Saturday, August 18, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Daily Mirror Caught Trying to Infiltrate Conservative HQ

Well, I know while the cats away the mice usually play, but the Daily Mirror has really excelled itself this week. I can exclusively reveal that they have been caught out trying to infiltrate the chairman's office at Conservative Campaign Headquarters.

Caroline Spelman had advertised a secretary and received an application from twenty five year old Emily Miller, who claimed to work for a charity called Asha, who were one of her referees. Something on her CV struck an eagle-eyed CCHQ employee as odd and when they did some background checks they found that someone called Emily Miller had had a byline on a Daily Mirror story. CCHQ did a computer check and discovered that her Hotmail account had been accessed from a Daily Mirror computer.

She had explained in an interview how much she admired David Cameron and also praised John Redwood's proposals. She was asked to a second interview on Friday when Ms Miller was asked if she was interested in the media.
On her CV she made no mention of her interest in the media yet at Oxford she made great play of some work experience she had undertaken with a TV company.

She was then asked what she thought of the Daily Mirror. She mirrored the experience of most of us and described it as "really irritating". Asked if she was the same Emily Miller who worked for the Daily Mirror she completely denied it. However when faced with the computer evidence she knew the game was up and asked to leave.

This is not the first time and it won't be the last time someone tries to infiltrate a political party, but when it is officially sanctioned by a national newspaper you really do have to ask some questions about the way they think they can do things like this.

I have confirmed tonight with CCHQ that this is an accurate description of what happened. A spokesman wouldn't say what further action might be taken, but an employment lawyer confirms that both the Daily Mirror and Emily Miller could indeed face legal consequences. I think at the very least this should be taken to the Press Complaints Commission.

And in the meantime I would urge the Party to break off diplomatic relations with the Mirror Group until they make a formal apology.

UPDATE: The Mail on Sunday has more details HERE.


Peter Black said...

So how exactly can you check another person's hotmail account and determine from where it has been accessed?

David Boothroyd said...

Peter - very easily! All email from Hotmail discloses the IP address of the sender and all you need to do is a reverse DNS check on that IP address to work out who it's from.

Channel 4 tried this thing in 2001 with 'Party Crashers' and discovered almost nothing - see this story.

Duncan Borrowman said...

"officially sanctioned by a national newspaper"
Where does it say that in your account?

towcestarian said...

CCHQ breaking off diplomatic relations with the Mirror sounds a bit like the USA breaking off diplomatic relations with North Korea.

Anonymous said...

The ZanuLab commisars are worried!

They are tryng all sorts of dirty tricks now! from twisting arms in the media to electoral fraud/vote rigging and smear tactics!
Gordon Brown, the leader that brought you that best seller "how to live off the state" has now brought "Mugabe democracy" to the UK! If the Tories do not attack this cancer in the political system now and do it like they mean it, then they dont deserve to be the next government!
Its time for cast iron anti corruption laws with real teeth!

Anonymous said...

Iain, the Daily Mail article which reports this was published at 8:34pm. You published your article at 9:07pm. Therefore, is it really your exclusive or not?

dizzy said...

FYI the "Hotmail question. I have pu ta brief explanation here. Basically "anonymous email" from Hotmail isn't quite that.

AndyR said...

News editors (and therefore the editor and deputy editor) are well aware of this kind of 'activity', and will have sanctioned it. To pretend otherwise is faux-naivety. The Mirror have a history of inserting their journalists into political and royal jobs, and they were obviously at it again this time. Unfortunately, I don't think there is anything the party can do about it. The media is reckless and the PCC is toothless.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Who would have thought? A journo trying to infiltrate a politicial party, eh? Who woulda thunk it?


Anonymous said...

I should like to been a fly on the wall when her cover was blown.

Stand by for a big dose of humbug from The Mirror.

Tapestry said...

The Daily Mirror is not a newspaper. It's produced for the poor to wipe their arses. It is perfectly legitimate for people who cannot afford loo paper to hate Tories. Tories don't even have to wipe their own. They hire cheap immigrant labour to do it for them.

I think the Mirror needs to infiltrate the Party, and is totally justified in investigating how the other half wipes.

This Emily should have applied to be a toilet cleaner. She'd have got in no trouble, and could have secretly videoed Tories doing their private business. Perfect material for the Editors of The Mirror to peruse on their mobiles, as they jerk off in their coffee break.

dizzy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dizzy said...

