Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Night Open Thread

We're off out to dinner this evening with my friend Simon Jones, who's the Tory candidate in Dagenham & Rainham, so I thought I would, by popular demand, create another open thread, where you can discuss what you like. Well, when I say "what you like", just remember I will have my Blackberry with me. I will be very annoyed if I have to use it, so behave!

Over to you!


Anonymous said...

Isn't everyone in Paris?

Anonymous said...

Is that Paris France?

Anonymous said...

Thing is, if you contribute to this thread you're just revealing that you're either:
(a) a hopeless, friendless, loveless computery nerd type person who has absolutely nowhere to go on a Saturday night and is probably hunched over his PC in some freezing damp attic, typing manically like the guy in those irritating Sky adverts, or

(b) not in Paris.


Anonymous said...


(c)Scottish, googling Afrikaans drinking songs...

Anonymous said...

AA 7:13

"Er" Classic...!

Rugger in two minutes..

No dale! I said rugger, Come on England.

Adrian Windisch said...

How about a plastic bag tax. Theres one in Ireland, it reduces waste, bags last centuries and get into nature where they damage wildlife.

One town banned them entirely, Modbury. See

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Would you rather be in Paris Hilton?

Anonymous said...

Iain never mind going out hob nobbing and name dropping get your nose to the grindstone and plan the election victory. The next column should be "How to Win an Election". Towards the end of the Cons in power I was sure some leftie sleepers were in the party and suggesting policy to upset the people. Salary related fines, the Poll Tax, bashing the motorist, hitting savings, care for the elderly. Labour didn't win it we threw it away. Does one of the rugby commentators sound like Tony Blackburn?

Anonymous said...

Is that the Simon Jones who was in the Hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy?


Anonymous said...

Always remember, we're better than Brazil and Germany at cricket and rugger; we're better than South Africa, Australia and New Zealand at soccer; we're better than Scotland at everything (except whingeing).

Anonymous said...

Well done South Africa.

It's not the winning but the taking part that counts.

Anonymous said...

Just watched G Brown giving commiserations to the England team-Wilkinson snubbed him-


Mulligan said...

Well done Jonny. Top Man

Probably scared that GG was trying to grab 40 odd percent of his medal

Anonymous said...

no kudos for gordo. thats the only silver lining/......

Anonymous said...

More arrests in Bradford over vote rigging. So far no details have been given but I think we know where this is going.

We now have a part of Britain dominated by people of Asian origin who are not fit to live here, let alone run their council.

There have been numerous illegal and irregular attempts at turning us into a banana republic.(Not my phrase but a Judge's.)

Hysterical? Me?

4 April 2005

A judge investigating vote-rigging in Birmingham's local elections has ruled there was widespread fraud and ordered new elections.
The names of the accused: Shafaq Ahmed, Shah Jahan and Ayaz Khan, Mohammed Islam, Muhammed Afzal and Mohammed Kazi. The claims against them were upheld.

April 8 2005:
A former Labour councillor was jailed for three and a half years for rigging postal votes.

Muhammed Hussain, 61, from Logwood Street, Blackburn, Lancashire, pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud local elections in May 2002. Judge Peter Openshaw said that he had no
precedent for deciding Hussein’s punishment because election fraud on such a scale had
been unknown in Britain for 100 years.

So, are we to let sections of ethnic communities take our democracy back 100 years?

Anonymous said...

Excellent point about the vote rigging. I made the same point here a few months ago. Labour brought in postal voting as a sop the backward urban Muslim vote. They want 'elders' to collect the postals votes and fill them in themselves. They don't much care for women voting either.
A few monts ago I spotted a local paper in east lancs that reported two local vote riggers being released from jail. You can guess the rest.

This, and the scrapping of the 'primary purpose rule' (which helped stop forced marriages) by Labour as an election bride was beyond disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

another anonymous said...
Thing is, if you contribute to this thread you're just revealing that you're either:
(a) a hopeless, friendless, loveless computery nerd type person who has absolutely nowhere to go on a Saturday night...

