Friday, October 26, 2007

Telegraph Column: Cameron Should Ignore the LibDems

My column in today's Telegraph looks at the challenge Nick Clegg or Chris Huhne will provide for David Cameron.

Earlier this year, I spent a very enjoyable 60 minutes interviewing Nick
Clegg. As we walked out of the studio, I said to him: "You realise you and I
haven't disagreed on anything this evening, don't you?" Quick as a flash, he
replied: "I don't know who should be most worried by that – you or me!" I also
had a similar experience interviewing Chris Huhne. Have no fear, I'm not about
to defect to the Liberal Democrats, but I recount this anecdote to illustrate
that, for the first time in decades, they are about to elect a leader who is
quite prepared to do business with the Conservatives. Indeed, some of us feel
that Nick Clegg is actually in the wrong party.

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Anonymous said...

No Iain, he's not

These slimy LD creeps can die with their Party.

The only deal they would do with us is to shaft us with PR.

Leave them and their ego's to rot

Newmania said...

What about Europe , and what about our relationship with America ,. he is hopeless here and on immigration.He is against ID cards but if we do not impose them the EU will , its in the pipeines and he will support it.
There was a Labour MP in that tent wasn`t there , I cant remember who but he was in the New Satesman recently saying all Clog would talk about was how high up the sexiest poltical chap league he came .

I am amazed you found nothing to disagree about Iain ...he`s rather nice looking isn`t he ...........hmmm

Having said that if it were possible I would love the Liberal and Conservative Party to be on speaking terms again. They do have some good ideas and whilst its easy to laugh at their inconsistency some lf them are not by any means all bad.

I met the Liberal I ran against in the Islington Coucil elections at Chartwell . I said " Well well what are you doing here."

He said " Why not he was a Liberal too "

One nations Conservatives , which I think I may be and Liberals may agree on much but on the place of the Nation there are irreconcilable differences . Also , if you hear Clog talking to his own Party about the iniquities of Thatcher , it does grate .
Finally all the things about cameron that were unhelpful , his social background and so on are just as true of Clog if not more so
( Same with buff 2 of course)

Good article but there is no talk I have seen of anything other than a Labour pact. Labour will give them PR and we cannot . We believe in democracy...I hope

Ted Foan said...

Don't know what anonymous (12.53am) is on about but I'm with your analysis of the Lib Dems prospects. Without the "war on Iraq" tag line they are reduced to fighting street by street as they have no unique selling point across the country.

People know it's time to kick out Labour - they are tired, lacking any real substance and Brown is proving a bigger disaster than could have been predicted.

Push hard on their incompetence and waste of taxpayers money for no real benefit and it will drive the message home.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

If I didn't know any better, I'd be pondering the possibility that you might be trying to do your bit sabotage Clegg's leadership prospects by suggesting there's little between him and us. Couldn't be doing with a successful and appealing Lib Dem leader now, could we?!

Not that I'm asserting, of course- just pondering!

Paul Linford said...

Some Lib Dems also feel Nick Clegg is in the wrong party.

Newmania said...

I wondered if you wanted to sabotage Clog`s chances Iain

Anonymous said...

I hope that the CCHQ has realised that if they want to ensure that the Lib Dem parliamentary party will be favourable for a coalition with Conservatives in the next parliament, they should make sure that they won't target the seats of those free-market-oriented Lib Dem MPs, but those Left-wing Lib Dems, who might be most unwilling to co-operate, or who might be leaning towards a coalition with Labour.

Anonymous said...

"Good article but there is no talk I have seen of anything other than a Labour pact. Labour will give them PR and we cannot ."

Which is indeed a problem for those of us who think it wrong to effectively disenfranchise all those who don't believe all wisdom flows for Brown or cameron. And all those who don't want to see Labour propped up.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Iain Dale has decided to be openly Liberal.

Please refrain from making comments about his sad personal predelictions.

(None of my best friends are Liberal Democrats)

Anonymous said...

Iain - re: your article. What do the Tories stand for exactly?

This article has some interesting points, but generally is a rant. I think you're actually quite worried about this.

And Paul Lindford - that's a useless point.

Anonymous said...

Abour 85% of UK legislation is the forced enactment of EU instructions. Clegg and Huhne are raving europhiles. Iain Dale (self-proclaimed eurosceptic) apparently can find nothing to disagree with them on in a hour long discussion. Puzzling.

Iain Dale said...

I don't recall discussing Europe, but you;re right, that would of course be a bone of contention, along with electoral reform. I am sure you understand the point I was making.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

So Iain, apart from Europe, electoral reform, replacing Trident, and the War in Iraq, what is there to disagree on - free hair restorer for errant Lib Dems who may be otherwise tempted to a life of sin and depravity?

When are you having lunch with Ed Davey? I think we should be told.

(Mr Dale was able to deny, with a clear conscience, that he was not standing for a safe TORY seat. I think we now know why!hehehe!)

strapworld said...


I read your article with some amazement. You may recall my comments when you had an almost hourly info on the Lib Dems and who was going to run etc etc.

I said then that you should ignore the bloody ineffectual group!

Now you go and say to Cameron Ignore them!
I do hope you will follow your own advice now.....please.

Merseymike said...

I too agree that Clegg is in the wrong party - and I can think of nothing more likely to rally Labour voters to Brown than a Clegg victory!

He certainly won't be taking any Labour votes if he wins