Chris Palmer, Iain is in Germany. It' called a timezone. If you look at my post it is before Iain's and the Mail, and yet, I am linking to Iain.

Iain Dale said...

Chris, I am in Switzerland so the time on the post is one hour ahead. I actually posted it at 8.07 UK time, but thanks for the pedantry!

I am now altering the post time to the correct time of 8.07 to keep you happy!

Unknown said...

Chris Palmer is a complete prat!

Especially the crap he posts on ConHome.


Anonymous said...

I heard a story that a BBC worker had recently become a trainee agent for the tories...

Sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Okay, just asking Iain. Forgot you were in Switzerland!

Lucy, just because you don't agree with me does not mean I am a prat. The only 'prats' are the ones that like to insult others anonymously, like, um, you.

Anonymous said...

Means justifying ends - yet again.

There was a time in this country, not so long ago, when integrity was a common value pretty well across the board.

The equivalent common value these days seems to be 'ends', the way one 'plays the game' is sneered at as an irrelevance.

Spin, sledging, shirt tugging, dodgy dossiers, all ok justified by the seductive prospect of winning/ends.

"PLAY UP, PLAY UP, AND PLAY THE GAME" say I.(and if you must go biking leave your chauffeur at home)

Unknown said...


I don't think many people do agree with you! I don't like your blog either...

However, as I have never met you I will hold some judgment back.

I heard a rumour you were running for a CF NME position, is that true?

As for being anonamous, my name is Lucy Porter and I'm from Essex.


Anonymous said...

Well, fair enough Lucy. People may not agree with some of what I say, but that wasn't any cause for insults was there? Maybe we will meet one day, and you'll find out I'm not so bad! (Well not too bad anyway!) As for my blog, well you should comment on it and then we could discuss ideas etc. that way, which is probably more constructive?

No, I'm not running for the CF NME, and I never will. I don't wish to hold an elected position in ConservativeFuture. I just enjoy helping out the Conservative party locally, and very occasionally at a regional level.

Hughes Views said...

Shocking isn't it? The unregulated way these freelance journalists rampage about. Clearly something should be done to curb this free market. Why not get John Redwood to look at the vexed question of press regulation?

PS could you lend dopey dizzie a map of Europe when you return?

Tapestry said...

Essex girl...those stories are so unfair...don't tell us any more. Do you read the Mirror or use it in any way?

Chris Palmer. OK. He made a mistake. ..but was a little too aggressive in defending himself IMHO.

Daily Mirror. Question for you.

Now I might be being presumptious but I believe that you think you are, or claim to a purveyor of news.

Correct? Or are you a front for an espionage organisation, as Iain Dale is rather ludicrously alleging? Where does he get all these ideas from?

If your spies are indeed hanging around in other peoples' lavatories and places like that, have they seen a missing person anywhere? Can you help me, as I'm trying to find one?

I'm a member of the public and I'm concerned by the falling share markets around the world and all the talk about a credit crunch.

What does it all mean?

Gordon Brown is our Prime Minister yes? Where is he?

Is he frightened by the fallout coming from this financial mess? He's not gone into hiding has he because he's caused this in any way, surely?

If you are too busy collecting dirt on Tories, let me know and I will try others to find the missing Prime Minister. Why not use my idea and make this into a big headline...GORDON'S GONE WALKIES or something. I'll expect my usual fee.

Anonymous said...


Please, please tell me you are THE Lucy Porter... cute, adorable comedienne..

Anonymous said...

£40,000 a year to make coffee for Caroline Spelman? Now that is a scandal.

I'm considerably older than Emily Whatshername and I've got a First in Bullshit from the University of Life (I've read a couple of books too), raised a few children and paid loads of taxes, yet I only get paid the equivalent of a League 2 football player's weekly salary per year. (OK, I'm joking - after all I do tend to bullshit!)

But it is pathetic, isn't it? Can't the Conservatives use my £15 per year subscription (when I remember to pay it) more effectively than that?

@molesworth_1 said...

