on it.

Anonymous said...

John Howard will win, because as the campaign goes on the electorate will see that the Opposition has nothig to offer but a pale imitation of the most successful federal Government since the Menzies Government of the 50s and 60s.

Our Laboir Party has no vision whatsoever. It is the tool of the tired politically correct hacks and hackettes who wank on and on about how Australia has "changed into a less caring country" but who cannot offer any evidence for suuch a stupid conclusion.

Anonymous said...


Your belief that the ALP NSW right is powerful and right-wing is not very true any more.

The Liberals have broken them into little pieces in the last 4 federal elections.

dizzy said...

Hmmm is "Howard" commenting above the same person that lacked a sense of humour the other day on my blog? If so then I refuse to accept that he is a dingo shagger. It must be an act.

Old BE said...

Are the Aussies having a 1964 moment?

Perhaps then by 2009 they will have won the World Cup and had an economic crisis.

Anonymous said...

ed - 1991 was the last time they won the RWC - they'll be singing "twenty years of hurt" by the time the next one comes around!

Village said...

youtube have taken the ad down. Does someone have another link for it?


Scipio said...

The main point ins all this, is that they lost to England.

In honour of this momentous event, and as a way of serving the cold dish of revenge for all the Pom Bashing over the yeears, I re-wrote the Australian National Anthem (Advance Australia Fair) thus:

All English men, let us rejoice,
And stand tall as a pom.
And know that when it really counts,
Our team, they do not bomb!
We choked not, nor gave up the ghost,
Poms always stand their ground!
We kicked your arse, then beat the frogs
So homeward ye are bound!

And take the All Blacks back with you,
As homeward ye are bound!

Thank you, I thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm aware the NSW Right is no longer anywhere near as important as it once was; I don't think I was claiming otherwise, but I take your point.