Do you mind! Please keep your stereotypes to yourself. I've just got back home from collecting votes for Harlow's People's Referendum on the EU Treaty. And some people are working at their pc - yes, even on Saturday night.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

When you've lost a final in any sport you want to get off the pitch/ field/ court as quickly as possible and get the loss out of your system. What you DON'T want is some pathetic politician trying to speak to you to give false words of commiseration just to prove that he's a right-on guy.

Brown still couldn't synchronise his smile with his handshake of sympathy. What an absolute plonker!!

Anonymous said...

How about rumours that Gordon is seeking asylum in France after it was revealed he was not straightforward with his office costs...

Brown sublet may have breached expenses rules

Anonymous said...

Universal suffrage (as long as ones prepared to get ones arse down to the polling station) is an integral part of democracy, say I.

It seems to me that anybody who isn't prepared to get themselves down to the PS doesn't want to play.

Play up, play up and play the game!

And, I thought we (Les Anglais) did jolly well in Paris. Pity about the result. Would that politics on this side of La Manche were played in the same spirit. It used to be, until politics became a 'Profession'.

Note to Iain: Please change my answer to: What should MPs be paid? in your recent questionnaire to: The Square Root of FA.

And, the same applies to the England Rugby Football team. Mark my words, give it ten years and they'll be just as precious of the Soccer woosers. Money corrupts in sport. Except, it would seem, for tennis and golf.

Well, at least golf.

Has anybody any idea how golf, with all the money swashing around, has maintained its dignity?

To sum up, if you're not prepared to get yourself down to the polling station - tough.

Anonymous said...

None of that means Gordon was at it. But then neither was Henry McLeish who resigned over the muddle in his accounts.,,589884,00.html

Obviously something seriously wrong in the people running the Fife Labour party.

Man in a Shed said...

Just back from the pub - England played their hearts out and have made us all proud.

Congratulations to the Spring Boks.

However the pub thought that the forth referee was perhaps Australian ?

Brown booed by the pub when he appeared during the National Anthem.

Isn't it time England had its own national anthem ?

Off to bed .....

Anonymous said...

Well bang goes both your and your dinner companion's credibility of any connection with the British/English public if you went out to dinner tonight.

If you had been watching, you would have seen Brown at the prize giving as already been mentioned. I did not notice Jonners snubbing him, if he did, because I was too enraged that Brown was down there shaking hands with everyone. The Presidents of France and S Africa were there, surely, because they are Heads of State. As the Queen was not there, but Prince William was, why on earth wasn't it him? Who decided that Brown now represents the full nation whilst the Royal Family does not? It was absolutely nauseating.

Does anyone know the precedents for this, or is Brown just so obnoxious, even compared with Blair, that my sense of humour failure at US being represented by HIM is just down to that.

And the bloody man isn't even English. Couldn't he have at least sent the Foreign Secretary or someone who is.

The only consolation was that Brown looked thoroughly uncomfortable and a complete wally. Which I suppose the Foreign Secretary would as well. Answers on a postcard: if you want someone up on a podium at a sporting event at which England have played at the highest level, who would best represent England on the TV images of the rugby playing world: Prince William, almost universally popular, English, who was there last time when we won, was wearing an England replica shirt and is a near world icon; or a Scottish man is a black overcoat looking shifty?

It ought to be investigated as to whether Brown insisted upon it or whether it was just a cock-up. Either way, it should not have been allowed to happen.

Grendel said...

Hours of potential amusement resulting from

Sorry, haven't worked out how to proper links :-(

Anonymous said...

Yes, Brown was booed by 150 people where I was too.

Newmania said...

brown was booed ....superb. It was infuriating to see him gloating. the players didn`t bother with him at all , what was he doing there

Highly inappropriate

SteveH103 said...

Shame about the rugby. But can anyone tell me why during the presentations to the England Team AND South Africa Elgars Nimrod was playing over the pa system in the stadium. Stirring stuff, thanks to the french for doing that.

SteveH103 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I must confess to having absolutely no interest in sport; particularly none in rugby. I confess, further, that I positively wanted England to lose.

This is not because I'm some leftie England sponger and decryer (quite the opposite) but I just couldn't bear the prospect of Gordon Brown gaining some kind of bounce from the general good cheer which would have resulted from a win.

To have seen Brown "smiling" with the team, on the front page of every newspaper, would have made me vomit into my cornflakes.