"you need to be lucky all the time, we only need to be lucky once"
hem-hem indede.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently re-reading Keith Waterhouse's amusing memoir about his early days in Fleet Street, initially with the Daily Mirror. (Steets Ahead: Hodder & Stoughton)
The Mirror was taken seriously as a newspaper in the early fifties, with journalists like William Connor (Cassandra) and Peter Wilson (the man they can't gag) being both popular and extremely influential.
The Mirror today, is a sleazy rag that supports the Labour party unconditionally. It's used by Brown as an organ for spin and propaganda.
Waterhouse was thrilled to join a great newspaper; how do present employees feel about their role?

Anonymous said...

yup, sounds like a bigger version of the early Red Ken/Boris Johnson spat.

Why are the be-Blairified labour party jumping up and down so much?

Also, much talk via the Observer on an early election lunge for Gordo, but not a word on the market turbulance and how it might sink the part-planned spring '08 election.

See the S Telegraph today for a great chart showing how tax revenue exactly tracks the FTSE.

That and the simply unbelievable costs of Quangos under nuLab discovered by Redwood. It's such a large figure, that I feel there might be a misprint.

Can quangos really cost 60 percent more than the NHS?


Anonymous said...

Ms. Miller is prima facie guilty of an offence under Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 (Fraud by false representation) and possibly and possibly under Section3 as well (Fraud by failing to disclose information).

On indictment these are serious matters, carrying maxima of 10 years imprisonment.

Throw her to the wolves 'pour encourager les autres'.

Anonymous said...

What awful thing would the Mirror spy have discovered and revealed? Maybe she would have only have had nice things to say about the Tories.

Anonymous said...

This was a cold blooded and premeditated attempt at deception.Nice to see that the spirit of Captain Bob still lives on in the Mirror.No point in going to the PCC.This is one for the Old Bill.

Johnny Norfolk said...

The media need to be investigating Labour not the Tories. The problem is the Labour party is the media. Who will come out and fight Labour before they do even more damage.

Anonymous said...

Of course CCHQ won't do anything about the Mirror thing just like they didn't do anything about cash for honours or the publication of MPs expenses, etcetera, etcetera. Too much to come out about themselves - can't afford to let the light of day in on these sort of things! This applies to the Lib Dems as well - they're all a load of s@*ts.

Anonymous said...

What you have there is a, 'double dummy' You set up two infiltrators, one you intend to, 'get in' the other to make easy to detect. Once the, 'dummy' has been detected, the organisation congratulates itself, relaxes, the real 'mole' is in. Now you have to find the real 'mole' good luck!

javelin said...

Leave it to the police.

Tapestry said...

Every Party has moles placed within by someone. There is big money in politics, so those motivated to get their hands on some will use their positions. Those who get overlooked for promotion with a chip on the shoulder, are sometimes the easiest to recruit.

Recently Cameron launched Redwood without notifying CCHQ. Dizzy was puzzled as to why that had happened and thought it was bad management that he didn't coordinate. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

I am not a tory but if this is true there should be top level investigations at the mirror...
organisations cannot be taking on people to do a job and find that they are scum agents for another organisation...imagine if BP did this to shell
jail if possible

Ralph said...

They missed a trick, they should have videoed her slagging off the Mirror, and Brown and the put it on youTube etc.

janestheone said...

I should have thought Emily was prima facie guilty of fraud

Vienna Woods said...

Daily Mail report reads, "David Cameron has foiled...."

Eh, how did he 'personally' manage that? Maybe if it read "Conservative Central Office has foiled..." then it would seem much more believable.

Anonymous said...

Aha! Oho!
I hope the Daily Mirror goes bankrupt one day. What an appalling rag.

AndyR said...

So far the only sites to pick up this story are Iain and Guido. Is the rest of the media asleep, or do I detect a conspiracy of silence? Conspiracies are more fun, so I'll go with that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with CYNICAL CYNTHIA @ 9.30. CCHQ will not do anything about it- there are too many skeletons in their cupboard. The Mirror was on to something and just wanted the whole story. CCHQ must be in a bad way if they can not find an experienced internal person to do this confidential work. Perhaps it is true they have pissed of all their own people and activists so that their is no resovoir of support.
Camerons changes have caused a lot of damage and with an election close there is not a chance of winning.

James Dixon said...

I don't see the problem from a public information standpoint... sure it's unethical (and maybe illegal)but it's also kind of funny

why should the public only know what parties want to tell us?

She got caught. She's not going to get the job. Tory secrets are safe.

If CCO pursues this, it makes them look like they have things to hide.

