Saturday, October 27, 2007

You Couldn't Make it Up: No 94

Two facts about the United Nations which demonstrate what a joke it has become...

1. The Head of the UN's economic development commission comes from .... Zimbabwe.

2. The next Head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission comes from .... Saudi Arabia. Cuba and China are also leading members.

Coming soon: Iran to head up the Nuclear Non Proliferation Commission!


AloneMan said...

Is that really fair, Iain ? Does it follow that you're not well qualified to talk about economic development commission just because you come from Zimbabwe ? And should anyone be automatically excluded from leading a forum on human rights just because they come from Saudi Arabia ?
Actually, there's an argument that says these people might be especially well qualified on these issues, as they've presumably seen the effects of these issues being handled very badly at first hand.

Anonymous said...

This is a peculiar phrase: about the United Nations which demonstrate what a joke it has become...

Surely you realise that the UN was a racket from Day One ... a New Worlder Order, One-Worlder scam. It has never done one worthwhile thing in the history of its existence. Please don't say, "Oh, but the World Health Organisation has eliminated many diseases!" because I would reply, "Oh, really? The WHO or the Americans and the West, the only members with backgrounds in science and discovery, would have eliminated or found cures for these diseases anyway." And what the hell is UNESCO all about except faux naif One Worlder Christmas cards?

The greatest service we could perform for humanity is get some really good dynamite - any good terrorist can direct us to the best buys - and blow that sucker sky high. Preferably on a working day.

Anonymous said...

If the UN seems to be a joke it is because the people that run the place want you to think it is a joke.

BUT THE UN is anything but a joke or joking.

The UN is the New World Orders one world government.

These mega powerful bankers that set the thing up, see themselves as gods. It matters not which type of dictator runs where, to these people. It is by this method of deliberate division and confusion they keep their control over the destiny of mankind.

If the world became peaceful we would not need a weapons industry or central political control of any type. There is not a government anywhere in the entire planet that really wants this.

Which is why peace has NEVER been achieved for long in the past, and with the arrival of the UN will never happen again in the future. Not even for one single day ever again.

The UN is a Masonic invention, designed to discuss, regulate, mitigate, incorporate, instigate, run, promote, encourage, and vastly profit from International and National violent conflict.

The UN also ensures the right for any leader of any nation to murder torture and intimidate any amount of his own people, as he so wishes.

The UN is in fact a later day reversal of Magna Carta.

The UN and its WHO especially is the most potentially evil organization ever devised by man or beast, being run and managed by the most evil people in the world.

Dont take my word for it research it for yourself. The UN has been in the control of what could very well be described as Nazis from the start, and it still is now.

Anonymous said...

Will you PLEASE stop the videos from starting automatically. The default posiiton should be off. It is intensely irritating to be trying to read a post and interrupted by anasked for sounds.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we're all laughing.

Anonymous said...

Saudi Arabia with a say on human rights is like giving a terrorist a say on what evidence can be heard at their trial!
The UN is a corrupt and squalid organisation that causes more problems than it solves. Look at Cyprus where the UN has been making a bad problem even worse with its weak and pandering attitude to the two sides, always givng in to the militant nature of the local polititians.
Time to disolve this tranzi gang and make up an organisation of only free democratic nations that can live upto a high standard of democracy and human rights! Only nations that can come upto the highest standards can join and the rest can do as they please! I can assure you that way the world democratic standard would rise vey fast!
What is the agenda here? are the corrupt and evil states trying to drag us all down to their level OR is the free west trying to raise the bad states to a higher level?

Anonymous said...

What do you think of the upcoming visit by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the banners up on The Mall at the moment?

strapworld said...

atlas shrugged ! words fail must be tea time in the Number 10 policy unit..I mean how can anyone with such juvenile views be employed anywhere else?

However, I do agree that the United Nations is a waste of time, sadly. Just like the League of Nations and,indeed, the EU!

At a time when cool heads are required -especially on Iran- we get the dictator of Russia a Mr Putin threatening the world with another Cuba! (I think someone should whisper in his ear that they lost that particular row, rather spectacularly!

But when we get African Countries refusing to do anything about Zimbabwe and China supping with North Korea and Russia with Iran--plus all these rather ridiculous appointments at the disUnited Nations - the world is at a far more dangerous state that just prior to WW11.