Didn't anyone hear that rumour, on sky news last night, that Sarkozy wants to forward Blair's name as President of Europe? The rumour states that it's either Blair or some ultra federalist from Luxembourg. What a terrible choice!

Anonymous said...

I think that rumour about 'President'Blair is wrong in one respect - surely the plan is for it to be 'His Imperial Highness Anthony and Empress Cherie'?

Unsworth said...

Sarkozy is certainly ready to put Blair's name in the frame. Of course there'll be a payoff. But Brown has already publicly and unquestioningly endorsed Blair's candidacy so there may be a little tussle here for the 'benefits' of supporting Blair.

I suppose it depends on which of these two Blair regards as the kingmaker or, in Brown's case, the queenmaker. And, on the same subject, Mandelson is out of the picture but don't be surprised if he has a crack at it.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't impressed by shots of Prince Harry laughing and giggling at his cell phone - presumably he was texting - during the awards ceremony. He is a childish boor with no self control or esteem. Did we ever find out who his parents are?

Anonymous said...

Iain might be sciving but we're discussing national pride over on my blog.
Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.

Anonymous said...

Here's a little item to make your blood boil.

Police officers say that motorists are now reluctant to pull over when they hear a police siren and see blue flashing lights in their rear view mirror. The reason: If you pull over into a bus lane you get caught on camera and fined.

Anonymous said...

Trumpeter, sadly this isn't new: if you cross a red light to permit an emergency vehicle to pass, you are also screwed. There is a complete disjunction between law and commonsense in this country.

Newmania said...

I posted the rumour that Blair was going to be in the hotseat for the Prez yetterday only to be told ( by Ed).." Oh don`t tell me you are suprised by this"

I hope he is . If there is one thing that is utterely clear in the volatile Polls it is that absolutely everyone hates Blair . He will nonetheless continue to rule the country from his Euro fastnesse.

I think its a good thing in that it will embarrass the Labour Party and he is probably a lot less harm than the others who are importing Socialism into our country against our wishes

I notice Marr studiously ignored this open goal this morning ...typical

Newmania said...


“Nick Clog and Buff Huhne were on smirking winsomely at each other like girlishly shy lovers prior to a Sapphic feast of carnal delight (3) At pains to show he was not Cameron Lite he emphasised his anti Thatcherism and concern about unemployment while he was at Oxbridge .( …..coughtosser cough). He balanced that with the tale of how Liberals had been against ID cards following the second world war. ~(4)

That is the problem with Liberals isn`t it . Clog knows that Thatcher did not ‘cause’ unemployment , the Unions and left did by their misguided anti competitive socialism leading to the crisis of the 70s . AS an orange booker he tries to have it both ways . Similarly he claims to be against ID cards but he is all for handing our democratic rights to a Euro aristocracy of Clog -like new Medicis who , coincidentally , are going to impose ID cards on us whatever we say.
The best Liberal is a liar because their beliefs try to encompass mutually contradictory impulses to meddles and to free. I would be the last person to want doctrine to replace human confusion but not to the point where it bequeaths a childish Christmas list."

Well while the cat`s know.......

Incidentally James Clappison was absolutely superb in the Scrutiny committee. I `ve never heard of him before ... Is he always this good .?Greg hands was entirely ineffectual and looked like the someone’s ugly sister, theoretically y there to balance the numbers for Dinner but ignored in practice. I`ve met Greg hands in a restaurant in Highbury. I asked him for his views on the Freedom of provision of services act which is supposed to be an area of competence . I was amazed at his ignorance . This was my belated Damascean insight that MP`s , far from being omniscient , are unusually hopeless outside their pin-head sized specialities

Anonymous said...

I see that big chunks of the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation 24 Hours news station is being given over this morning to the Big English Whinge that 'we were robbed' by the referee in Paris last night.

Get over it! The try was clearly and correctly ruled out... the better team by far won.

And now, BBC 24 Hours news can you get back to the real world where this game never had anything remotely like the importance in world news terms that you attribute it with.

Tapestry said...

The rugby is being unashamedly used as a way to get the EU summit out of the news headlines.

The government wants you to forget that Brown sold you into the EU yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Does he or does he not support an English parliament ?

Newmania said...

The government wants you to forget that Brown sold you into the EU yesterday.