James Higham said...


Dr Blue said...

I think the absurdity of the game speaks for itself. Emily's career will go downwards from this. Being willing to go along with a deception has destroyed her integrity and credibility.

If she cares about this she'll need to think again. If she doesn't care about it she's a slimy psychopath.

It'll be interesting to see if Mirror hangs her out to dry now.

Curbishly said...

I would have "turned her around" with the threat of legal action, and got her to work as a double.

Cue choirboy singing Nunc Dimittisthakahaz

Helen said...

"So far the only sites to pick up this story are Iain and Guido. Is the rest of the media asleep, or do I detect a conspiracy of silence?"

It's not that much of a story. Quite amusing and all that but bearing in mind Devil's Kitchen's comment, not precisely unusual. A little less fulmination and hypocrisy would be in order.

AndyR said...

Politics without fulmination and hypocrisy is just middle-management.

Anonymous said...

sir james.11.39
Could be Torygate. All depends on whose in charge of journalistic tired cliches dept.

Anonymous said...


You can bet your bottom dollar that if the political orientation of this story been reversed, this would be spattered all over the MSM.

The Hitch said...

she commited a serious criminal offence
an "Attempt to gain pecuniary advantage by deception"

report her to the police

Helen said...

"You can bet your bottom dollar that if the political orientation of this story been reversed, this would be spattered all over the MSM."

Actually, the UKIP story wasn't. A certain amount of coverage but very little. So you can cut out the self-pity.

Ralph said...


When did a Tory supporting paper try an infiltrate a left of centre party?

Anonymous said...


It's not self pity, i'ts black bilious rage. When the political climate changes you will see what I mean.

Chris Paul said...

Where is Coulson? He knows about this stuff.

And couldn't this young lady be tryin gto make a career move ahead of a glorious career as a Tory politician?

The computers at the old office at IDEA mostly had one or two job applications on them. No doubt sent - using hotmail - over our IP.

And what is Roy Greenslade on?

Funniest thing is that the Tories sent Quentin Davies in through the front door and every story he's given Dave and Andy and Boris and John has turned into dust in their gawping mouths.

More here and more to follow that.

Chris Paul said...

I'm just reading back some of the piffle above that passes for earnest and learned comment. Good luck with all these legal remedies boys and girls!

Hil-bloody-larious. Meanwhile the MoS Tax story and other things they have are unnoticed.

She's applied for a bloody job with the Tories. She may or may not be a sympathizer. She may really hate The Mail, oops freudian, hate The Mirror unlike politicians and personality cultist political bloggers who have mirrors everywhere!

She is not going to crash and burn. Not one bit of it. She is certainly not going to be getting convicted of anything any day soon.

Think Apprentice Katie if this story is true, think egg on face if the girl was trying to make a career move, think hilarious - bloggers picking up crumbs from MSM falling out amongst themselves.

That's the biggest breach of ethical standards here. Some arse at the Mail leaked the whole lot to the Tory Boy Bloggers before the Sun had set.

What's that all about then?

Tapestry said...

can anyone understand what he's saying?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should have complained initially to the anti-terrorist squad as an attempt to infiltrate the office as a possible future Prime Minister. At least it might have given a few uncomfortable hours being interviewed by them.


Anonymous said...

that should read

OF a possible future Prime Minister!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what he is trying to say.

I am not even sure he is using the English language.

If he is, perhaps he learned it by watching television or reading comics?

Mountjoy said...

A despicable act by The Daily Mirror/Labour Party -- they being intextricably linked, despite Piers Thompson's anti-war activities during the later Blair years -- but one that is not surprising. Despite the much-heralded "Brown Bounce", the economy is going down (don't let the Federal Reserve's temporary measure to reduce its lending rate fool you), and Labour is frightened. It doesn't know when to go to the polls, doesn't have enough money, AND will do anything to get one over the Conservatives. Even through its cronies on the Mirror.

Mountjoy said...

I do apologise re my last post! I should say Piers MORGAN.

Anonymous said...

This is, of course, nonsense.

If the economy is to suffer, Brown will be tempted to go to the polls now, given his lead in them.

If he can pass economic troubles off as a global phenomenon, he might choose to go later.

Labour, you can be sure, is not frightened.

Anonymous said...


There is a journalist in CCHQ already. They're just too dim to spot him/her.