Time for a cocoa, close the curtains,turn on the lights and make that time honoured plea "Stop the world I wanna get off"

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Robert Mugabe's ministers were duped this last year into believing that a woman could conjure up diesel oil from a rock. They paid her Five Billion Zimbabwean Dollars (now worth about two and a half grand) to create the fuel. She was also given a farm that had been seized from a white farmer. The woman claims to be a spirit medium, but was (surprise, surprise) plugging a hose pipe into the rock and pumping it via a tank. These were government ministers and a police chief, not your average peasant.

Meanwhile over in South Africa, if you get HIV try eating more green vegetables. That's the official advice given out by the government Health Minister.

And a respected scientist and Nobel Prize winner has been hounded out of this country for suggesting, just suggesting, that black people are less intelligent.

Gavin Whenman said...

The "economic development commission" doesn't exist as far as I can tell:
A Zimbabwean was elected to head the Commission on Sustainable Development:
This seems to be because it was Africa's turn to nominate and they nominated a Zimbabwean. The vote was nonetheless close: 26 - 21.

The UN Human Rights Commission was replaced in 2006 by the Human Rights Council. The President of the Council is currently Doru Costea of Romania:

Cuba and China are members, as are the UK, France, Canada, Germany. It is arguably better to include and encourage change, than to exclude, isolate and entrench bad behaviour. The US has refused to seek a seat on the council.

Anonymous said...

Over the last few days, this blog has been moving with the speed and vivacity of molasses.


Anonymous said...

Womble - the UN representatives will be those individuals sanctioned and approved by their Governments, not bright independents!

Do you really imagine that the Sauds would put forward someone who believes in Western Democracy and freedom for women? Or that Mugabe would propose a rep who was not a bosom buddy?

Anonymous said...

His Hugeness is far too busy being the World's Greatest Blogger to keep an eye on things here.

Inter alia, he is doling out advice to David Cameron, the Liberal Democrats, Gordon Brown, the BBC, the United Nations, Vladimir Putin and the lady who runs his corner shop.

If WW3 breaks out, he is planning to direct Allied operations from a bunker in Tunbridge Wells.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Careful, verity, your first post is probably contravening the latest iteration of the Prevention of Terrorism Act, not to mention the US PATRIOT Act...

Anonymous said...

The UN is an invention of the banks controlled by the same because every single big expensive thing in the whole damned world is.

The UN is therefore what it is, because it is designed to be so, doing the things it is instructed or encouraged to do.

Democratic nations have no better a record on the preservation of human life then non democratic ones do. A fact the world knows well even if many in the so called free world does not.

( Hitler, as I hope we all know, got elected by a higher percentage then Tony Blair ever did. Gordon Brown has not been elected PM of Britain by anyone )

The UN fosters conflict, because the people that own the UN want it to do so. Otherwise the UN would stop doing it.

Anonymous said...


My views are made simple, so that simple people like you may start to understand the way the world works.

The UN is not a waste of time it is the WORLDS GOVERNMENT in waiting, while 4 pan-national undemocratic economic and social states are being created below it.

Top down government to die for, if ever there was such a thing.

It is a perfectly vast waste of human life and resources but then the UN is a government, what do you expect?

I can assure you that any type of democratic British government will be confined to history books a long time before the completely undemocratic UN one is.

If I was you I would do some research on the subject before you comment with such confidence again.

Paul Linford said...

Well, it's only mildly more laughable than Tony Blair being employed as a Middle East peacemaker.

M. Hristov said...

Verity has got a bit bored. Oh dear! Well, Verity, who fought the Korean War against that North Koreans and the Communist Chinese? Answer the U.N. Not so useless from day one after all !!

Iain, the reason that the Peoples Republic of China (Communist China) is a permanent member of the security council is that the U.S. wanted the Republic of China (Kuomintang (Nationalist) China) to be a great nation after World War II. I refer you to Max Hastings excellent new book which covers the U.S./ Chinese relationship.

Iain, if you expel all non-liberal western democracies from the U.N. then you get N.A.T.O. Lyndon Johnson;’s famous crude comment comes to mind. “I would rather have them in the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in”.

The Saudis have oil and thanks to the mind bogglingly stupid policies of the neo-conservatives, we need that more than ever. I understand that Gordon Brown has ordered a “white tie” outfit for King Abdullah’s state visit. Something that the City of London has, hitherto, been unable to persuade him to do.

