Thursday, August 02, 2007

Shadow Cabinet Media Tarts for July

1David Cameron2740
2William Hague304
3David Davis296
4George Osborne195
5Michael Gove136
6David Willetts131
7Francis Maude128
8Caroline Spelman106
9Dame Pauline Neville-Jones102
10Nick Herbert86
11=Andrew Mitchell85
11=Eric Pickles85
13Liam Fox81
14Grant Shapps80
15Sayeeda Warsi76
16Chris Grayling69
17Jeremy Hunt68
18Andrew Lansley61
19=Peter Ainsworth57
19=Theresa May57
21Oliver Letwin48
22Alan Duncan43
23Theresa Villiers40
24David Mundell29
25Philip Hammond26
26Cheryl Gillan20
27David Lidington19
28=Owen Paterson11
28=Patrick McLoughlin11
30Lord Strathclyde6
31Baroness Anelay of St Johns4
32Lord Cope of Berkeley2

Sir Menzies Campbell411
Nick Clegg122
Chris Huhne76
Vincent Cable70


CityUnslicker said...

more bad news for Phil Hammond here. He is a top back thought leader but does not seem cut out for the front line role, yet.

As for wider views, it is disappointing to see the LD's lesser lights beating some of our 'stars.' More hands to the pump I hope with all the talk of elections.

Ted Foan said...

Bit worrying that David Cameron is so far ahead of his own team - although, of course, July was all about floods and where he was on such and such a date!

But the figures are all relative (and a bit meaningless?) except as a way of looking a individual's MSM presence over time? Or is there more that can be adduced from them?

Bob Piper said...

diablo says... "...although, of course, July was all about floods"

Which is why the Tory environment spokesman features so highly... and that is....errrrm?

chatterbox said...

Some of them need to be slapping on a bit more lipstick and getting out more!

Unknown said...

Thanks for this Iain.

Proves the point about Ainsworth a pitiful performance.

With 57 mentions as the OFFICIAL opposition spokesman on Environment he has less mentions than Huhne.

In a month with floods, Ainsworth should have been up to the level of Hague and Davis.

Anonymous said...

Huhne 72 Ainesworth 57.

This is unacceptable. I fear without a more high profile Envoirnment spokesman, we'll lose any green momentum we've built up. The Shadow reshuffle is looking a little botched at the moment.

Oscar Miller said...

Of course it's not just quantity but quality. They might get on the media but do they communicate well and do you remember them? In the case of Ainsworth he scores badly on both counts - he's not out there and he's instantly forgettable. Alan Duncan (to pluck an example) on the other hand makes an impact. In fact I had the feeling he was on the airwaves much more than the statistics show.

Praguetory said...

This is boring and meaningless.

alex[@] said...

Iain - I've done one for the Cabinet with some interesting results...

Dave said...

Just out of interest, how many of Herbert's are constitutional related (i.e. not prisons, fighting over prisons with DD, his free Glasto tickets, his being gay, his being promoted, etc...)? (I shall understand if the figure is embarrassing and you decide not yo post it)

Despite this area being a priority for brown it appears Herbert has been totally silent!