What exacty happened yesterday then ?

Anonymous said...

A blair presidency would certainly be one more reason for an overwhelming NO vote if we ever succeed in getting an EU constitution referendum. In that sense, it would be the first time he had ever done anythng for the British people.

Anonymous said...

Over on the greenie thread, we have had some entertainment from discussing catastrophic greenie predictions that never came true.

One item that never has to endure the fresh air of free debate, however, is the one catastrophe that is waiting quietly in the wings: the burgeoning muslim population in Britain and Western Europe.

It is predicted in this morning's papers that our population will rise to 75m by the middle of the century. In other words, almost double of what it was in 1980, within 30 or 40 years. This will largely be driven by the abnormally high birth rates (and genetic defect rates from incestuous "marriages", but that's a different story) of immigrants. We all know which immigrants will be the main engines of this.

Lefty and Greenie David Cameron has moronically set up a committee to advise Conservatives on "muslim issues".(Telegraph, via Melanie Phillips.)

Why? Legal constituents already have their MPs to discuss their "issues" with. The muslims should be setting up committees to advise the adherents of their belief system on how to settle down and shut up.

Did anyone set up special committees for Hindu immigrants, or did they settle in and excel at everything they touched, and create wealth that is a real contribution to the common weal of Britain? As did the Jews?

Worse than "global cooling" and "global warming" and the other end-of-the-world greenie scenarios is the muslim presence in W Europe.

Sooner or later, this is going to have to be addressed and the intentional dilution of our stable culture and civil societies with the importation of these people halted.

Cameron's forum has already "demanded" (of course) "full recognition to [sic] the massive contribution that Islam has made to the development of Western civilisation".

That's one hell of a lot of hours devoted to recipes for babaganoush.

David Cameron is a lefty masquerading not as a Conservative, but a middle-of-the-roader. We need a leader who is prepared to discuss this threat the Western democracies.

Anonymous said...

What shall I do now?

ooh I know: word verification - palig.

Anonymous said...

judith said...
"Trumpeter, sadly this isn't new: if you cross a red light to permit an emergency vehicle to pass, you are also screwed. There is a complete disjunction between law and commonsense in this country."

That's just an urban rumour.

Anonymous said...

David Cameron has resigned Iain. And he's to be replaced by Mark Thatcher. The Tories will abolish gay rights and sign the new EU non-constitution. Just in case you were settling down to eat!

"The Informer"

Anonymous said...

What if it occurs outside town? Is it a rural rumour?

Anonymous said...

Please come back Iain, I'm missing you.


Manfarang said...

shire legends?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the person who unwittingly passed on the misinformation to you was rather sophisticated, it could be an urbane legend.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if the misinformation concerned traffic in Istanbul, it could be a turban legend.

Manfarang said...

A Wonderland of Burmese Legends
by Knin Myo Chit
Illustrated by Paw Oo Thet
Published by Orchid Press

Anonymous said...

NO, IT IS NOT AN URBAN/E MYTH, it is a fact - just like the one where in London, TfL paints the bus lane right up to a junction, so if you have to turn left, you trespass into the bus lane and you get fined - I know, it happened to my daughter twice. Great way of subsidising Livingstone so he can spend more money on entertaining terrorists.

Anonymous said...

In S Africa, misinformation in common currency is known as a Durban legend.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that only now the BBC has noticed that there's f*ck all dentists left in Britain? What shock horror breaking news story will they reveal next - that Hitler is dead?

And why didn't our political representatives kicked up a fuss about the lack of dentists two, three or four years ago?

Expat said...

Was the gay moron in San Paulo today

Anonymous said...

Brown is to promote London as a major world financial sector for Islamic-style banking and investment.

What should Cameron's position on that be?

Verity, get back in your cage.

Anonymous said...

Was Tony Blair really Gordon Brown's "abused and bullied wife"?

I would have thought that Blair was more the wimpish, henpecked husband and Brown was the domineering and at times raving mad banshee of a wife, if you know what I mean ;-)

Anyway, here's what poor old Tony said:

BTW some fruity language there for the fabled "son of the manse"!!

Anonymous said...

Rumours you pass on under the influence of whiskey are bourbon legends.