There was a period when the British Empire ignored the Saudis and the reason for this is very interesting. In 1910 a Briton ,Captain William Shakespeare, was sent to report on the doings of Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud (later the 1st King of Saudi Arabia).In 1915 Captain Shakespeare got completely “carried away” and got involved in a war that Abdul Aziz was fighting with another tribe. Captain Shakespeare was killed. The British authorities then decided that cultivation of the Saudis was too dangerous and turned to trying to build up a relationship with the Sherif of Mecca, a Hashmite (the ancestor of King Abdullah II of Jordan). Years later Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud was asked who was the bravest man he had ever met. His reply was Captain Shakespeare.

Yak40 said...

UN .. Annan .. Oil For Food (and money for me) .. Malloch Brown .. Soros .. "Peace Keepers" trafficing children in Africa .. it goes on and on .. by what authority do they tell us how to act ?

John Trenchard said...

"Iran to head up the Nuclear Non Proliferation Commission!"

your joke is closer to the truth than you realise Iain. Syria was appointed to the deputy chairman position of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency!

Article here

John Trenchard said...

"Well, it's only mildly more laughable than Tony Blair being employed as a Middle East peacemaker.
October 27, 2007 6:22 PM"

I have visions of Rory Bremner style sketch featuring the New World Order Bilderbergers :

"Rights, thats all the presidents and prime ministers appointed for next year. Now that serious stuff is out of the way, a bit of relaxation - it's the practical joke appointments.... and please, the joke has to be obvious enough that any rational, normal person will see it as a joke. We just use this to see which of our pet politicians are as thick as two planks.

suggestions please!"

Anonymous said...

By the logic [or lack of it] of your 'argument', you would be precluded from offering your opinions on tax and pensions simply because our PM has, in your opinion, failed in these areas.

Your ability to debate clearly was not forged in the Oxford Union, and the level of intellectual rigour you bring to an argument is very low indeed. Where did you go to university [if indeed you did ] and what did you study ? It patently wasn't philosophy or PPE, that is for sure..

For a more holistic view of what changes could be made to improve the UN, try reading a George Monbiot book - he actually uses things like 'facts' and rational argument to propose improvements, rather than just declaiming in a 'We're all doomed !' Dale-style..

Mulligan said...

Or Gordon Brown giving a speech on personal freedom and liberty.

Anonymous said...

Atlas Shrugged - You write: "while 4 pan-national undemocratic economic and social states are being created below it."

Well, certainly the EU is one such horrific example - the poster area pour encourager les autres so far down the road to communist serfdom is it. What are the others? BTW, I foresee that the EU will eventually include the Magreb, because the French want it so much.

I assume you are thinking that NAFTA might morph into another such. I am not so sure. Indeed, the one beacon we are going to have is that the United States is deeply rooted in liberty.

I realise there are people already lobbying for it, and needless to say, these are the same destructive communist brotherhood that is shoving the EU down people's throats. But I don't think the Americans will go for it. American legislators are going to go with what will get them re-elected, and the American electorate is much more alert and sophisticated than is the British electorate.

I assume Africa is one of the four undemocratic social states you are thinking of?

However, I have hot news for the brotherhood: China doesn't give a crap and neither will India. Oz won't go for it either.

I'd be interested in reading what the areas you refer to are. I am not saying such plans are not already tabled. It's just that I don't think the New World Order can carry it off.

Anonymous said...

Mori poll in the Observer has Labour on 41%, 1% ahead of the Conservatives, will you be highlighting that poll Iain. A good day to be a Labour supporter Iain?

Anonymous said...

I had assumed that Francis Nheme was chosen as head of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development because he was a distinguished expert in that field.

Incredibly, however, it was the Zimbabwean government which was chosen to lead the commission (on a Buggins's turn basis).

They have appointed Nheme, who is a run-of-the-mill politician (currently Environment and Tourism Minister) as the commission head.

Anonymous said...

Third Worlders didn't think up the UN. Third Worlders didn't finance the UN.

So, ask yourselves, why are these people being accorded positions of power?

Answer: No reason except the advancement of the UN as a pretend inclusive global, New World Order government. Give them treats and it keeps them passive and self-important.

No one gives a crap what a Zambian politician,or the president of Sierra Leon has to say about anything. No one cares about the opinions of some politician in Mali, but they're given time and papers and headphones and secretaries and simultaneous translators and their pointless talk is translated for the voluminous official UN records, into every language of the world and it means diddly.

It's all pretend.

Iain is missing the point in naively thinking all this is serious.

It's the creeping advance of the New World Order. Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you!