Helen said...

"When did a Tory supporting paper try an infiltrate a left of centre party?"

No idea but why would they at the moment? We were discussing the heinous crime of a journalist from a newspaper that supports one particular party trying to infiltrate another political party. So the words Telegraph and UKIP spring to mind.

Tapestry said...

Tory Slogan -

Kick Em Out.

There's nothing left to waste.

Anonymous said...

Before people let their indignation get the better of them it might be worth remembering that the Conservatives have just hired as head of communications someone who was fired from the editorship of the News of the World for allowing an employee to listen in to the private calls of the Royal Family.

Tapestry said...

Maybe that's why they spotted the attempted mole. poacher turned game-keeper.

Kris said...

"but an employment lawyer confirms that both the Daily Mirror and Emily Miller could indeed face legal consequences"

Whilst I don't condone such sloppy skullduggery, you guys do love your opaque "legal consequences". Enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

Further proof that you have all gone BONKERS.

John Redwood has been let out to play, and yet still you cry that you are not lurching to the right.

The BBC is apparently a hot bed of Trotsky tree huggers, and only recently the Torygraph was accused of sticking the boot in.

Now we have Mirror gate.

You are all beginning to look like paranoid schiozophics .

Yet again Tory Central office has run a story, that is has no basis or proof, just like the fictional anti boz campaign. Making up stories about stories to deflect attention from the truth…. You are in free fall.

Anonymous said...

What a pompous bunch you are.

Mountjoy said...

anonymous says it's nonsense
no it's not, it's true sense
brown knows not what to do
he really could be in the poo
will the e-CON-o-my go up
or will it go deep down
should he go to the Country?
or go instead to Chequers?

x x x

Sir-C4' said...

I guess my job prospects are now well and truly buggered if Alan Cairns knows who I am.

The Daily Racist antics don't surprise me; they're getting desperate what with rummaging through Cameron's rubbish bins and now this.

Anonymous said...

Strikes me that CCHQ probably ought to have been tipped off that something was wrong by the enthusiastic praise of John Redwood's tax proposals...

Anonymous said...

Just back from a weekend
fishing. Caught nothing to write home about. Then I read this and was shocked.

People are calling the Mirror a rag..that it is BUT surely so is the Mail on Sunday..why has it sunk so low..they give away DVD's with filthy language, which for a 'family' newspaper is disgusting. AND they employ the ridiculous Peter Hitchins, who can write nothing new other than, each week, call the Tory Party 'DEAD' and tell everyone to renew their passports---He is as interesting as Karl Marx!

Now the Mirror, The editor a thin chip on both shoulders chappie called KEVIN McGUIRE the favoured newspaper reviewer of the BBC- who never ever misses an opportunity to 'slag'(his word) dear Mr Cameron.
An old fashioned leftie who should have been left on the bench in St James' Park.

The Conservative Party MUST complain to the Press Complaints Board. They should also complain to the Management Board of the Daily Mirror Group and demand the sacking of the said McGuire.

THEN the Conservative Party should employ the said McGuire because they have to learn to fight DIRTY!

This Labour shower will use every dirty trick in the book in fighting the next election. They will steal every idea they can from the Tories -AND WHY ON God's earth is there a need for the Tories to tell everyone their plans before an election? I just cannot fathom it out.

But there again I am just a simple countryman who is best fishing!

I would love to see Cameron and his lot take their gloves off and kick ten bales of s out of Brown and his Scottish Party.

One last tip for Mr Cameron PLAY THE ENGLISH will prove to be a winner, there is so much anger out here in dear old England.

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

Now all CCHQ has to do is find the mole that was planted deep, deep inside it about 12 years ago by Campbell.

Blackmail could well be in play.

ALL Conservative party activists spend too long on the road during the General Election - they miss the 24 hour news coverage.

During the last General Election, Mr Howard's itinerary was ALWAYS known by Labour party HQ and he was ALWAYS met by national activists organizing a "spontaneous" protest by "local people" where ever he went.

24 news is always "image short" in a dumbed down way, so the Labour party know that a "protest" will get more coverage than a speech.

My point is how did the Labour party ALWAYS know where Mr Howard was to make his speeches? and know it in time to put into place a couple of dozen protesters? - There must have been a mole both in CCHQ and in the media following him around.