Anonymous said...

is gordon brown an egotistical raving fruitca -

No, but those who christened you clearly are!!!!!!

Don't you think the readers here haven't already ready the Mail on Sunday?

I get it for the exceedingly funny editorials and letters page.

Apparently we're going to be victims of a pputsch by a Polish-Turkish load of "turban guerrillas"! Run for cover!!!!! HIDE THE GIN!!!!

Anonymous said...

That Seldon piece on Brown, Blair and Balls in today's Mail really has got Brown and his stooges rattled. Within 2 minutes of it being posted on here some Brown-@rselicker pops up to mock it.

It's obviously all true then. Brown really is a paranoid, ego-obsessed loonietoon and Balls is his master.

Anonymous said...

"gordon is a moron"
Did you change it by deed poll? From Isaac, no doubt. Well, Mr Hunt....

I'm Cameron's stooge, more like, because I'm a dirty-centre-ist sent here to plague the cat-strangling final-solutionists.

Minimum wage, mind, but then I am only a hard-working Hindu chap from the FUN jab!!!

Anonymous said...

muslim tory - You don't like free speech? In an advanced democracy, we tolerate other people's right to enjoy their freedom of speech without being motivated to insult them.

Further, I don't believe you're a Tory.

Anonymous said...

You're sure you're from the Funjab? I think you may be playing hide and Sikh with us ..

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Indians ... I see that the son of Indian immigrants, Bobby Jindal, has won the governorship of Louisiana! This is the best news to come out of Louisiana for decades. The corrupt Blanco is history, and Jindal says he going to rid the state of those "feeding at the public trough," revisiting a campaign theme.

"They can either go quietly or they can go loudly, but either way, they will go," he said, adding that he would call the Legislature into special session to address ethics reform.

We on this side of the Atlantic can only dream.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Verity, I mis-styped, I'm married to a Hindu chef - of course I'm anti-democracy, and I hope your husband knows you're writing here!

Any thoughts on Islamic banking in London?

Anonymous said...

No, I thought not.
You don't contribute, Verity, so stop pretending you're not a final solutionists. You want them all to go home, just like "Veritas" wanted. Just a loud noise.

Newmania said...


It is not an urban legend ( bus lanes etc.) I dance around bus lanes like the balletic elephants in Fantasia and will accept no further fines for the public weel.

...and if this rumour was spread at London Fashion Week would be a Fur-ban legend .......

*rapturous applau..*

Anonymous said...

Newmania - Don't address responses about London bus lanes to me. I know nothing about them.

Newmania said...

Sorry verity thought you were the originator ...( must have been a Bourbon legend hic.)

They`ve bred a silent cat..( Purr ban legend)

Yes I `m finished now

Anonymous said...

judith said...
"TfL paints the bus lane right up to a junction, so if you have to turn left, you trespass into the bus lane and you get fined - I know, it happened to my daughter twice."

You would have thought that after the first fine she would have used a bit more common sense. She sounds like one of those cyclists who think that traffic regulations apply only to others.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were referring to bus lanes, Newmania.

Purr-ban legend. V good!

Anonymous said...

cemereleon - Given that we associate the phrase "final solution" with Hitler's torture and murder of millions of Jews, you will amend your post, with an apology, for mentioning me in connection with this term, if you please.

I have never in my life argued for the taking of innocent lives and I am not going to tolerate having such a term associated with my name on a blog.

Now you can issue an apology or I'll make a complaint against you to Iain. And keep your viperish impertinence to yourself in future.

Anonymous said...


I was assuming that your daughter was a cyclist encroaching on the bus lane. If she was a motorist then she is simply stupid.

Anonymous said...

I'm not scared of Iain, Verity, or of Kilroy-Silk, whose views you represent, and whose defunct party your name echoes, and I'm not scared to point out racist remarks whenever I see them.

Hiding behind the fig leaf offered by phrases like "aren't Indians harder workers than" or "better looking than..." doesn't fool anyone with a brain.

"final solutionsist" is a rejoinder to your "One-Worlders", but if you take offence at it, then at least that shows you're not as inhuman as the worst of the 20th Century.

You don't offend me nearly as much as the silence of those who tolerate you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.53pm -
Judith's daughter one hopes knows that cyclists (including motorised ones) are allowed to use the bus lanes.

