Friday, October 19, 2007

Alex Deane: Report from the Aussie Election Day 5


Labor’s tax plans have been announced. Conventional opinion suggested that it would have to be out before Sunday, when (disagreements about arrangements notwithstanding) the debate between the leaders will take place. The Treasurer has given our response – it’s “me-tooism” – as 91.5% of it is taken from our previously announced plan. Heavy betting on the cartoons in tomorrow’s papers being of two schoolboys, Rudd and Costello, writing away – with Rudd peeking over and copying Costello.

The closing poll figures and a good week in the media have buoyed us. The widespread e-mailing of a particularly unpleasant bit of old footage of Rudd provides a reminder of the need for attention to, um, not eating earwax in public, if such a reminder were needed.

Ethan Eilon, the Executive Director of the College Republicans in the USA, has been with us today and will be with us for the next few weeks. We are very aware that people throughout the Anglosphere are watching this election – not only because of an interest in Australia’s future, but also for a sense of the direction of Conservatism.


Anonymous said...

Surely anybody who had tasted earwax as a 2 year old would be put off for life as I was. Needs a little salt to be palatable in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding me that this election is about, "a sense of the direction of Conservatism"

This election, as far as the Liberals are concerned, is about re-electing Howard. Nothing more. If he pulls it off it will be a great political feat. It is nothing to do with philosophy or the direction of conservatism. If you or others claim that you are living an illusion.

Australian's want a change but with an unknown opposition, may stay with the devil they know. What Rudd has to do is set the agenda and convince the country that he can manage the economy and deliver policies. During the first week of the campaign he has failed, and that is why Howard has narrowed the polls.

Anonymous said...

This is almost as fascinating and absorbing as the continuous coverage of the LD leader shenanigans on Guido. Iain, are you and Guido engaged in some kind of competitive blogging death wish?

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Not that I don't care about the politics of our colonial cousins, but I'm not sure I care this much?

Rack off, Bouncer.

Sea Shanty Irish said...

The COLLEGE REPUBLICANS are a bunch of CON ARTISTS who could give yer own ignoble Lord Archer lessons! The CR speciality: bombarding Alzheimers patients and other vulnerable old people with deceptive direct mail scams aimed at parting them from their bank balances.

College Republicans were at the heart of JACK ABRAMOF's criminal empire. AND a bit o' light blogging shows, ETHAN EILON is accussed by fellow GOPers of being implicated in dirty work at the crossroads within the Mississippi State Republican Party.

Fact that David Cameron's flunky is touting his associations with suchlike speaks volumes. Guess yer toffs still get the jollies - and their values - from palling around with the criminal element.