Compare and contrast with Blair - during 10 years only 2 demonstrations against him ever captured by cameras - the WI and the lady outside the cancer hospital.

No doubt readers of this blog will dismiss the importance of the above. But as political activists/hobbyists you don't realise how important and easy it is to influence "floating" voters. A large majority of which vote for the party they think is going to win (their like Man Utd fans). Carefully orchestrated demos at every single speech give them a direct message that this is the "loosing party".

CCHQ HAVE to tighten security and find the mole by the next election.

I happen to think the Mole is Cameroon, or someone close to him.
Which is nice.

Anonymous said...

The funny games seem to have started.

I noticed this morning on my PC that when I wrote some strong anti-Brown stuff on PB, my PC crashed and would not restart.

I was pretty sure a slave had been downloaded from a cunning email recently.

This morning's crash reminded me of times when I was a political activist years ago. Everything goes a bit odd on phones, emails, PC, people you meet who seem to know you even though you've never met them before etc.

These things, unless it's an unconnected freak are a sure sign that someone is preparing to fight a General Election campaign.

I am now undercover trying to keep writing, using different locations and identities to keep one step ahead of the harrasment. Tap

Anonymous said...

Since the Mirror ahem Nulab were trying to insert a mole in the Chairman's office, I wonder if they have just lost their main mole's input when Francis Maude was demoted.

Either himself or one of his staff. He is certainly a strong europhile, and would be more likely to sympathise with Gordon Brown's policies than David cameron's. Tap

strapworld said...

tone made me do it..says
I happen to think the Mole is Cameroon, or someone close to him.
Which is nice.........

Probably! anyone who has studied Machiavelli or read the excellent 'Machiavelli's Children' by Edward Pearce
can see that scenario.

BUT the real puzzle to a simple man is WHY each party decide on the same bloody subject every day during an election campaign! It is as if they all get together and decide..Monday Law and Order Tuesday NHS etc etc etc. It is so..organised.

Why cannot the Tories think up new and exciting ways of announcing their policies? Incidentally,I cannot understand why they announce them NOW and so allow the Labour lot to nick them all! Stupid absolutely stupid

In an election they should announce their education policy in a college far away from London. Preferably in Bradford in a room full of invited teachers etc. The NHS policy from a room full of invited NHS professionals (Nurses, doctors etc (NOT beauracrats)The Law and Order policy from the Inns of Court with an invited audience of Lawyers, Police Officers (ALL ranks and not their mouthpieces) etc etc.Let questions be taken from those professionals and NOT journalists. Let journalists report and not try to lead the news as they do and put their slant on everything.

Let the party LEAD and not be led by the news media!

ALSO do them just in time for the six o clock news and NOT in the morning as is the boring arrangement over the past century, it seems.

Also move their Election HQ away from London and have satellite offices in marginal seats so creating greater attention to those seats and hopefully creating greater interest.

Tuscan Tony said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tuscan Tony said...

OH NO! What a lost opportunity, folks!

The Tuscan plan would have gone like this. Go along with her ruse, employ her, then have some serious fun at her and the Mirror's expense, i.e. she:

1. gets to see Cameron's swastika tattoo
2. gets sent down the laundrette with William Hague's bald hairpiece (he's amazingly hirsute, Emily, just doesn't like to admit it)
3. is shown John Redwoods real vulcan pointy ears

etc. etc. You get the picture.

Ah well, maybe next time.

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Military Wing Of The BBC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

anonymous 11.33
Mr Campbell I presume?

Alistair wrap that tin foil around your head quick because that little half bottle at the bottom of your desk is talking.

Can you hear what its saying?



can you hear?


The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

The Mirror puts in a mole.
- if s/he gets caught trying s/he works for the Mirror - fun and games - catch out the toffs its all a great laugh.

If s/he succeeds, then Nu Labour have a long term mole. NOT fun and games but a deniable sinister plot to undermine democracy.

Rat F***ing as the Committee to re-elect called it.

Does this journo have any Labour party links?

AndyR said...

And it's STILL (3 days later) not being reported on the BBC website. According to Google News, it's only appeared in the Guardian, Mail and This Is London. And only as allegations. So does that mean it's not true? Or do the media have an unspoken pact never to criticise each other?

guido faux said...

Top Tip:

Use a gmail account.

They don't pass the originating IP.

... or use a proxy.