Anonymous said...

Cemereon, I Never Apologize and other nitwitty obsessional identities:
As "I'm not scared to point out racist remarks whenever I see them", explain how suggesting that islamic immigrants who are net takers from our Exchequer be offered incentives to bugger off is "racist”.

The reason we have definitions of words is so that, Alice-in-Wonderlandlike, words cannot mean what it suits our purpose for them to mean. To make the point in simple language: islam is not a race.

Christianity is not a race. Buddhism is not a race. Taoism is not a race. Are you picking up on the clues here?

What the above have in common with islam is, they are belief systems. Religions. Adhered to by choice. Daily. You can leave at any time.

OTOH, one is born into a race. One pops out black, Oriental, Caucasian, Indian. It is genetic. To condemn a person for how they were born is ridiculous.

A religion isn't genetic. It is something one thinkingly adopts every day. Islamics are islamics because they choose this path daily.

The only major belief system in the world that is also a race is Judaism and it is beyond nauseating that you are trying to grab the mantle of what these millions of people of this race/religion endured to further the ends of your cheap argument – or any argument.

Issue an apology for trying to associate me with the term "final solution".

I don't mind knockabout blogging but this is disgraceful.

I was Verity before Kilroy-Silk.

You tried to backtrack on your toxic position by writing: “"final solutionsist" is a rejoinder to your "One-Worlders", but if you take offence at it, then at least that shows you're not as inhuman as the worst of the 20th Century.”

As they say in Texas: BULL CORN.

Your pretended “logic” for your climb-down is garbage, as are you. Do not dare associate me with the phrase "final solution".



Anonymous said...

Iain - I also want to report A Muslim Roti. He's being namasté to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Westminster's licensed blogger doesn't like David Lindsay one little bit, does he? "An emerging pro-life, pro-family, pro-worker and anti-war party of economically social-democratic, morally and socially conservative British and Commonwealth patriots"? Equally critical of "Stalinists, Trotskyists, neo-Fascists, neo-Nazis, neoconservatives and Islamists"? Open about the neocons' Trotskyist roots and their Islamist and Nazi connections? Headed by "the statist, syndicalist, nationalist and theoconservative voice of the provinces"? Honest about Cameron's Scottishness and ne plus ultra upper-classness, about the impossibilty of a Cameron victory, and about the huge number of dedicated non-voters just waiting to be reached? We can't have that! If we do, then that "voice" will be PM while the octagenarian Dale is still trying to get elected at all. And then where will we be?

Check my ISP and you'll see that it is in Washington. Not the one just outside Sunderland. We could do with "a pro-life, pro-family, pro-worker and anti-war party of economically social-democratic, morally and socially conservative patriots" over here. So could a lot of places. In fact, so could everywhere. So lots of people's eyes are on David Lindsay and the British People's Alliance. But it was only by Googling for him that we ever came across this blog.

Iain Dale said...

Poor you.

Anonymous said...

Tee hee.

Anonymous said...

Verity -
I think I read you right somewhere else when you said that Pakistanis were "primitive".

Withdraw that and i'll consider you less of a racist.

Islam is not a belief system easily escaped - closer to me is the "Plymouth Brethren" belief system which causes a great deal of pain to those born into it who do not go along with it. There are others that you mention which are not the real "choices" that free, decadent westerners are so complacent about.

As far as being hauled out of the room by Iain goes, it's not likely is it? Far more offensive things are allowed through on this site, either written by lunatics operating alone, or by activists, hiding behind stupid names. I think it's called free speech.

Your call to repatriate immigrants is racist, and your obsession with it invites the use of extreme words to define you.

Please note, I do not climb down or apologise for the ethereal chip-wrapper of to-morrow that is this surreal exchange.

Read some books before you describe Islam as a belief system that is a daily choice , to be left on a whim if one chooses.

Anonymous said...

A Know-All said...
"Anon 10.53pm -
Judith's daughter one hopes knows that cyclists (including motorised ones) are allowed to use the bus lanes."

Motorcyclists are not allowed to use bus lanes in London (except at three trial locations).

Cyclists are prohibited from using some bus lanes in London.

Anonymous said...