Oh, wait a minute, don't bother, they're here.

Anonymous said...


If the Bilderbergers are running the show, who is running the Bilderbergers? Which also begs the question.

Who runs the people that run the Bilderbergers?

This is possibly THE most seriously big question of all time.

Because I do not think there is anyone on this entire planet that would be allowed to answer that question. I for one have no better idea then anyone else, and also would not dare to guess. One things for sure it is not George Bush or Gordon Brown or any other elected crook with a wildly overinflated ego.

Which again begs the question.

If we have no idea who this person is. How can we bring him/her to justice for any crimes against humanity they may commit?

Answer: We cant and he/she must know this.

So lets just hope that whoever Mr/Mrs/Miss Very Big is, they love just about everyone and always get out of the right side of the bed every morning. Or quite frankly we are going to get completely fucked AGAIN.

Laurence Boyce said...

Yes, and Britain and America are on the security council. Ha ha ha . . .

Anonymous said...


You misunderstand the positions discussed. The members of the committee do not act on their own behalf. They are representatives of their governments. The fact that Zimbabwe's government has caused a disaster in the field of development, and that Saudi Arabia's government has a very poor human-rights record should preclude their representatives being included in those committees, let alone chairing them.

Anon 07:43

What are you on? You either completely misunderstand the concept of the UN in the same way as Womble, or you just want to make a point that has nothing to do with the post, so make up a spurious link!

Iain has no link to our government. His comments here are not representations of our government.

Anonymous said...

Laurence Boyce - What a witty observation! Britain and the US are on the Security Council! That is absolutely true! But I think I'm missing the point of your clever insight.

Atlas - Unquestionably, there is a drive among some world leaders towards a New World Order. I don't know anything about the Bildenbergers and I don't give this notion any credence anyway. It's all a bit too "Dr No"esque.

By the way, Mr Bush is not a crook. He's actually quite a straight person. The equally rich Al Gore, however, is a major crook. Blair is a mega criminal and Chirac and his mates - one of whom is now in charge of the European Bank - the very name has a dull thunk, does it not? - one M Trichet who cheated the Credit Lyonais of 30 billion with a b euros. And every African leader is a crook and a gangster. Ex-PM Berlusconi, of course. Putin, I'm sure, but he's not a New World Orderite.

On the whole, the Anglosphere comes out very clean and dependable, with the exception of Britain. I don't think any of the rest of them are in the drive to the New World Order.

Rather than the Bildenbergers or any other fanciful hidden secret society, I think it is simply our own friends the socialists, of whom there is no one more vicous, angry, destructive and greedy for power. I'd like to see adherence to socialism made a capital crime. At the very least, it would rid us of oxygen thieves Tony and Cherie Blair.

BTW, I think the main drivers of The New World Order are Europeans, not some fanciful Bildenbergers. What's more, they're old Trots and Marxists and drips with a grudge. Jack Straw slithers to mind.

This doesn't make it any less hazardous to the health and wellbeing of democracy, but it's helpful to know who one's enemies are. Anyway, that's my opinion. No Bildenbergers.

And the New World Order will never get the United States, whose belief in Manifest Destiny will see it through.

Anonymous said...

"I'd like to see adherence to socialism made a capital crime. At the very least, it would rid us of oxygen thieves Tony and Cherie Blair."

You're getting soft in your old age.

Anonymous said...

Tone 'n' Cher were among the first new generation One Worlders when they were keen members of the CND.

Oddly, all mention of this, and photos, if any, have been airbrushed out of the CND's records and Tone 'n' Cher's CVs. Just like the old Soviet Union. The USSR may be defunct, but it lives on in the hearts of thought fascists and social engineers everywhere.

Anonymous said...

So being from Zimbabwe means you can't get a top job.
That's Conservative equal opportunities for you.

Iain Dale said...

Miles, if you had bothered to read the comments you would understand why this stinks. He was given the job on a buggins turn basis, has no qualifications for it and has been a total failure as a Minister in Mugabe's government. What sort of signal does this send?

Anonymous said...

Miles - every nation has a contingency at the UN. Positions in this disreputable organisation are awarded on, as Iain said, a corrupt'Buggins' turn' basis.

It was Zimbabwe's turn.

I believe a child of 10 could understand this.

However,were this not the case, yes, I would bar anyone from Zimbabwe from holding a position at the UN until the country has cleaned up its reputation. Any Zimbabwean saints should be at home working to clean up their hellhole.