Cemereon aka I Never Apologize aka Anonymous (in several incarnations):

Although you get a Benazir Bhutto, a Jinnah or an Imran Khan and certainly a few tens of thousands of other achievers, the vast masses of Pakistanis are backward - kept thus by the iron fist of islam, which discourages individual thought and discourages invention. This is because allah had already invented everything by the time the koran was written, so no need for anything new.

"Withdraw that and i'll consider you less of a racist." I don't give a rat's arse what you consider me, you pretentious git.

But what you absolutely must do is look "race" up in a dictionary because you don't understand the word. No one claims that the Pathans, Sindis, Punjabis - the main races of Pakistan - are genetically inferior. They are backward because they live in the iron cell of islam. It's the religion, stupid.

"Islam is not a belief system easily escaped ... belief system which causes a great deal of pain to those born into it who do not go along with it."

So? I should feel their pain because they haven't got the mettle to walk away from a destructive belief system? Plenty of people walk away from islam, or live with it under their own terms. Look at Sairah Kahn, for example. Look at Irshad Manji, who is working for a Reform.

Perhaps the bravery of the women is accounted for by the fact that they're not required to bang their heads on the floor 30 times a week month after month, year after year. It's got to have an effect.

"Your call to repatriate immigrants is racist." Dear God! Look up racism in the dictionary! My call to repatriate illegals and other non-productive, dependent "immigrants" (which word usually implies a determination to strive and contribute), is predicated on their religion, not their race.

No one would even think of calling for the Hindus and Sikhs to be repatriated. It wouldn't cross anyone's mind. It's islam that's the problem. It is the only religion that is incompatible with the enlighted West.

"Please note, I do not climb down or apologise for the ethereal chip-wrapper of to-morrow that is this surreal exchange." Oh, la di dah, you silly, uppity twerp.

"Read some books before you describe Islam as a belief system that is a daily choice , to be left on a whim if one chooses."

I don't think I want to waste my time reading anything else about islam. We all know that apostates get the death penalty - so scared are all these tyrant imams that the exit doors would be jammed with those fleeing if it were permitted. Plenty of people bugger off anyway. Those escaping fathers and brothers who plan to murder them for falling in love with a man the family didn't choose, for example.

While we're at it, another reason for paid-for reverse immigration from Britain is the incestuous "marriage" habits of Pakistanis, who marry their first cousins (for generations) and produce huge numbers of children with birth defects. Something like - look it up; I can't be bothered - 31% of newborn genetic defects treated on the British NHS are Pakistani. Thirty-one percent, when overall they're around seven percent of the population! This is a primitive, tribal habit and, as Bradford MP Anne Cryer has pleaded, this loophole of first cousin marriages needs to be plugged by law.

Unless and until it has its Reform, islam will be antithetical to the enlightened West.

BTW,if you want to see enlightened islam, look towards Jordan. The very beautiful Queen Rania seldom wears a scarf of any kind; she also drives a Red Cross ambulance and works her shift. Make-upwise and hair-do-wise, she's into the full monty. This is the kind of islam no one has a problem with.

You will withdraw your connecting what I wrote about islam with the "final solution". Not that, being familiar with taqqya and kitman, I'd believe you, but for the sake of formality.

Anonymous said...

Verity you are a prized example of a racist digging a hole.

How can re-patriation on the grounds of belief be anything other than racism?

The picture of masses of people being transported away , by boat presumably, would certainly recall the exodus of Jews from Germany, and other ethnic cleanses.


What happens to the British Muslims? Where are they to go ? Work Camps?

Idiocy. Pernicious, pusillanimous idiocy.

I will not address your poison any longer, but I will attack your racism whenever I see it.

Anonymous said...

anonymous plus all your other moronic pseudonyms - You ask, "How can re-patriation on the grounds of belief be anything other than racism?"

Are you mad? "Belief" is now a race?

What ethnicity is "belief"?

Anonymous said...

Verity , you are bereft of even the most basic intellect.

Your idea, to deport people on the grounds of their belief, would be racist in that it would necessarily divide people along racial lines. Those entitled to stay here on grounds of their British "race" would remain, (or be put into camps) while those of other "races", would depart.

You are even thicker that I thought.

Iain is at risk of causing terrible offence by allowing your cretinous rubbish to appear.

This is my last contribution here.